Terry Scott Announces the Grand Opening of the ACN Essentials Online Store

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I'm pleased to introduce our brand new online store, ACN Essentials. You'll find savings in a multitude of products and services by Major Name Brands and a few that are new, but very, very powerful in saving you money. 

I cannot reveal what these brands are but I will offer an ethical bribe by attending one or both sessions, the 3 PM or the 6 PM, this Thursday, July 27th. 

Want to attend and be included in the drawing? 

Simply use the contact form on this page and let us know which session you'll attend. 
We'll reply with the easy link to attend (You don't need a Zoom app or anything to attend). 
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Money Moment It's Mindset, says Ter Scott when quoting Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Money Moment

One Cashflow Comment in 60 seconds


“The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth in what seems to be an instant.”

― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad

What are you going to do with this quote today?

Maybe make a list of ways that you could train your mind, what areas to train your mind in? This being a money moment, and Robert being the Rich Dad, Poor Dad guy a hint might be to increase your financial intelligence?

Like this Money Moment? Visit my blog where you’ll see other awesome products, tools, and services, and when you leave a comment on just 5 of these Money Moments, you’ll get this free Ebook by download, and a free invite to a live Zoom call where I will discuss the material in the book. What’s great is that with the synergy of everyone present, we usually come up with some gems that aren’t in the book but come from the inspiration that comes with the number of people.

Number two, if you are tired of so-called investing where you are pretty much just handing your money to someone else and hope they do well with it, I invite you to visit Drive Planning, look at what I and my team offer and choose me as your advisor from the list and message me.

That’s it for today. “The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth in what seems to be an instant.” Thanks, Robert!

This is Terry Scott the ABC Consultant with today’s Money Moment, wishing you a trained mind! 

Have you viewed at least 5 of these Money Minutes? Reward yourself by requesting The Art of Consistency by using the contact form on this page. Simply state the 5 authors of the five featured Money Minute quotes and it's yours via immediate download! You'll also be notified when we'll have the live Zoom call and receive your invite. If you register and miss it, we'll email you the link to the recording. If you miss it but don't register, you'll miss it and the recording; unless you are a member of our private Facebook group. 

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Scott's Hot Shot Unusual Spice Mix, for Unusual Goodness!


I'm creating a line of unusual spice combinations using quality spices. I'm making them in my own kitchen for now and giving them as gifts to my friends and relatives to see how well they are liked. 

If you've had one, please state the flavor with your comments below. I really appreciate it. 



Scotts Hot Shot 

2023 Housing Market news for Renters, Realtors and Investors, and Movers...


As a LegalShield authorized representative, I share this article with you. If you would like to discuss affordable legal care I would be glad to speak with you. Please use the contact form on this page or contact me at the LegalShield website. Terry Scott

Real Estate Housing Market 2023 – What You Need to Know

A house that has with a Sold, Home For Sale sign in the yard

The US housing market has been a wild ride for the last few years. If you’ve been keeping up with real estate market news, you know that it is difficult to make an accurate housing market forecast. But homeowners, buyers, sellers, landlords, brokers and more are all asking the same burning questions: “Is the real estate market going to crash? What are today’s real estate market trends?” People are trying to figure out how to get involved and stay ahead in the game.

We’ve gathered some of the crucial tips you need to know as you dive into the current real estate market. Grab your favorite beverage and pull up a chair—we’ve got you covered.

What’s the Forecast for the 2023 Housing Market?

Housing news has been tumultuous for the last few years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, house prices plummeted and borrowing rates hit a record low, meaning that demand shot up and people hunted for homes left and right. Sellers were able to put a house on the market and wait for buyers to fight for the ability to buy that property.

In the last year, we saw prices soar back up, along with interest and mortgage rates. This led to a stall in the demand for homes since many buyers could no longer afford the costs. However, sellers were used to pandemic levels of demand and kept their prices high, waiting for buyers to make offers.

In the first half of 2023, the housing market has gradually begun to level back out. It is no longer skewed toward sellers having all the power. Meanwhile, buyers are searching for homes again due to rising salaries and slightly dropping home prices. This helps maintain balanced competition in the market.

Interest rates are still increasing, but buyers are willing to stay in the market for well-priced homes. However, these rising interest rates discourage lower-income buyers from shopping, as well as new construction from progressing. The market is more affordable for some people (due to salary increases) but less affordable for others (due to heavier interest and mortgage rates).

A man and woman holding a computer tablet and looking at an online listing for a 3 bedroom apartment listed at $3,285/month.

How Does the Housing Market Work?

Let’s start very basic. The housing market is the total number of properties that are for sale at any given time. This market improves or declines based on local and national factors like social climate, geographic location, the state of the economy and more.

Buyers, sellers, landlords, renters, investors, and real estate agents are all interested in the housing market. It’s wise to examine national market trends before you start looking closer at the local or regional trends. This way, you can make more accurate real estate market predictions to get the best outcomes for your business ventures.

What influences the housing market?
As you try to make a forecast for real estate market in your area, consider these important factors:

Supply and demand

Supply and demand is the bread and butter of real estate. If supply is high and demand is low, sellers must lower prices to attract buyers. But when supply falls or demand goes up, sellers have more ability to charge more and be picky with their buyers.


The housing market is heavily affected by demographics such as the age, race, gender, and income levels of the buyers in question. For example, if your college town is full of young people who recently graduated from university, this will impact the local housing market. The buyers are younger with less income and looking for places to live; demand is high, but sellers must consider their buyers’ demographics.


Where are you located? If your city is in a valley with limited space, this means there are fewer houses for sale. Sellers can raise prices because buyers don’t have as many options. But if you live in a sprawling town that keeps building and expanding, prices will drop.

Calculator displaying 250000 laying next to a set of keys and a brown house cutout.Weather and season
Similar to geography, weather and season can impact the market. If your area regularly deals with rough weather and natural disasters, sellers simply can’t charge as much because demand is lower. The season matters as well: House-hunting slows down in winter and speeds up in summer, meaning prices adjust due to the time of year.


How’s the unemployment level in your area? Also consider the tax laws, inflation, and other financial concerns in your state. These will all influence the local and regional housing market.

Will the Housing Market Crash in 2023?

The real estate housing market 2023 is looking much better than it looked 10 years ago. Compared to the market during the pandemic, prices have dramatically increased and interest rates are much higher. But the drastic upward swing is leveling out this year. Real estate market predictions are generally optimistic. Experts agree that you most likely don’t need to fret about a market crash in 2023.

How to Make Money in Real Estate

Pros of investing in real estate
Investing in real estate always comes with a risk. But if you choose to get involved in the game, you can rest a bit easier with these benefits in mind:

Investing in real estate gives you many opportunities for tax deductions.

You have choices in how to invest—house flipping, REIT, rental home, etc.

With a mortgage in place, you can use that to purchase other properties that are worth more. This is only possible when the property has equity.

You get to sit on your investment for years as the price hopefully appreciates. Or you can rent the home and make regular income.

Ways to profit in the US housing marketA woman house flipper instructing a construction worker on a house remodel.

Let’s dive into the various options you have for making money with real estate:

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

Remember that REIT we mentioned earlier? A Real Estate Investment Trust gives you the opportunity to purchase property without having to do most of the work. You sell stock to another company or entity and let them use the property while you collect money from them. Apartment complexes, hospitals, and other big companies often engage in REIT deal with investors. Just make sure you know and trust the company you let onto your property!

Rental properties

As a landlord, you can make a good living from the rent your tenants pay you. You can also qualify for tax deductions because of business expenses. You will have to deal with tenants, make repairs or pay someone to do it for you, and take care of the financial side of the property. But when you prepare ahead of time and stay on top of things, the landlord life is a lucrative choice.

House flipping

Many people choose to purchase houses when the price is low, fix it up, and sell it when prices are higher. You’ll need some knowledge in home renovations and real estate trends, so do your research first.

Even if you do your research and have all the real estate knowledge necessary to buy or sell your first property, you may not know the legal ramifications of your housing decisions until it’s too late. That’s why you should consult your LegalShield provider law firm before you jump in.

As a LegalShield Member, you have access to an affordable monthly legal plan that provides a broad range of legal services. Choose between a personal legal plan, family plan, or small business plan—we have options for your unique situation! And if you are a landlord, you can add the Home-Based Business Supplement to your personal plan to receive business assistance.

Get access to a provider law firm in your state. You can get consultation for an unlimited number of personal legal matters; get a document of 15 pages or less reviewed on an unlimited number of personal legal matters after consultation; and a phone call or letter can be provided on your behalf if the provider law firm determines it would be in your aid. LegalShield Members can receive a schedule of trial and pre-trial hours from the provider law firm as a named defendant in a civil action; you may receive 24/7 emergency phone consult on covered legal matters; and receive a 25% discount to the standard hourly rate for personal legal services not provided by the contract.

Navigating the real estate market is no easy feat. Connect with your LegalShield provider law firm to access personal or business legal help!

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (“PPLSI”) provides access to legal services offered by a network of provider law firms to PPLSI members through membership-based participation. Neither PPLSI nor its officers, employees or sales associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation, or advice. The information available in this blog is meant to provide general information and is not intended to provide legal advice, render an opinion, or provide any specific recommendations. The blog post is not a substitute for competent legal counsel from a licensed professional lawyer in the state or province where your legal issues exist, and the reader is strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel for your specific legal matter. Information contained in the blog may be provided by authors who could be a third-party paid contributor. All information by authors is accepted in good faith, however, PPLSI makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of such information.

Ter Scott with Drive Planning says your money should work harder than you; it does with C.O.R.E. Fund.

I put together a short video describing Drive Planning's C.O.R.E. Fund Opportunity

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Terry Scott, Financial Consultant with Drive Planning offers Free Online Financial GPS Questionaire. Find out where you are financially and determine where you want to be. We can help.


Drive Planning’s

Financial GPS Questionnaire

Congratulations, you have made a great decision. You are taking your future into your hands and you’re on the way to learning more about your personal finances and how to best handle them.

Now, let’s get started. The more information you give us, the more accurate your Financial GPS will be, however, if you’re not sure of something, just give us your best estimate. You don’t need exact numbers.

Hello. I'm Terry Scott, one of Drive Planning's Financial Consultants. 

This is Drive Planning's GPS. It will help you to know where you "are" financially. I find that most of us, myself included, have busy lives and commit to putting money here, there, and everywhere hoping it works for us. Others are more organized than most but we can all be helped by seeing what we really have and don't have when its on paper. It's like a road map (which, when was the last time you saw or used one of those?!)

This GPS is a questionaire that paints very broad strokes and starts the conversation; it's not precise, consise or delves deep into your personal affairs. 

When you click on this link, you'll go to the online GPS questionaire. 

You'll see: Who directed you here? 

Please click on the space and in the drop down, click on my name, Terry Scott. 

Complete the questionaire; again, you do not need to use exact numbers. 

IMPORTANT: When your GPS is completed it goes to our main office. You'll need to leave me a message either by text or voice mail that you've completed and submitted it for me to know it is completed. My contact information is in the image below. 

I'll get back to you to set a time to go over your data, ask questions and if we can work together, we'll move forward, if not we'll part as new friends and you can follow my company and perhaps I can serve you in other ways. 

GPS link

My phone and email: 

Ter Scott's FIRST DIBS group offers members discounts and bonuses on products and services as they are first introduced.


I've created a way for my clients (and "fans") to be in the know when it comes to new things that I start, new projects, new art, new opportunties etc. and to get "First Dibs" on them so they can get discounts, and all kinds of things by being a member. 

There is a minimum yearly fee of only $29 and this will surely be offset when you take advantage of just one or two offers. 

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Have fun, I know you'll love the super value you'll get. Welcome aboard! 

Ter Scott

For a limited time, you'll get 3 months of free membership so you can take advantage of the discounts and first dibs on everything at no extra fee. Your $29 membership will start after a full 90 days. If you don't think you got the value that you thought you would, use the contact form on this page before the 90 days and we'll not charge your card.

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Is it Wise to keep doing what you're doing in the stock market, but expecting a different result?

Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity, so then what is the word for doing the same thing over and over again (automatically) in the stock market and expecting a different result?

Here’s a short clip from one of my financial associates, good friend and mentor, David Bradford of Drive Planning. I encourage you to take less than a minute to watch this and if interested, contact me about doing things differently to be able to live your life starting today, differently.

Click on image to start video... please allow a moment for it to load...

Our process delivers solutions to create true success. In addition, our financial consultants provide solutions that can go beyond traditional Wall Street investments thus creating more contractual wealth arrangements.

Please visit DrivePlanning.com, visit "Our Team" and choose Terry Scott from the dropdown list. Also, if you would like free access to our Financial GPS, a brief questionaire that offers a "broad stroke" look at where you are financially now to know where to go forward (without any obligation) request it in the message box when you visit. Thanks. I'm looking forward to helping you in any way to 

Who is Ter Scott, the ABC Consultant with All Solutions Known LLC?

Good day. 

If you are here, it may be that you received a communication from a link, myself or a client; or perhaps you stumbled upon this page. Either way, what you see here, when acted upon can literally change your life for the better. 

I believe that as an individual, and especially if we own a business that to have an understanding of and acting on these three areas, consistently and continually will result in success. The three areas are: Advocacy, Branding, and Cash Flow Strategies. 

I invite you to bookmark this page because within these three areas, I am always updating my products and services. I know that most of my clients (and anyone reading this) gravitate to the Cash Flow Strategies and that's OK. Frankly, I make most of my income from this. But that is partly because I have the Advocacy and the Branding covered. 

Currently, these are the products and services I offer in the following areas. Click on each to find more specifics and current/updated specials and bonuses. 


I believe that everyone; individual and business owner needs to be a part of something bigger than themselves. I offer coaching and assistance in determining what you should be an advocate for. It could be a non profit, a business that you are an affiliate or rep for as part of your business or your actual business. These are two that I've been certified and trained in as an authorized representative. 

GPS monitoring through ECG, Electronic Caregiver Las Cruses NM 

These home and on the go monitors have been mostly used by seniors at risk of falls, but are commonly used by people of all ages and environments, children with chronic illness, latch key children, college students, people who travel in the community, hikers; and the list goes on and on. Click to get more information. 

LegalShield for individuals and business

Most people believe that legal service is all about big issues and cost big money when using attorneys. This service provides for every day issues such as parking, disputes, renter issues, click for a list of ways you can use the service and see how inexpensive it is to be a member. 

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Life Insurance 

I show people how to use life insurance while they are living. Did you know that the wealthy use life insurance in this way? I also offer dental, eye and burial insurance that offers the biggest bang for your buck. 

National Life Group (Be sure to ask for Terry Scott 6433V in the description box). 

Later, I'll share what I offer in Branding and Cash Flow Strategies. For now, if you would like more information in those areas, please use the contact form and/or do a search on this page. 

(I'm creating content for this page when I can. Please return as I will continually update. In the meantime, feel free to use the contact form on this page and search this blog for pertinent information). 

For now, let me say that I offer 3 Cash Flow choices. 

Not everyone is ready to become a DRIVE PLANNING customer, or client. 
The third option (and hopefully this is also true for my customers and clients) 
is to continue being friends and learn about financial literacy and take advantage 
of my other suggested resources on this site and others. 
Subscribe to this blog to know when important information is added. (Form is on the right side of this page). 

Ter Scott Explains how you Don't Have to Wait until Retirement to Buy the Shoes (or Anything) you Love.

One of our associates is working with a client who owns six Culvers who doesn't really have much in the way of planning. He is an accredited investor. What I like about Drive Planning is that we take the same strategies that we'll use with this client of affluence and bring them to those who don't have $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and more to invest. 

For instance, with our REAL program that requires a minimum of $20K, we just had two clients over the weekend, each put in $600,000. But please also know that if you don't have this kind of money (yet) we are "in a hurry" to help you, and all people. If you are intent on being better and learning these strategies, I will help you. Be intentional. 

"Please if you aren't a member of this bank, go to the Drive Planning line". 

With Drive Planning, you can become a member as a customer or a client, and if you aren't ready to do that, please know that I have other products, services and educational materials that can help you. Just continue to watch my social media. 

Please, I invite all of your questions. Use the contact form on this page. 

Until then, 

Best of continued Success! 

Terry (Ter) Scott

Is Drive Planning's REAL, "real"? 10% ROR in every 90 days with only a minimum of $20,000?


To my CEO and COO of Drive Planning: 

I appreciate your professionalism with everything. I haven’t had any confusion, or questions with my clients but I truly appreciate how you, as leaders, keep on top of everything. A small thing that I find with the REAL product is that because Drive Planning makes this reachable by those who aren’t considered the affluent or experienced investors, they can’t believe it’s “real” (pun not intended; but it works). This issue never comes up with a client who is accredited and experienced in dealing in this sphere of finances. I am so glad that Drive Planning’s model makes it possible to get higher returns in shorter time frames, by bringing the strategies of the affluent to almost everyone. Thanks for all! Terry Scott Drive Planning Financial Consultant.

Got questions? Want to learn more? Want to qualify as a client? Visit DrivePlanning.com and click on my name, Terry Scott from the "Select an Advisor" and leave me a message.