What are the top Five most favored Holiday Gifts wanted by Employees? Here's your Answer.


OK, I’m taking a survey. Following are five of the top choices for honoring employees during the holidays. Please sort in order of your most favored preference to your least favorite in the comments.

Also state whether you are an employee or a staff member/owner. And, feel free to state why you chose the order that you did. Thanks a bunch!

A. Cash or Bonuses
B. Gifts
C. Pay it Forward (such as donating somewhere in the employee’s name)
D. Event (with or without employee’s family)
E. Perks (for example, if you are able to offer flexible work arrangements during the holidays, you could offer remote work, flex schedules or unlimited PTO this time of year).

Ter Scott with All Solutions Known Salutes Twin Ports Best of the Best Businesses all year long 2023 - 2024

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ECG 24/7 Safety Monitoring 

A large percentage of your employees are distracted at work because they are also caregivers to family members. Offer them peace of mind with a 24/7 monitoring system that assures them that help will arrive immediately when there is an emergency at home. This is an affordable option the employee pays for or by the employer as an employee retaining benefit. We have monthly specials so please contact us with any questions you may have. We also offer a $50 referral fee and can set up Q and A days at your location. 

Legal Shield Access to a Professional Legal Firm for only 30 Bucks a Month

A large percentage of employees miss work because of legal hassles that could be easily taken care of with a low cost Legal Shield membership. 30 bucks a month gives them access to a full service legal team. Again, this is something the employee pays for or the employer. Either way, the employer has a more focused and productive employee. CLICK HERE for more information and see all of the available plan options


You may have heard of “Health Sharing” places like Medishare; where members share each other’s cost for medical bills thereby lowering their cost; as much as 50%. Many group plans do not cover the owner like this one does; prescriptions pricing is drastically reduced plus this covers many with preconditions and at any age; even those on Medicare.

I’m a representative for Impact Health which is similar but in my mind, there are so many more benefits, like saving 50% on your healthcare and also being that you can refer others and earn income, even without having an insurance license like I do. CLICK HERE to visit my page for more information


BrandingMore.com actually does help you brand more for less money. All orders are prepaid so we guarantee the best prices, plus we offer a 10% discount on all orders, and we have a special private Facebook community where you'll save even more. Visit BrandingMore.com to see the millions of items where you can place your branding. Then contact us. Check out the private Facebook community here


As a Financial Consultant with Drive Planning, I and the team offer unique strategies for wealth; and we and our clients have fun living them out. We bring the successful strategies of the affluent to every one. Many products offer high returns in short amounts of time addressing cash flow with liquidity. For instance, our REAL program offers a 10% ROR on your money in just 90 days. We have other products too that may fit into your overall strategy. Visit www.InvestIntentional.com and complete a free GPS that will tell you where you are financially, where you want to be and whether you'll get there in the fashion that you desire. 

COVID Fund Payout 

Self-employed, caregiver, 1099er, how would you like to get a $30K to $44K loan today that you don’t have to pay back? You can, and the good news is that it’s not a loan; it’s already owed to you if you were affected by COVID. Yes, over 90% of Americans are owed these sums.

What would your Christmas look like with a check of over $30K? Could your business use a money boast like $44K? You need to get the facts now because it will expire the end of this year.

It’s simple to find out how much you are owed because we’ll do all the pre-work for free. When we find out how much money you are owed, if you choose to collect your check we’ll get 25%; 10% upfront to help pay for our processing costs and the balance of 15% after you collect. It’s as simple as that. GET INFO HERE

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How can I collect my covid funds? GET A $1000 REWARD to refer! Get COVID funds that are owed you as a self-employed person, care giver, 1099er …


What you are about to read is real, but it is time sensitive - your monies will expire soon. If you read this and do not use the contact form on this page, call or text me to GET THE PROCESS STARTED, the government WILL KEEP IT. 

When you call me, I will tell you that you will not get me live as I'm on the phone constantly talking to people and processing their money so they can see checks like $20,000 for year 2020 and $44,000 for year 2021. SO LEAVE ME A MESSAGE and I will get back to you. My message states something like, "This is Terry Scott, thank you for calling". That's me. 

I've updated this post with additional information at the bottom of this page. IT'S IN RED because it is IMPORTANT. Please read this entire page. I look forward to your call. 

How can I collect my covid funds? 

I know that most people (a very high percentage) did not get the COVID RELIEF check

of upwards of 30K … PER YEARS 2021 and 2022.

I can help…

This short video

(preset at a fast speed to save you time)

by my friend and business associate

JT McDonald explains:

• How you as an individual can get your money

• How you as an entrepreneur can help others get their money


• How ANYONE can get $1000 Referral REWARD

when sharing this video with others who participate.

Click on the image to see video: 


Don't wait, get information today. This expires soon. 

Contact me, Terry Scott by using the contact form on this page or calling my office using the information in the image below. Be sure to leave a message if I do not answer. It's my cell so feel free to text me as well. 

How many people with side hustles do you know? 

Get a $1000 reward just by letting them know that they may qualify for COVID money. 

Who mows your lawn, resides your house, watches your kids, fixes your car, is your caregiver, and the list goes on and on as to those who missed out on work and monies during COVID shut down and related.


Don't wait, get information today. This expires soon. 

Contact me, Terry Scott by using the contact form on this page or calling my office using the information in the image below. Be sure to leave a message if I do not answer. It's my cell so feel free to text me as well. 

This is not “welfare”; these are government funds allotted that helped keep businesses going and are also available to you but most do not know about it or how to claim it. You may have up to $31K owed you for each year of 2021 and 2022.

Don't wait, get information today. This expires soon. 

Contact me, Terry Scott by using the contact form on this page or calling my office using the information in the image below. Be sure to leave a message if I do not answer. It's my cell so feel free to text me as well. 

It doesn’t cost anything to find out; we’ll do that on our own dime. If you are owed money, we only receive a percentage of your refund. If you think you can use the money and put it to better use than the government, contact me for more information.

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Contact me, Terry Scott by using the contact form on this page or calling my office using the information in the image below. Be sure to leave a message if I do not answer. It's my cell so feel free to text me as well. 


(As a professional financial consultantant with All Solutions Known, this is part of what I do; it is not a scam).


I believe that you are in a position to help me to help a lot of people. And every time you do,

I will give you $1000 for yourself or for a charity in your name.

I’m working with 1099 SMALL business owners on tax incentives and funds like the PPP and the ERC, but this isn’t either. Our team finds UNCLAIMED FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT COVID 19 FUNDS.

Did you or an employee miss any days of work from 2020 – 2021?

Did your kids miss school?

Did you have to quarantine because of COVID?

Did you take care of a family member, friend, or extended relative or loved one with COVID?

You just answer a few questions; we do all of the processing. You could see a check in your hands of $31K for year 2020 and $44K for year 2021 in about 6 weeks. (Amounts depend on all the particulars that take place inside the processing that we do, but we are seeing checks in these amounts and more). This is time sensitive so contact me letting me know that you are interested. If not, I understand and will move on to someone who thinks that $20,000 to $44,000 (for just one of these two years) would be helpful to their cash flow.

Don’t forget, you’ll get an easy $1000 for every other 1099er that you refer for me to help. (Sorry, you must be a self-employed 1099 person to qualify).

Contact me now. Use the contact form on this page or for faster communication, text or call the number shown in the box above. 

Clarifying your eligibility for tax credits, my letter to a corporation with about 1000 stores.


I’m sure ---------- is asked for money or to buy something every day. How many times does one walk into your company and wants to give you money?

(Name), first off, thanks so much for replying; which is a testament to ---------- philosophy of stellar customer service and vision of ---------- and ------------- being the best. 

Secondly, I've done my homework or I wouldn't have taken my time to contact the corporation. 

I’ve been working with many corporations, including some nice chains like yours for some time now, helping them claim tax incentives and credits their business qualifies for; many that their team thought it wasn’t worth looking at or they simply didn’t know about them. No one should be surprised since though they are similar, there are different options for each of your store’s location depending on city, county, and state.

It took a pandemic to make businesses and corporate entities realize that all of these tax incentives exist and should be a part of their annual tax planning. Unfortunately, most of the company staff looked no further than the poorly managed PPP program, which, in the end, only distributed a few hundred billion dollars.  

Confusion abounds regarding this topic; honestly, the IRS doesn’t make it a simple process; even when you have a team of accountants and CPAs.  Over $2.3 trillion in federal benefits are available to businesses such as -------------, and this funding gets renewed and expanded annually.  As an accountant with -------------, do you recall the company receiving a check for six or ten million dollars last year? Many programs have been in place for decades and are permanent, so you can count on them; and they change often.

Because it’s so difficult for corporations to even to scratch the surface of what they are entitled to, we will hold a live event where you can ask professionals who have been in the industry for over 23 years any questions about tax incentives, credits, and your business.

"Contact name", believe me, I am grateful that you replied and I hope you can see that this could mean SERIOUS MONEY for the company. Is there anyone else that I should be speaking to? I did meet a gentleman who worked closely with ------------- some years ago at a business event in Madison, Wisconsin but I don’t recall his name.

You and I have already invested a little time in our communications. If there is any doubt that ------------- may have tax credits it’s not claiming, you, and perhaps a company CPA, and/or other staff should attend the event and find out.  Most industries have funding set aside for them, and you just need to know how to claim it. I think ------------- from recruiting would find the changes in WOTC quite revealing, and operations director ------------- may absolutely “rejoice” when he finds out that yes, ------------- can qualify for some credits that the company thought they’d never qualify for so they simply passed on getting more information about it.

I spend a ton of money with -------------because I’m on the road a lot and love your stores; and the people you hire. Certainly ------------- may be doing well financially in many ways, but I know that the company didn’t get to where it is today by ignoring possible opportunities. As with any business, I’m sure ------------- is asked for money or to buy something every day. How many times does one walk into your company and wants to give you money?

I’ve invested almost an hour here at my computer replying to your kind message and hope that both your time and mine in this won’t be wasted. (It took me longer because I was checking on possible tax incentives that I can see that you would most likely qualify). I’m inviting you to my live event where you can ask all your questions. I am confident that it will be worth your time to sit in.  

LIVE EVENT:  10.12.23 11 a.m ET (Add to your calendar using the link below)

PPP & ERC Are Just The Beginning Tax Credits and Incentives for Business

Add To My Calendar https://gmg.me/pages/tax-incentives/251784 

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Terry (Ter) Scott, America's #1 Resource Consultant offers his clients a wide range of prepaid legal products.

 Please return to this page from time to time as we update it with important news and information about your Legal Shield programs frequently. 

Ter Scott, Senior Advisor with Growth Management Group (GMG) offers Consulting in Tax Incentives and Strategies

As business owner(s) you are owed monies from the IRS in the form of tax incentives and credits. 

There are so many and they change at least yearly. 

Our process finds those missed and lost cash flow opportunities by your CPA or accountant (we find monies for over 90% of our clients who use CPAs and accountants, which Stryde Solutions/GMG has done since the company started in 1981). 

We will do all of the upfront work at no cost to you. CLICK HERE to use our proprietary calculator that, when plugging in just a few pieces of data, you’ll see what you qualify for. 

Then you can contact our office using the contact form on this page, or simply move forward to startthe process immediately online. 

This only takes you about 60 seconds to see at least 6 areas that most CPAs and accountants usually overlook, costing businesses like yours thousands and thousands of dollars each year. 

It costs you only 60 seconds of your time to find out when visit our page.  

Please return. This specific post is under construction. In the meantime, please do a search on this page to find related articles or use the contact form to contact our office. Thanks. Terry 

Terry (Ter) Scott, ABC Consultant and America's #1 Resource Consultant offers Professional Advocacy, Branding and Cash Flow Strategies


To be continued; under construction... 

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Request your copy of "The Gotcha's of Mutual Funds".


I have been an advisor for over 20 years so I recognize that everyone must get paid. If they are in fact assisting you to place this within a coordinated plan and meeting regularly to assist you in growing your wealth, even more deserving. The problematic part of commissions is simply that most advisors’ businesses aren’t structured properly which shouldn’t become your problem. Commissions are generally levied up front at the time of purchase, gathered over time or both. If taken up front at the time of purchase they will generally run from 2% to 5.5% of the amount invested. For this up front commission structure you will enjoy J a lower on-going internal management fee. This typically costs approximately .70% to 1.5%. If you were to avoid the upfront commission; the investment company will simply raise the ongoing internal management fee thus making it often times a more costly investment. This arrangement is often times “marketed” as a “No-Load Investment” which is technically accurate but in my personal opinion is misleading to the common investor. This wording invites the thought of getting a deal.

I invite you to ask about our products that avoid these “gotcha’s” such as this. For example, our REAL program offers you a 10% ROR every 90 days which, when you let it rollover each quarter, is 46% yearly. 

I want you to have this. It is really eye opening. 
To request yours, please visit www.InvestIntentional.com and click on "Book a Call". You don't really have to actually book a call, but this opens a message box. Choose Terry Scott from the dropdown for Advisors so I'm sure to get it. Be sure to ask for Gotcha's of Mutual Funds and I'll email it to you. 

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