When your customer's mouth moves, are they saying positive or negative things about your business?


Are your customer’s mouth’s moving, but not in the direction you’d like?

The only real way to find out is with the Secret Patron Service™.

 The Secret Patron Service™ allows you to see what your customer sees, hear what your customer hears and sense what your customer senses. With Secret Patron Service™ it will be as if you the business owner is “all knowing” which you will, at least mostly where your customer and client are concerned.

Hello, my name is Ter Scott. I without too much brag, will tell you that I know a few things about marketing, about running (a good) business and what makes up "good, bad or indifference" in product, service or customer service; and how you can take responsibility to make the necessary small changes to excel and improve your product or service, and exactly how to wow your customer. (I created a complete customer service course which I presented as a course a few years back at a business college).

Those who know little about their customers know little about marketing. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “The best marketing is ‘word of mouth’ marketing”, right? What I teach my clients is that “ALL” marketing is word of mouth whether it is done correctly, efficiently; or not. Because regardless of how your marketing got that person to at least walk in your door or visit your website, and hopefully to be a customer; he or she then becomes an ambassador expressing either a good or bad report about you, your product, service and EVERYTHNG. All of this “IS” word of mouth!

Have you heard this from a business owner before, or even yourself say, “Oh I tried that, it doesn’t work for my business”? Something I’ve tried my “darndest” to ingrain in the minds of my students when I taught marketing on the college level, and also to my clients is this. “ALL MARKETING WORKS”. While in some rare cases marketing may not "work" smart marketers “test” all marketing; to tweak it and use it again until we get the results that we want, but we should not to drop it entirely. Most all marketing works but is your business up to par, and promoting good word of mouth instead of bad? 

We've all heard the statistic that most businesses fail in the first several years (or in the later years when business owners get too “successful” to watch over their “marketing”). The reason is this. When you have a poor or mediocre product or service, presented through a poor or mediocre customer service delivery, your marketing will just tell the world that you have you have a poor or mediocre product or service much faster and sooner!

And it's not the business owner's fault! As a business grows the owner gets busy with "busy-ness".  And especially now with the current "labor shortage", business owners are wearing many hats.and no longer have the time to oversee "what the customer sees". 

Customers size up a business almost immediately when they walk into a business. When they don't see what they want (or see what they don't want) they are quick to make a decision. The decision you don't want to see is them walking out the door. 

Let's fix all of that. 

My mission and intent with Secret Patron Service™  is to help you to finally get “awareness” of what is going on in your business; and through your customer’s eyes. We may not be able to "fix" everything right away but the first step to correcting something is knowing what to correct. 

Inquire about an effective "mystery shop" for your business by myself or a professional I've trained. The usual procedure is that we first discuss things by phone. We then meet at a restaurant or public place other than your business for about 15 to 30 minutes. We'll determine what it is that you want to know about your customer or prospective customer. I or someone from my staff will then "shop" your place of business - "undercover" and undetected. We'll create a report from the visit and deliver it to you with suggestions. Most of the time, this ends our work until you want the service again or you decide to use our other services. 

Because rates are based on the number of employees you have we're the best safety net to save your customer that there is; if you make positive corrections after we reveal our findings.  Secret Patron Service™ serves a fifty mile radius of the Twin Ports area. (Mystery shops outside the area require a mileage surcharge). 

Secret Patron Service™ is surprisingly affordable with many of our clients seeing a return on their investment in days and not weeks or months.

You will be impressed and totally satisfied, or you don't pay.  

I look forward to working with you. 

Ter Scott has been a “mystery shopper” for big companies like Coke a Cola, McDonald’s, BP, H&R Block and many others. He has also been a marketing “expert” for well over 40 years having assisted companies (behind the scenes) from small single person shops to large corporations, has created numerous logo images (Superior School District for one; which has been used since 2000) and has taught marketing and design at the adult college levels and continues speaking around the country on both business and life design. He has also been a rep (and trainer) for NFIB, a national association which cold calls up to forty businesses per day; he has the experience to walk in any door and get the information you seek. As a side interest he is also an “actor” appearing regularly on local stages. He definitely has what it takes to offer you and your business this very unique and exclusive Secret Patron Service.

Rates are based on number of employees so it is affordable to all business owners. Please use the contact form on this page to inquire. 

Ter Scott Business Consultant and Life Coach invites you to Name your own price for 60 Minute Session...


Name your price coaching/consulting session.

Ter Scott is America’s ABC Business Consultant (Advocacy/Branding/Cash Flow) and Life Coach to individuals (Advocacy, Blessings and Confidence is offering a “Name your own price” consulting or coaching session. 

Scott normally bills $2000 per a 60 minute session 

so it is an awesome value.

There is only 24 hours in his day too, and with demands by other clients, students, public speaking and spending time with his own family and activities this has to be a limited time offer. Read more about how you can book your session, at your own determined price, before all session times are taken.

It’s clear that people with or without owning businesses are hurting, struggling and worse. I want to give back for all who have blessed me and helped me to succeed as far as I’ve come in this life.

I’ve helped hundreds of companies to succeed in many ways financially, through effective marketing and branding and so much more. I’ve helped individuals to become better through my public speaking events, teaching in the public, private schools and even teaching at a business university.  

I know that I can help you in your business, in life or both.

And I want to do this at a fee that you can afford. You determine the fee for an hour of my time. I normally bill $2000 for an hour. To be totally up front and transparent, this is for someone who has worked with me for some time and has moved up to that fee; because they’ve seen results.

But that is not this. You will get a full 60 minutes of my time just like these others, only you name the price. Also, please note. Whatever you choose to pay, if after the first 15 minutes you don’t feel you’ve already gotten at least the price you chose to pay, you get all of your money back.

Why am I doing this?

Clearly with all of the chaos and heartache in the world people can use a hand up. Not a handout, but a hand up. I can be that for you. If you need medical, financial, legal advice or any other similar professional advice, I’ll talk with you but I’m going to strongly suggest that you run everything by your doctor, money person or attorney before you do anything that would jeopardize anything. So, you are safe there. We’ll visit for an hour; you’ll take notes (hopefully) and take action on what we talked about.

You are not obligated to move forward with any more coaching or consulting and there is absolutely no high pressured sales pitch to do so. I will probably mention it and you’ll see rates and information on my site but we both know that if someone is pushed into anything, they won’t carry through and succeed. I’m glad to say that most of my clients are pleased and they do the work. If they don’t, they don’t continue with me.

And you don’t have to worry about dressing up or getting some green screen for your room. We’ll probably use Skype or Zoom but without video. We’ll just use audio to speak to one another.  

I do have one favor though. I would like you to offer honest feedback about our session after its completed. I’ll use this to become better as a coach and consultant to hopefully help others in the future.

That’s it. Nothing too sexy or glamourous, just you with me having a conversation… to become better, solve a problem or learn more as a person or business person.

If you’ve watched the video and are deciding to put this off, remember you choose the fee for an hour of my time. You won’t see anything like this anywhere else that I know of and I’m not sure how long I can offer this. 

Like you, I only have 24 hours in each day and I also have to balance business with life and be intentional to make a difference in work and play.

I know you have questions. I can’t think of everything to include here but I can and will answer your questions when you use the contact form on this page. 

Ready to start of have questions? Use the contact form on this page and give your name and email address. I'll return an instruction form with links to my calendar to schedule your sesssion and to PayPal to prepay for your session. 

You'll click on the Pay Now button to enter the fee you want; starting at a minimum of $100; all the way up to $2000. 

(Remember, if after 15 minutes into our session that you don't already see value, you can ask for your money back. Before considering paying the $2000 fee, I suggest that you first see my sliding rate scale of fees I regularly charge here). 

Here’s why you must use the contact form to get started today:

  • Everything is strictly confidential and will not be shared.
  • The session is totally audio; no visual.
  • You name the fee and it’s totally returned to you if you don’t see the value.
  • I have a very full schedule so sessions are limited; even to my current clients.
  • This is a one time session with no pressure to continue. 
  • I’m sure there are more reasons that I cannot think of just now. Can you think of any?  

Ter Scott creates Nationwide Contests and Sweepstakes Public Facebook Group to Help People

Everything isn't always "work" for me as the ABC Business Consultant, assisting business people with Advocacy, Branding and Cash Flow. Here's something fun I do on the side and have shared it with friends and business contacts. I've created a successful FB contest group some years ago that had about 1000 members. I've created a new one now where you can click on legit contests and sweeps to enter but now, as a member of the group you can also post contests and sweeps that you find! It's free to join and a lot of fun. (And yes, people have won a ton of stuff from the other site; these contests and sweeps are real).

Click on the image to ask to join the FREE Public FB group. 
Then scroll the page to see little known (legit) contests and sweeps. 

We have the funds and ways to invest... All Solutions Known LLC Cash Flow Strategies

 We are your "Funds and Ways" Committee. 

Well, kind of. I thought it sounded good. Anyway…

My name is Ter Scott, I've been called "America's ABC Consultant". You can read about the A and B elsewhere on the Internet. Here I'll share with you the "C" which stands for Cash Flow and offer links to check out how we help you as an individual, business owner or real estate investor. 

People fail for lack of knowledge. There are other reasons, like not taking action and so forth but I believe that a big one is that people don't take advantage of things because they don't know about them. 

On this page you'll see financial products that we offer. I invite you to click on the link to find out more about them and if you have further questions feel free to use the contact form on this page. 

Individual - Business owner - Real Estate Investor

First, everyone should do this; even your kids. It's easy and you start out small with micro amounts like $5. I love this company and use them myself. (All Solutions Known LLC is not Acorns. We recommend them. We get a small fee to recommend them to you but as I said, I participate myself and I would not recommend anything that would ruin my online reputation). 

Click on the image to go toAcorns page.

Individual - Business owner - Real Estate Investor

Next is ABCfundwise. We partnered with them a year or so ago and are really pleased with the different options they offer and the different segments of need they help. You can be an individual, business owner or would be owner or real estate investor and get excellent service. 

Click on the image to visit Fundwise. 

Let me mention here that in getting any loan from anywhere, you will be asked questions and you will need to fill out forms (I hate filling out forms!!!) but it has to be done. Don't let this stand between you and the money that you need. 

Business owner - Real Estate Investor

If you are a business owner you absolutely need to look into this. Jorn's and Associates specialize in the ERC government program and if you think the Covid monies, and related programs are gone, please don't. If you do, you'll miss out. Watch the video... 

(Note: Jorns works with mid to larger firms and requires $2500 deposit to start working for you. If they can't help you, you get all of your money back. If they can, the money is applied to our fee taken from the money retrieved. It's a fraction of what your company will recoup and well worth your time. ABCFundwise above also offers an ERC search and at this time I don't believe we charge anything upfront). 

Click on the image above to watch Jorn's video and get further details. 

Real Estate Investor

All Solutions Known LLC is also a private money lender. We lend money to real estate investors. We have certain requirements and do not do business in all states. We also offer commercial lending for huge projects. Please use the contact form on this site to inquire. 

Click the image to visit After & Before Funding  (If the site is "down" please return to this page and use our contact form). 

The face of finances and funding is always changing. Rates change. Economies change. Government programs change. Just know that we keep abreast of all of these changes. We will do our utmost to do the very best for you in getting you the funds you require. Even if we don't offer real estate funding in your state, we will refer you to a reputable firm. 

And as a heads up, when we speak I won't have all the answers. A person would have to be some sort of god to be able to; especially in finances and in all the areas that we serve. I have a team for that. 

Click on an image that has to do with your request if you haven't already. Everything is a step by step process. Give yourself time, don't be in a hurry and let's do this together. 

Please bookmark and return to this page because things change and we update and add new products often. 

30 Minute Coaching or Consulting Session with Nationally Known ABC Business Consultant for only $30

Life Coaching “a-b-c” by Ter Scott,

a = Advocacy b = Blessing c = Confidence

“Life & Legacy Coach™”


Business A-B-C Consulting by Ter Scott,

A = Advocacy, B = Branding, C = Cash flow Strategies

“America’s #1 Resource Consultant™”

Ter Scott is the ABC Consultant coaching others about advocacy, blessing and confidence and business owners about advocacy, branding and necessary cash flow strategies. He charges $2000 per hour for his sessions however with the chaos coming at individuals and business owners at an alarming rate he offers a 30 minute session for only $30. This session can be the needed boost you need to get “unstuck” and possibly an introduction to continued sessions priced according to his sliding fee scale starting at just $100. Watch this and get your name on the waiting list.

 Would you pay someone $100 to show you how to earn or save $1000, or even $100,000 all from that investment of $100? Would you ask someone has already gone where you want to go, to show you where all the pitfalls and traps are. Do you think that person could get you there faster and in less time and less money?

That is precisely what I do with my coaching and consulting. I’ve accomplished quite a bit in my life. I’ve failed quite a bit in my life and I’ve succeeded quite a bit in my life. I’ve also rubbed shoulders with many who have failed miserably and later succeeded triumphantly. Bottom line, I know stuff.

So, among my many entrepreneurial pursuits, I also coach and consult. What’s the difference? Well, not so much. Coaching to me is more about life matters and consulting has to do with business matters; although many business people hire me to coach them as a person and consult them about their businesses so I work with individuals and business owners.

My billing rate for consulting is $2000 per hour. Obviously this is outside the price range and thinking range of many people. So, if you’ve not already moved on; good. I’ve got good news for you. My fees are graduating starting from $100, gradually moving up to the $2000 fee. You’ll have invested at least 10 sessions with me before you are at the $2000 amount. Most people stop at the $100 level, and many at the $250 level.  Few even get to the $500 and $1000 level and of course the fewest are at the $2000 coaching/consulting level.

You are never obligated to move upward and you can stop at any level. By structuring my fee scale this way you will “grow” into them.

The format of the sessions is as follows. After you’ve paid and scheduled a time on my calendar for your session (Life Coaching Trek or Consulting Trek; both are the same price), you’ll email me a bit about your situation and what you want to discuss, a minimum of two days prior to our session. We’ll have interaction about your concerns and I will usually offer some suggestions during the session however, I will follow up with an email explaining my thoughts and offer suggestions. At this point we’ll either be “done” or if you are continuing sessions we’ll repeat these steps; sometimes with variation.

Most sessions are bi-weekly and later could be monthly. The first are usually done via Skype or Zoom without video. At the higher levels you’ll have the option to use video.

At every level of consulting/coaching you are always the judge as to whether you are getting value. At the 15 minute point of every 60 minute session if you feel that you’ve not already received the full value of the 60 minute session’s fee, you will be refunded the session’s full cost.


If you are seeing this video or an ad about this on social media somewhere, it means that I have an opening or several openings. If you are at all interested, click the link below or where ever it is and get started.

I’ve made it easy, and affordable so you really have no decision to make. The format is the same as all sessions, and if you don’t see value within 15 minutes you’ll get your money back. You’ll email me before the session, we’ll visit at the session and I’ll email you a follow up.

For a limited number of people who act now, your first session is 30 minutes … for a fee of $30. 

Your first session is 30 minutes for a fee of $30.  Because I could be working these 30 minutes with another client who would be paying me $100, $250, $500, $1000 or $2000, I have to limit the number of people that I can work with for only $30.

This is an introductory session to get to know you and your needs and introduce you to the system. We can discuss life, business or both. You’ll learn something and either leave with better off than before we talked or if you are pleased with our time and the potential of our sessions, you’ll move on to Level 1).

Level 1 is a commitment of 2 $100 per hour sessions. When you reach level 1, you'll see the coaching fee schedule and related details. 


Live Advertisement A/B test that you can participate in


Loyalty Has Its Perks

Players Circle is the place to reap the rewards of playing D’Addario. Select products have a unique code, which can be used to add points to your account—points that you can redeem for D’Addario gear or collect for exclusive access to deals, new products, and even pre-release sampling.

Which ad? 

Before clicking on one of the two ads below, we'd love you to first post A or B in the comments. You can also include a short reason why, but it isn't necessary (if you are in a hurry to visit this awesome site by D'Addario.  


I like ad "A"                                    I like ad "B"

Please comment your preferred ad A or B below and then click on your image choice to visit the website for further details. If you choose to join this free site, when asked how you found them you can state either "Social Media" or "Online Store". 

All Solutions Known LLC is not associated with this site (except the Ter Scott plays guitar and is a member of the site and loving all the perks). We're doing this A/B Test to satisfy our own curiousity and maybe use it as an example in our webinars, consulting and our "Run it by Ter" Marketing Ad Evaluation Service. 

"Run it by Ter" Advertising Service saves Businesses thousands in costly Marketing Mistakes.

 How would you like to have a nationally known marketing expert of almost 50 years evaluate your advertising before you release it to the public so you know it not only works but will work exceptionally well and only pay pennies for his expertise? 

  • Why pay thousands on a billboard that won’t catch the eye at 75 miles per hour and quickly bring them to your place of business or website and buy just as fast?
  • Why hand someone a business card to someone that they will immediately throw in the trash after you leave?
  • The bottom line is that you and many businesses throw money away instead of investing with their marketing and advertising. Anyone can benefit from this service.

“Run it by Ter” 

is one of my services with my company, All Solutions Known LLC. 

I once worked for a corporation and since I was new on the job (it wasn’t a marketing firm) I was told to be in my cubicle when this important person from the state would be there and to not say a word. It seemed my boss was nervous and wanted this guy to be there and gone as soon as possible.

When he was there we all did the usual ceremonial greeting and I excused myself to my nearby cubicle.

The project turned out to be creating an employee manual or something and they discussed verbally its content. They kept repeating the same descriptive words and out loud were straining to figure synonyms. After several long pregnant pauses I could not help but suggest one and immediately our guest said, “Yes, write that”. I’m sure I would be “in for it” after he left.

Well, this went on several times until the guy invited me out to the conference area and he emphatically told my boss to write whatever I suggested.

Long story short, it didn’t happen because I left on my own within a few days. My point is, I know stuff; mostly marketing and graphic design but I’m pretty fair at copywriting too.

I’m busy with my ABC Business (Advocacy, Branding and Cash Flow Strategies) but I make time for my “Run it by Ter” service. I’ve saved many businesses a ton of money in costly mistakes and gaffes in their marketing materials. Usually its because we’re rushed to get something done. But a quick pass under my experienced nose, only costs 5% of what the ad vehicle (ad, business card, billboard, TV commercial, etc.) cost is will assuredly be much more effective but may also save you money and very possibly your reputation. Learn more. 

Instead of having my consulting available on a retainer basis (which is available) businesses can use this service as needed. When you are investing in creating a logo, book cover, billboards, print ads, imprinted promotional items; even business cards, anything that is a graphic design, “Run it by Ter”.

Every day I cringe when I see ads, signs and logos that are less effective than they could be, bringing is less of a return than they could be. Let me help you have all of your marketing and advertising be all it can be.

I’ve been a graphic designer long before that was the term used. Having worked with thousands of people and businesses in hundreds of industries over (almost) 50 years, “I know stuff”. I don’t really design ads anymore but I know what makes them effective. I still create logos for companies and corporations but they are priced out of the range of the smaller businesses. With my “Run it by Ter” service, you can still realize the value from my years of expertise for just a fraction of what I used to charge.

Here’s how it works. It’s fast and simple.

Before you have an ad run, a business card printed, a website page created, a billboard set up, or anything else, send me a picture of the artwork. I’ll charge you just 5% of your cost to run your ad, print your business cards, create your web page, your billboard posted, etc. You’ll pay less having me look at your business cards than it would having me evaluate a logo or billboard but it’s all relative. 5% to have a marketing expert look at your work before you present it to your world is very inexpensive and will not only save you money, but also time and frankly, embarrassment sometimes. The better reason to “Run it by Ter” is that when you invest just 5% in this way, you’ll see an exponentially increase in results.

Don’t believe me? I don’t expect you to (unless you are one of my current clients). So I ask you to invite me to evaluate a small project that you are working on. You’ll prepay the 5% (based on average rates for that type of project). I’ll email you my evaluation. You’ll complete your project using all, some or none of my suggestions. You’ll submit a copy of your receipt showing the total cost of your project and pay any balance of the 5% that wasn’t paid. I work with clients in full transparency and honesty.

With “Run it by Ter” you are only paying me a nickel for one dollar you invest in the adverting project. You don’t have to bring me in with every project, only those that you want me in on. Plus, when I’ve evaluated one ad, you can use the same suggestions in similar ads.

NOTE: I think you can see that this isn’t necessarily a huge money maker for me, especially with the time that I must spend in my evaluations. So I may have to stop or temporarily stop this service depending on the number of requests I get. So please understand it I tell you that I’m unavailable sometimes.

SECOND NOTE: This isn’t how I make my “bread and butter”. If this is the first time you’ve heard of me and my company, All Solutions Known LLC, please allow me to unabashedly tell you that I am the ABC Business Consultant teaching business people how to use Advocacy, Branding and Cash Flow strategies to improve their bottom lines; especially in tough times.

If you would like to get started with the “Run it my Ter” program or learn more about my ABC services, please use the contact form on this page.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott