There is a battle for, and against small business in America. What you don't know, can hurt you (and your business).

I just got finished a national membership rep call with NFIB. 

I was reminded about a few things and wanted to share them here. 

If you are a business owner,
you should have a voice at your state capital and in Washington D.C. NFIB does that. 

We present to you pressing issues (which you probably would not know about prior to them becoming law). We then collect your input on those issues and those you tell us about. 

Then we fight for you to protect your right to own, operate and grow your business with less government interference.  

When I am your NFIB representative, I’m available to talk to you personally. 
If you have a “beef”, let me know. I enroll you, I will communicate with you as you need, 
and I’ll renew you in 12 months.

If you own a business of any size; from 2 to 100 employees, contact me.

Make it a great day! 

Terry Scott NFIB Membership Rep