Small Business Owners get "What Business Needs" with Ask LLC


Dear Valued business member,

I have some very good news for you and your business in the midst of all the “bad” news floating around.

No doubt this has been a tough year for most businesses (while others are thriving). As business owners, I’ve always said, “We hold hands and when one business is hurt, all business is hurt”.

That’s why in my short message today I first applaud you as a business owner for doing all you do to stay open and provide jobs and help the local economic climate in your area. Also, I want to express my thanks for your yearly support as a member of NFIB which not only helps your local business neighbors to have a voice in Madison but also in Washington D.C. so you don’t have to take time away from work and make your voice heard on your own. Together we accomplish much.

I want to remind you that membership also has its advantages. Our legal webinars are made available at no cost to you and they are also recorded so you can watch and listen to them on your time. You also get the updated mandatory workplace poster which costs up to $150 elsewhere, provided at no charge when you renew.

(A quick call to my office or using the contact form on this page will give you all the answers to your questions. When you call be sure to ask for the latest member ballots and information on member benefits).

And very quickly, I wanted to remind you that I also am a business owner along with my NFIB rep responsibilities. My company, All Solutions Known LLC, “What Business Needs” offers many things but I wanted to share just two; great pricing on absolutely “Anything with an Imprint” when you visit AskHaloforImprintsDOTCOM 

and Stryde Solutions where we assist business owners in capturing tax credits and expense reductions with our no-fee audit. Go Here to Calculate My ARPA :

A small bakery client in South Carolina is receiving $43,000, way more than the PPP loan he previously received!  We have a one-location fitness center in Michigan getting $18,000 for 2020, a salon in Florida getting $56,000, and a restaurant in the Midwest getting $220,000.  The list goes on and on!  Is your name on it? Got questions? We’ve got answers! Regardless where in the USA your business is, you can call my personal cell number. Check my profile for contact info.

Oh, and one last thing. Don’t forget to post your business card, news, ads and events at your small business Facebook page (it’s free) .

I look forward to helping you in the best way I can.

Make it a great day!

Terry (Ter) Scott

NFIB Rep and Ask LLC Owner 

PS. That’s what I’ve got for you today, but that is a lot; all the cool benefits of joining and remaining a member of NFIB, free shipping on your first order of imprinted items from pens to semi-trailer sized decals and up to $200,000 or more back in government programs and more.

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Hello. If you are here, no doubt I've invited you 

to become a client. 

In this short video, you'll see why over 40,000 other clients use our services. We are proud to show you some big names such as healthcare giants, sports teams, franchises, airlines, and more but please don't think we're too big for our britches. The lion's share of our client list is made up of single-person companies, small business owners to medium-sized businesses all the way up to these larger corporations. 

We can serve you because we've got everything in place to do so. 

Every year HALO provides promotional expertise to over 40,000 clients around the globe, and around the
corner. Most of our clients have enjoyed HALOs award-winning service and world-class creativity for decades. 

Let us add you to the growing list of satisfied HALO clients; please contact Ter Scott. 

Terry Scott

, Marketing & Branding Specialist

Thanks so much for stopping by. As my special, extra measure of service and to thank you in advance, I'm giving you FREE SHIPPING on your first order. Ask for details when you contact me. 

Terry (Ter) Scott has been a veteran of the promotional products industry since 1981, but don’t let his young age fool you. Terry is passionate about keeping up with the latest marketing and branding tools and trends. He loves music, playing guitar, and performing. He’s young at heart!

Equipped with vast experience and knowledge of his industry, Ter makes a competent and creative partner. When he collaborates with his client’s on their projects, he strives to save them time, money, and hassle. The fact that each day is unique and offers new challenges is Ter’s favorite part of his job. It keeps him passionate about what he does and he finds the opportunity to work with businesses and organizations of all sizes incredibly rewarding.

Intelligence, Integrity, and Innovation are what keeps him and his clients successful and always ahead of the competition. He works to help his customers find out what they want, what the best way to get it is and then he turns that plan into reality. He believes that the most important element to successful branding campaigns is to know who you are as a company and exemplify it in everything you say and do.

Let us add you to the growing list of satisfied HALO clients; please contact Ter Scott. 

Ter Scott, NFIB Membership invites all to online webinar, Employee Retention Tax Credit Essentials.


To view replays of past webinars, CLICK HERE

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My company offers Expense and Tax Incentives Audits and we'll do a search for you at no fee. And we only make our money when we find you money and you want our assistance to acquire it. Our methods reveal monies and programs virtually unknown by financial advisors as we find money for over 90% of our clients. To get started visit our secured online site and enter a few details... 

Another service All Solutions Known offers is branding items through our partnership with Halo Branded Services; the largest supplier of imprinted goods in the country. Check out hundreds of items for your brand and be sure to ask for free shipping on your first order. 

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All Solutions Known finds Individuals and Business Owners Money, really!

Within minutes of doing a bit of research for this article, I found and applied for $30 that was owed me. That's not a ton of money but if I told you I'd give you a $25 Amazon card I'm thinking you'd probably take it right? But it gets better! I also found and applied for about $500 that my deceased father was owed and, I also found about $500 for a friend and sent her the link so she could take action to follow through.

My company, All Solutions Known finds money owed to business owners and individuals. 

Depending on several variables, sometimes I can do this for you at no fee or a minimum fee; and sometimes like with what I will share with  you today, you can do it yourself and keep all of the money.

Below I am sharing a link to a site where you can see if you are owed any unclaimed money. It’s the same site I just told you about above. It’s easy and actually fun; who doesn’t like to find money? You can do a search for yourself and for others. (Find something for a friend and email him or her a screenshot with the link and they will be a friend for life).

Individuals, Find Money Here

Also, if you are a business owner or CEO of a large company, our team can help you too. We find the money for over 90% of everyone who comes to us. We do not charge any upfront fees to do this so even if you think your financial expert has you covered, you can be sure.  We only get paid if we find you money and when you move forward we collect a small fee for our services.

Business Owners, Find out what monies are owed you now. We’ll even show you 6 Tax Credits in 60 Seconds.