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Why You Haven’t Taken Action on Claiming your 
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Reason #10

If I take part in the free consultation to see what I’m owed in tax dollars and bonuses will I have to then have to use any of the other services by Ter Scott; free or otherwise?

Nope! Even though I offer many other business boosting products, and services (many which are at no fee) you can pick and choose what you want. You can certainly use our tax incentives and expense reduction search only if you’d like and remember, you only pay if we find you money. We offer 5 ways to help you find, earn and save money. NOTE: Some benefits expire so you may have already lost out on some; call me today to set an appointment or we could do a screen share online; whichever works the best for both of us. 

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If you are a business owner and found this article interesting and entertaining; great as I wanted to have some fun with this, but I hope you'll take action and click the links or call me (phone number is on the web page that the link directs you to) because you definitely are losing money every day that you do not take action on this. 

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You don’t have to Chase Business with Attraction Marketing

When I offer what might be called “success advice” to business owners as I will here, but please know that if you are a sales person or subcontractor, this also applies to you; because your paycheck depends on you taking “ownership”. Even when you are working a regular 9 to 5 job (if that even exists anymore) you will get something out of my words today because ultimately you “sign your own paycheck”. I won’t go into that concept today but you probably understand what I’m saying.  Attraction marketing will bring you more business, more sales, and additional income in just about anything you do for “work”.

Here’s a formula for success in a step by step format which you can use immediately plus a simple but straightforward marketing system which will “attract” business so you won’t have to “chase” it.
The formula for success in (and with) anything includes only 3 things: write down what you want, write down the action steps that it takes to do it and then do those steps to finally get to your destination. Easy; right? No! Emphatically, I tell you the answer is “NO”*. So why should we think it should be easy? The formula for success is simple but attaining success is not easy. Think about it. If it were “easy” more people would “just do it” (how’s that working for you?) and the equation of being in the top 3% of income earners earning more than the other 97% combined isn’t about to change anytime soon.
*Every time I emphatically declare something such as now with the principle formula there is also a “little voice” in my head that reminds me that there are no “absolutes”; at least when making or presenting such “rules”. When telling you that attaining success is not easy, I don’t want you to think that it is hard. OK, you are thinking, I just said attaining success is hard and now I am saying it is not hard; which is it? The answer is, both. It is not so easy that you don’t need to exert some effort but it is not so hard that you need to stress over it. Just do it.
Here are the steps; don’t just read the following, do it.
Get a pen and paper and
Write down what you want (in your business, in general with a few “specifics”)
Write down the action steps you think it will take to accomplish this. Now do some research online to learn what others say is required to accomplish what it is that you want. (And if you are really smart and you have some coin, invest in a mentor who will help you get what you want faster). 
Write it ALL down*.
Now set some dates as to when you plan to reach each step. Don’t worry or beat yourself up if you don’t make each step of the way at the time you desired. Things happen and they are supposed to happen for a reason (that’s a subject I’ll cover some other time). When you’ve gone on trips you’ve had road blocks, detours, traffic jams etc. Unless something extraordinary happened, you eventually made it to your destination. 
TIP: *In doing the above, be sure to actually “write” with a pen or pencil on paper. There is something about doing it this way versus typing or using voice to text on a PC or similar.
In the first “what do you want” category above you need to ask yourself, “what do I want; really?” Take some time with this; don’t dismiss things easily and also feel free to come back to this from time to time and update your “want list”. You probably know that most people don’t have an (insert your choice of expletive here) clue as to what they really want in life.
“Life” is a pretty big thing (or should be), so let’s downsize our description or at least compartmentalize it a bit. Trying to cover life as a whole like saying that “I want to do a paper or speech about music”; that’s way too broad, you might want to start with Rock n Roll, and that’s even pretty broad; so you eventually chose to write or talk about the Rolling Stones. Go ahead and look at your life in the broad sense but set goals in time and year “chunks” so you can get an understanding and grasp of it. Since I’m The “Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant”™ and you are reading this you probably own a business; so the part of your life we’ll discuss is, even though this too can be a broad topic, business.
Now after all this, DO IT! 
So what do you want in your business?
I’ll leave this as an “assignment” for you to do for now. Later I’ll share a simple attraction marketing plan which will help you to attract what it is that you want in a way that you can also "track" your results. So be sure to return to this site for updates. 
For now, your assignment is to first write down the 3 steps to success and think about how you can do each. Perhaps you already knew these steps. If so you need to ask yourself why have I not been doing them, why have I strayed from them or made the steps more complicated or maybe this has been a great reminder. At any rate, spend some time on this and let us know in the comments area what your thoughts are and your results.
Make it a great day! 
Ter Scott!
Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant™ 
Please leave comments, thoughts and questions below. 

Are you doing everything wrong on LinkedIn? I was.

OK, maybe I wasn't doing everything "wrong", and you probably are not either, but at least I joined and did a few things. I did not know what I was doing at first and just did things; some worked and some didn't. But as it is with anything in life, when I got guidance from someone "who had been there" immediately I saw results. 

Not everyone has the money, the time or interest in paying what I do to keep up on this stuff which as you may know, changes more often than some people change underwear. So now you won't have to. Just check here from time to time and I'll take you to my LinkedIn page and show you what I've done and why I've done it and you can copy from me what pertains to your page; pick and choose. 

Coaches have coaches and I have coaches in many areas. 

I'll pay the big LinkedIn gurus so you won't have to. You can learn the basics from me; mostly at no fee (later if you'd like you can get in-depth coaching from me when and if you think it necessary). 

You don't have to pay big bucks to learn the basics of LinkedIn; 
just visit this site often and I'll share things and answer your questions. 

As the Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant, I assist business owners and entrepreneurs to get online, stay "seen" online so they remain and succeed online. One way is to take full advantage of what you can do on LinkedIn. 

I invite your comments and questions in the comments area below and will use some of the most frequently asked in my online webinars and live seminars and workshops. I suggest that if you don't want to miss anything published here that you "Follow by Email" (somewhere on this site) which is an RSS feed that will send you emails when I put new stuff here. 

It is always up to you so, 
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Don't take customers for granted, or they'll take business elsewhere.

Taking Customers “For Granted” 

is not Poor Customer Service; 

it’s NO CUSTOMER Service.

(Feel free to print this and publish in your newsletter or send to your customer with an apology or note that you hope that if he or she feels she has been “taken for granted” that you will to whatever it takes to fix the situation immediately!).

Some of us dismiss the “old” books in favor of the next best thing and what’s on the latest Amazon Best Seller list, but I also love the classics like Think and Grow Rich, the Bible and so many others. 

My library includes many books circa the early 1900s through the sixties and I find them rich with wisdom and a reflection of time when people’s hearts were set on entrepreneurship and business growth. Where we are today in the business world (as with almost any area) is because we rest on the shoulders of the philosophies of those who have gone before us. Those who came before us learned by trial and error so we don’t have to; however, I find that many of us, myself included, do not take advantage of what is laid before us and recorded in books and other technology that could make our “work” so much easier.

I mentioned the business world above but this business “world” also has many segments as it’s been said that the business person wears many hats. In my business consulting, I offer advice about each as to what they are, when and where to wear them, and mostly how. Those hats include leadership, time management, marketing, and customer service to list just a few. Today I want you to put on your customer service hat and join me for a walk down the street and which will actually be a lane; history lane.

Our lesson came to me from one of the “old” books I talked about which covers ways to have power with people. I’ll talk as we walk to the nearest gas station and we’ll grab a cup of coffee and sit down. You see this gas station is a far cry from what we used to call a “service” station. The point I’ll get across to you today will be about service; customer service that is, which you can use regardless if your product is gas or chili at your “greasy spoon” restaurant.

If you’re not offended by the term “greasy spoon” then I know you are of the age where you may remember when gas stations were service stations. I never thought it as a bad thing for my favorite mom and pop restaurant being called greasy; it was just a neutral term to me. Service stations were just that; all about "service". When you pulled in an attendant rushed out and put the nozzle into your car’s tank, lifted the hood and checked the oil, closed it and wiped your windshield and some would even do a quick vacuum or brush out the dirt from the driver’s side floor. I don’t have to tell you that things have changed for sure! 

As we take sip from our coffees, I comment on the excellent customer service presented by the staff at this modern day station which always brings us back as a loyal customer.

So after that backstory, I’ll share another story which was told in one of my “old” books; about how to lose a customer with bad or no customer service. Understand that this was “back in the day” but I want you to translate it to how it relates to today’s time, and especially to your business.

A man who was a faithful customer at a service station was going to leave and take his business elsewhere but before doing so he wanted to speak to the owner and tell him exactly why he would no longer be getting his business. Understand that this owner didn’t just sell gas; he sold parts, batteries, mechanic services, oil changes and more.

He explained, “Before I was a regular customer you bent over backwards to give me great service and then when you thought I was hooked, you gave all your attention to getting new customers”. I’ll paraphrase by saying, “You didn’t check my oil and battery and would forget to clean my windshield. You even left the gas cap on top of the pump 3 times and one time I didn’t notice it was gone until I was 200 miles away and then had to buy a new one”.

“Then one time I came back to get my car for a grease and oil job and it wasn’t done because you put other customer’s work ahead of mine. And then you tried to slough it off by saying that you didn’t think I’d be by because, after all I don’t really work; I just sit at home and write all day” (He is the author of the book).

The author goes on to tell us readers that Max his former mechanic/service station/business owner no longer was a business owner who owned his patronage because he forgot that the best way to get a new customer is to pay attention to and keep your old customers happy.
I’m sure you made note of transgressions made by Max in our story, but I’d like to point out a few of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Image result for bad customer service First let me point out that many, many (did I say many?) of your customers will simply vanish without a trace like a Wednesday detective rerun and not telling you why. This author gave Max a “gift” by expressing his discontent. Perhaps Max could have done something to “save the day” but the way it sounds, he had his chances and failed miserably; especially by insulting his customer insinuating he just sat on his butt all day without a job. It is to be considered a “gift” when one learns from the episode and makes positive changes to see that this doesn’t become a Nick at Night Classic.

Another thing I’d like you to note is that Max bent over backward until the customer was “hooked” like a fish on a line. He thought he was in the boat but he got away! That’s like many real estate agents (and sales people in general), we work hard to get a customer and then we get so busy with business; not even getting new customers, but just the business of everyday tasks and putting out fires to keep our customers happy. With today’s automation, opportunities for delegation and time management practices, this doesn’t have to be the norm.

I hope you’ll visualize this story and bring it forward to the present and think about similar situations in your business and develop safeguards to ensure that your customers are treated well. And remember, “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold”.

Ter Scott, Bricks and Clicks Marketing Consultant©

You may use this article in whole or part with credit given to: Ter Scott is a private business consultant and public speaker covering services and topics about money, marketing and motivation. You may contact him using this form.

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Proximity to Searcher is the New #1 Google Ranking Factor

As the "Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant" I'm supposed to keep up on this stuff and when I find something of value, changes etc. about SEO and local online marketing I share it with my readers ASAP.

Today I'm sharing how Google has changed how they rank your business location in an area. Before when someone did a search for what service your provide or product you sell in a certain city, your business would rank high or low depending on certain variables. Now, with Google being more "user friendly" the results come up ranked as which business (yours or a similar business) which is closest to the person searching via their mobile phone.

This video explains it:

My business is "Money, Marketing and Motivation" for small business. If you found this interesting, consider "Following by Email" somewhere on this page. 

Make it a great day! 
Ter Scott!

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Enjoy Summer, but Don't Sacrifice Your Bottom Line

Happy Summer to my Business Clients!

The other day it was so hot that I just had to get out and take a walk and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having. Our summer seems so short up here in the Northland so I sometimes have to force myself to get away from my computer and enjoy the great outdoors.

I’m also saying all of this to say that I also understand how my business clients feel the same way and get the urge to pick up and leave and go to the lake for an extended time, enjoy our beautiful Lake Superior, and just find a shady place and relax. So I know that you are not always thinking “business” and everything about saving money, adding money to your bottom line, get all of your tax incentives and expense reductions that your business is entitled. Believe me, I understand. And, this also gives the enlightened business owner some advantages.

Here’s your “enlightenment” from yours truly. Many businesses think about taxes at certain times of the year and especially in April. Some business owners are able to take advantage of this “slow” time when many others are waiting to take care of tax incentives and expense reductions during the “rush” and “crunch time” of tax season. But I’m here to tell you that you can do this in “segments” so you’ll be way ahead of the game later. Plus, much of this doesn’t take much time to implement and by not doing so, many businesses are literally losing (real, tangible) money daily; yes every single day! Further, deadlines expire and you may never get certain refunds if you wait.

I encourage my clients to take a “15 minute break”; a tax incentives/expense reduction break, and have me run the numbers. Then we can implement that which is most lucrative and productive for the business at this time and put off only what would be advantageous to do so.

There are several ways to get started and you can do some things online right now. Are you taking advantage of WOTC credits? If not, you need to do so before hiring your next employee. CLICK HERE to see why. What about getting money back on your remodeling costs? You may be entitled to a lot of $$$. CLICK HERE to check that out. If you desire a visit, please contact me to set an appointment (within 200 mile radius of Duluth MN) or via a screen share; basically anytime. To contact me please use the form below.

Enjoy your summer and enjoy your savings!

Ter Scott!  

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5 Ways you Haven't Thought About to Cut Business Expenses. (Hint: This is "Addition" not "Subtraction")

If you were to do a quick search online as to how to cut business expenses you would inevitably find things such as these 7. However, these are certainly undesirable and I will show you a better alternative for each; plus 5 overlooked options which business owners think they are doing (or are having done by their “people”; professionals like CPAs and tax professionals) but are not.

1.       Eliminate Discretionary Spending. Hello? Discretionary spending is spending that sometimes appears to be unnecessary but isn’t; and who decides what is “discretionary”? That’s a rhetoric question as we know it is the owner’s responsibility but it is also his or her responsibility to have happy employees and when so-called discretionary spending is cut that means raises, perks, and parties; all which are moral boosters. Work to not have to consider any type of cuts if you can help it and then only very carefully. When a business is run appropriately, hopefully, it won’t come to this.

2.       Buy more carefully. This is a good point because it is being pro-active because it is progressively thinking as you are moving forward in your business growth when you are buying. As a business owner, you may want to do most of the buying yourself or oversee everything over $100 to $500 in your business. You don’t want to micro-manage but you also don’t want to authorize someone to make purchases who can’t manage their own household budget and, it’s always easier to spend someone else’s money; just don’t let it be yours.
3.       Look for a Cheaper Credit Card Processing Service. Come on, really? First of all, you don’t have to “look” for them; you are probably being approached on a weekly or monthly basis by someone who “has a better deal”. I simply suggest that you have an audit completed (and continually maintained) to be sure you are not getting charged for fees you need not be. (I’m trying to be “nice” here).

4.       Stop Paying for Equipment You Don’t Need. This I agree with. You should also quit paying for office space, storage, and other things you don’t need. Look at your situation and look at internet options, leasing options, and deleting processes and getting rid of equipment which you can “hire out” to have done if you use it infrequently.

5.       Renegotiate Your Lease, or Move. Harsh and “heavy duty” decision here, but business is business. However, when you move consider “all” the costs; much of which you may not think about such as all the costs to change stationary and signage and more importantly all the marketing necessary to get your new location in the minds and habits of your customers.

6.       Sublet Unneeded Space. This is a great idea, but with a few caveats. If you have unneeded storage space, by all means, get someone to share it. You can also share your office space but if you do, you should strongly consider it to be a business which compliments yours; such as if your business is “wedding” then a “photography” studio in your building works well. Just about any non-competing business would work well but why not have your building a “one-stop” shop for your customer. This may go without saying but be sure that your tenant is solvent and be sure they understand that you are a business and not a charity; rent needs to be paid on time; you may even want to have a third party handle the leasing arrangements so you are not “directly” involved.

7.       Cut Employee Perks. I don’t agree with this one at all. You may want to be very careful in creating and implementing new perks but once in place, this would be one very last option to do. Put yourself in other's shoes. If you had put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understood them you probably wouldn’t even need to consider “cutting” anything and when you put yourself in your employee’s shoes you would know that they would not want to work for a business which is taking away things. If it means keeping your doors open, talk with your employees and explain that this will be for a short time until things get better but try very hard not to have to do this.

As I mentioned, I found this list of 7 things on the Internet and then gave you my take on all of them. Some are OK, some good and some are very bad and if you have to choose them, I would suggest that you help your employee to transition into a job elsewhere.

As promised, now I'll offer 5 things which you may not be doing. 

Actually, I know you are most likely not doing them because we have the statistics. You are simply not aware of them or you think that you financial advisor is taking care of them.

Here is one way you can tell if your tax professionals are doing this for you. Think back to tax time. Do you remember getting a check for over $100K? I’m thinking that you would remember that.

Your accountant’s job is to be sure that your taxes are being done correctly and legally; not to bring you money. They may save you money but most do not know what is available, or what I am about to tell you they may have known about but prior to 5 or 10 years ago or even more recently, with all the fees involved, it wasn’t worth it for the business. Now things have changed. With advances in technology it IS worth it; even for the small business operator.

WOTC credits have been around for years but they used to be only for veterans and ex-cons. Now your business can earn up to $9600 per every person you hire. That would go pretty far in creating revenue in any sized business.

Have you made any property improvements or put up new buildings? You are probably owed monies here. (This is where business owners mistakenly think that this is being taken care of already. Remember that $100K check I asked you about?).

As a business tax and expense reduction advisor, I offer other ways to save your business money. Another is having an ongoing credit card processing monthly audit to cut your fees; many times up to 21%; that my friend can be a big chunk of change. We don’t advocate changing credit card merchants; just be “smart” in watching those fees!

I think you’ll agree that it is foolish to continue to pay fees and not get the breaks you and your business are entitled; especially when it is tough enough to conduct business and when it is so easy to have our service check into this for you. If we do not find you savings or reductions, you pay us nothing!

It takes less than 30 minutes to run the numbers for you. If you are located within 100 miles or so of Duluth MN/Superior WI I will personally visit or send someone from our team. If your business is located anywhere in our 50 states, we can do a screen share. The same technology which makes it easier to find and get you these tax incentives and expense reductions are the same that makes it easy for me to assist you.

To see your estimated savings use the following links. Remember that these are estimates only and do not cover all five areas where I can help. We’ll need to meet to determine all we can do.

Why put this off any longer? We’ve worked with too many business owners who have wished they had acted 5 and 10 years ago. Quit missing out on what you are entitled to. 

Contact us today!

Terry (Ter) Scott

Senior Advisor