Home Buyer and Hard Money Lender "Seals the Deal" with Savvy Home Seller

This was my reply to someone who I reached out to, to buy their house. The question was "How does this work"? Anytime someone has a question, I figure they are not the "Lone Ranger" so I like to share my responses in this way. It will answer a few of your questions and of course, you may also contact me by phone, set an appointment, or use the contact form on this page.


Hello Lisa!

Thanks for your request for more information about your property located __________ . .

According to our research, you are an absentee owner and have had it for a while so I thought that I would reach out to you.

To answer your question, there are so many directions we could go with your property and no way of knowing until we book a time and have a conversation - why are you selling, how much do you want, how fast do you want to close, would you accept payments over time so you don’t get hit with capital gains and have a monthly income coming in and more, do you have other properties? 

And perhaps I can help you get the money you require without selling.

If we find a solution that works for Robert, you, and me, we move forward.  

With Home - Allover House Buying we work with sellers and investors across the USA, we may flip, hold and invest, sell the note or sell through a realtor after we’ve had it for a while… whatever (that’s on our side). I would imagine that you only want to know about “how this works for you”, but I wanted to give your complete transparency so you can see the overview.

One solution which works for sellers is to refinance their current properties for remodeling or purchasing new properties. If that is something that interests please visit http://www.AfterandBeforeFunding.com.  We are hard money lenders and loan to investors to do rehab or new remodeling, complete construction, etc.

And finally, people like you who own investment property and getting the “short end of the stick” because... you could be taking money out of your properties which you do not need to repay. I say the "short end of the stick" because your accountant and CPAs typically do not share this because it changes so often that they cannot do justice for their clients with it. By the time they jump through the hoops, the tax incentive or other program has expired so it is not worth the time for them to educate themselves. I am a Senior Advisor with Stryde Solutions and our business keeps track of government programs which are updated daily. (Here is an article that was written about me and Stryde Solutions recently gmg.me/news/overcoming-the-labor-shortage/251784.

It’s the best use of our time to set an actual appointment to speak via phone, Zoom, or whatever. To see what times are available and schedule a 15-minute call, please go to https://go.oncehub.com/SalesTeamPage-E3U4Q16957.

Make it a great day! 


Register for Two NFIB Legal Center Webinars : 2022 Covid Tax Prep & Vaccine Mandates

 Before I share this, let me ask you a question, are you "following" this blog so you get these messages in a timely fashion? You won't have to read them all but I think you'll agree that it would be great to be made aware of the title and decide to read what interests and applies to you and your business than it is to miss something you could have used. A mentor of mine who wrote the book, When Would you Like Your Money, asks "If there was something important you needed to know, when would you like to know?" (My paraphrase).

So here goes. NFIB is presenting two very important webinars. If you can't make them live, register anyway so you'll get the replays. Click on the image to register. 

Also, you don't need to be a member of NFIB to get these webinars, but as you know things cost money. There is no advocacy group for small businesses that is fighting harder than NFIB to keep the government off your back and out of your back pocket. If you have questions or want to join NFIB you can certainly do so at the website however when you allow me to do so, the fees are the same but I can offer you a few other benefits. 

Two NFIB Legal Center Webinars This Week: 2022 Covid Tax Prep & Vaccine Mandates
Webinar #1: Wednesday, November 17th

Tax Preparation for 2022 with “JJ the CPA”: PPP, EIDL, and ERC Considerations

For small businesses, navigating the 2022 tax season will prove more challenging than ever with PPP, EIDL, and ERC considerations. To help manage this process, NFIB’s Covid-19 experts Beth Milito and Holly Wade will be joined by Joshua Jenson, aka “JJ the CPA,” who will discuss the tax implications of the Payroll Protection Program, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan, and the Employee Retention Tax Credit.

Webinar #2: Friday, November 19th

The Federal Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates - What You Need to Know About the New OSHA and Federal Contractor Vaccine Rules

On November 4, 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released its controversial Covid-19 Vaccination Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), establishing burdensome new mandatory vaccination requirements for private employers with 100 or more employees.

My name is Terry (Ter) Scott, the ABC Business Consultant. A is for Advocacy and I represent NFIB and encourage you to allow me to enroll your business as a member. Please contact me using the information in the image below. 

B is for Branding and I offer hundreds of items you can use to brand your company message but I go so much further than that with my clients; that's why my company is named, BrandingMore(dot)com. (BTW, mention that you've read this and you'll get Free Shipping on your first order). 

C is for Cash Flow Strategies. The above webinars address some of the issues however as a senior consultant with Stryde Solutions, I offer clients a no fee expense audit to see where their monies are needlessly leaking in their business and also revealing tax strategies and programs that are basically hidden from most (over 90%) of small business owners. It doesn't cost you anything to check it out here

Get a $500 Referral Reward for Rehab and Flip Loans Anywhere USA


It's easy to earn $500. Simply refer someone; your head subcontractor, the person you are rehabbing for, a contractor, basically anyone who does rehabs and flips. Let them know that we offer loans and when they complete a successful loan through us at All Solutions Known (AfterandBeforeFunding.com) We'll send you a check for $500. Then do it again and again! (Please note that to receive your $500 you'll need to complete our I9 form for tax purposes). 

We will also need to have your name, email and phone entered in our system BEFORE someone gets a loan so be sure to use the contact form on this page to tell us your information to get all set. 

You can not refer yourself or your own company; sorry, our deals are already that good!

Those who responded to the above were also interested in ... 

Click Image for More Details

Ter Scott's ABC All Solutions Known firm saves small to medium sized businesses millions each year.

 If you are here, you may have received a "P.S." at the end of a letter addressed to you recently... 

(Be sure to read to the bottom to find links for two very informative and helpful articles, OVERCOMING THE LABOR SHORTAGE, 

PS. Being the rep for NFIB is the “A” part of my “ABC” services with my own company All Solutions Known LLC. A is for advocacy and there is no better advocate for your business than NFIB. B is for branding and you receive 10% off your first order of imprinted items from pens to apparel to full-sized graphics for your semi-trailers. Visit BrandingMore.com to see the variety of what we offer. The C is for cash flow strategies where we offer no upfront fees to redeem monies owed you and your business in tax incentives and available programs which are known by very few and change almost weekly. We recently saved $500,000 for a firm like yours. I and my firm, ASK LLC are all about business. Let me help you get more from yours. Call me or use the QR code to visit my blog for more detail. 

A is for Advocacy... 

B is for Branding ... 

Be sure to ask for FREE SHIPPING on your first order at

C is for Cash Flow Strategies ... 

Small Business has an Allie against OSHA's Vaccine Mandate

 Small Business is under attack. 

Please read this and pass it on to other small business owners you know.

Small Business has an Allie against OSHA's Vaccine Mandate 

NFIB’s Lawsuit Against OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate


  • NFIB has filed a lawsuit against OSHA’s emergency temporary standard (ETS) which would mandate businesses with 100 or more employees require workers get the COVID-19 vaccine or undergo weekly testing and wear masks while at work.
  • This case is about whether or not OSHA has the authority to issue such a mandate.
  • NFIB argues that the Biden Administration’s ETS exceeds the authority Congress gave to OSHA.
  • NFIB is concerned that if the OSHA mandate is allowed, it will set a bad precedent going forward. We do not believe OSHA has this broad of authority under the law.
  • NFIB also opposes the mandate as it restricts the freedom of small business owners to decide how best to operate their businesses and imposes unwarranted burdens on small businesses that further threaten the small business recovery.
  • NFIB’s lawsuit argues three main points:
    1. OSHA needed to use the typical notice-and-comment procedure for the mandate to gather public input, rather than depending on an “emergency” provision of the Occupational Health and Safety Act to immediately implement the mandate.
    2. A nationwide COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandate, monitoring, and database is a policy decision and should be left to Congress.
    3. The mandate will result in unrecoverable compliance costs, lost profits, lost sales, and further exacerbate the labor shortage for small businesses.

From: "Hall, Maggie" <maggie.hall@nfib.org>
Date: November 9, 2021 at 9:27:17 PM EST

Subject: NFIB Files Lawsuit Against OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate on America’s Businesses 

For Immediate Release

NFIB Files Lawsuit Against OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate on America’s Businesses
NFIB files petition for review at the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 9, 2021) – NFIB filed a legal challenge today against the Biden Administration’s emergency temporary standard, which would mandate businesses with 100 or more employees require workers take the COVID-19 vaccine or undergo weekly testing and wear masks while at work. NFIB filed a petition for review at the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit arguing the Court should stay OSHA’s “COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency Temporary Standard.”

“The small business economy is fragile, and owners continue to manage several business challenges regarding staffing and supply chain disruptions,” said Karen Harned, Executive Director of NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center. “This mandate only increases those challenges and threatens to cause an enormous financial loss. Ultimately, the mandate restricts the freedom small business owners depend on to run their businesses and is a clear example of administrative overreach.”

In the challenge, NFIB argues that OSHA needed to use the typical notice-and-comment procedure for the mandate to gather public input, rather than depending on a rarely used, and ill-defined “emergency” provision of the Occupational Health and Safety Act to immediately implement the mandate. NFIB also argues that a nationwide COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandate, monitoring, and database is fundamentally a policy decision that should be left to Congress. Lastly, NFIB argues the mandate will result in unrecoverable compliance costs, lost profits, lost sales, and further exacerbate the labor shortage for small businesses.

NFIB filed the challenge with the following business associations: Mississippi Trucking Association, Texas Trucking Association, Louisiana Motor Transport Association, American Trucking Associations, National Association of Wholesale-Distributors, FMI – The Food Industry Association, International Warehouse & Logistics Association, National Association of Convenience Stores, International Foodservices Distributors Association, and National Retail Federation.

NFIB has opposed the rule and previously sent a letter to Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh regarding small business concerns.

The NFIB Small Business Legal Center protects the rights of small business owners in the nation’s courts. NFIB is currently active in more than 40 cases in federal and state courts across the country and in the U.S. Supreme Court.

To arrange an interview with Harned, please contact Maggie Hall at maggie.hall@nfib.org.


For more than 75 years, NFIB has been advocating on behalf of America’s small and independent business owners, both in Washington, D.C., and in all 50 state capitals. NFIB is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and member-driven. Since our founding in 1943, NFIB has been exclusively dedicated to small and independent businesses, and remains so today. For more information, please visit nfib.com.

If you own a small business or a farm, or you are an independent sales rep, or entrepreneur, or even a retired business owner, we need you and we need you now. Free Enterprise is under attack. NFIB has been the "Voice of Small Business" for over 75 years. I have been involved as the local membership rep for almost 4 years. We need your help, we need your membership.

Bottom line, if we don’t turn this current situation around, our youth and further generations may not be able to experience what Free Enterprise means to the entire community, state, and the USA.


You can call me to process your membership over the phone or return the attached invoice with your check made out to NFIB. The suggested yearly membership rates are also attached which are based on your number of employees. Please take just a moment to act now. Our country and the way of business are at stake.

Please choose an amount that is affordable for your business and call my cell shown in the picture. 

I am being totally transparent here. The very lowest amount for a membership with all of its materials, services, and benefits is $195 but for those business owners who want to have “a bigger dog in the fight” please choose a more appropriate rate. NFIB is like an employee that will work hard for you that you won’t have to worry about showing up for work. At a $10 hourly rate, an employee working 40 hours a week, for one year would be approximately $20,000. We can only accept up to $15,000 (so no one member can have influence over votes). Most business owners choose something in between $200 and $15,000. At this time of year, many business owners are seeking tax deductions and an NFIB membership qualifies.

Thanks for reading this letter and I look forward to processing your membership.

CLICK HERE for a pdf of the rate card and invoice to complete and mail. Or you may call my cell number shown in the image above and I will process your membership over the phone and email you an invoice while still on the phone. 

Terry Scott

NFIB Rep 3A687

Seems everyone is hiring but here you'll share in the overall revenue and work just 10 hours a week.

 Remote Profit Assistant Wanted in Several States

Our client base is growing and we are hiring “Remote Profit Assistants” (RPAs) in several states to keep in contact with clients via email, phone, and mail. You'll be in a "customer service" position but get paid as if you were a "professional sales rep". If you have Internet access (for email), can type, have and use Excel, have a cell phone and at least 10 hours per week for dedicated time (can be flexible; any time of the day or even the weekend), and are able to put in the effort first to reap ongoing revenue second, read on. If not, this is not for you and you can move to the next ad. 

All Solutions Known LLC is looking for a Remote Profit Assistant. Bottom line, we are looking for a person who will work from home to add profit to our company and profit in their own pockets by contacting our list of clients by email and phone. You’ll be paid a percentage of the overall revenue earned; on a “commission” basis, which varies depending on the project. 

We offer products and services in Advocacy, Branding, and Cash Flow strategies. As a remote profit assistant, you could be working on projects in any or all of these, depending on what focus we have at the time. Mostly, you’ll be using our email list to send emails. When a purchase is made, you’ll get paid 5% of the total sale. One sale could mean $50 or $5000, depending on the project. 

The current project is contacting business owners about our cash flow strategies to get the funds they are entitled to but don’t know about and we do this with no upfront fees. We only get paid when we find the money for them, and we do for over 90%. In this project, you’ll log into our shared email, copy and paste our content and send. You’ll then record the information into an excel file and move on to the next. When the business owner replies, we know that this was your “case” and you’ll be paid from our overall revenue. 

You need to have Internet access, and Excel on your computer, and a phone. Your schedule is your own and you pay for all of your “in-home office” expenses. You get paid when we get paid and that can be substantial. Also, know that some clients will not purchase right away so you’ll get paid on any business up to six months from your initial contact, as long as you are active with us. After your first sale, we will have you complete the necessary tax forms before payment is paid. 

Reply by using the contact form on this page today to set up a Zoom interview. We are looking for RPAs in several states for different ongoing projects. You can start slowly, get your feet wet, and progress to doing more to get more. 

WORK JUST 10 HOURS WEEKLY AND SHARE IN OUR REVENUE use the contact form on this page to request an interview. 

ABC Business Consultant reveals answer to Overcoming the Labor Shortage

 Small to medium-sized businesses are having tough times getting by with less money, increased expenses, and fewer employees… hours open are cut but your rent/mortgage remains the same. You still have labor, etc., and implementing automation can only go so far. 

This becomes less bleak and actually very positive when you are getting all of the money from all of the programs that you are entitled to

Your business has been hit time after time after time over the past months. Now let’s show you how to get the needed funds that can literally not only save your business but put it over the top. 

We get you the monies that are yours but you cannot access them. 

We find all which is owed to your business and won’t charge you upfront fees. 

It's only when we help you to access these funds and programs, that we get paid. If we don’t find your business money, it’s our loss of time, energy, and money.

What do these three images have in common and have to do with your business? 




Your business has a past; maybe 2021 was a rough year, but you still have money coming from years 2019 and 2020. We access those monies for you now, before they expire. We can go all the way back to 2001! We find and bring those benefits forward to today so you can use them today.

We also find employee benefits and programs from 2001 and we can get you a percentage of what is usually approximated at 6 or 7%; you may even get a check with back interest from the IRS.

What could your business do with MORE CASH FLOW??? 

What if you knew that this is already your money,  but that you are unable to access without our help (which we’ll do with no upfront fees) and you could get it in one day??? 

We will find and get you this money … ON OUR DIME. We believe so much in our CASH FLOW FINDER that we do everything upfront at no cost to you.

So you have nothing to lose. Just put us to work, for free! 

Our screening system goes through ALL OF THE PROGRAMS and we don’t miss any. That’s why we find the money for over 90% of every client we work with.

Our secure website takes you through the process. You can call me using the number on the site or get started there right now. https://emergencybusinessrelief.com/251784

Free up Cash Flow and Offset Taxes, plus get the max from other programs you may think that you don’t qualify for like the R&D Tax Credit (this is a physical check from the IRS). https://emergencybusinessrelief.com/251784.

How do we find the money for over 90% of our clients? 

Our system looks at where you have today (employees, assets, etc.) where you’ve been in the past (from 2001 forward) and where you are headed in 2022, to get that benefit today.

No depreciation schedule and no tax forms or payments are necessary to start. 

Just do a quick visit to our secured website calculator, enter your brief details and we’ll do everything from there. You’ll be hiring a "new employee" for free (but brings you a ton of cash flow). Simply visit our website, enter a few things, activate, and start asking questions. 

That site again is https://emergencybusinessrelief.com/251784.

Read this informative article: 

Overcoming The Labor Shortage

Creative ways to avoid having your department "punished" with a lower budget next year...

 I ran across a great article that suggests 4 ways for companies to "wisely" use monies left in budgets at the year-end. I believe in all four! 

I will share two of the four which I'm most emphatic about and the one which I am also biased toward; because they all are services which my company, All Solutions Known offers. 

Whether it’s accounting, human resources, research and development, sales and marketing, IT, or engineering, those departments who spend less toward expenses than they are given by the company often find themselves “punished” with lower budgets in the following year. In contrast, those groups who somehow manage to earmark an operational need for every dollar afforded to them are routinely rewarded for their efforts. It’s one of the great ironies of the corporate economy.

1. Assign resources to marketing efforts

Hello! Can I get an "Amen"? 

This is really "genius" because you are actually getting double value with my tip: Order IMPRINTED pens for your office supplies! There are other office supplies and IMPRINTED desk supplies which you can use to inspire, promote and motivate! Just think of any type of office supply and have it do "double duty" for you as an office item and a promo item! 

3. Take a moment to recognize employees

Use IMPRINTED items to recognize employees... Again, there are literally thousands of items that will surely fit any recognition and any employee. What many do not know is that you no longer need to purchase in quantity; many IMPRINTED items can be ordered in just one or two pieces. Consider awards and similar types of things. 

4. Invest in professional development

Thirdly, I am a speaker and trainer (using Jack Canfield's tools, and my own). 

I hope that you can see how you can easily use imprinted promotional items to take care of those last monies you still have so you won't be 

... “punished” with lower budgets in the following year ...

Are your employees stressed because they are also a caregiver at home? how much production time is lost due to employees being stressed about caregiving? One report calculated the cost of lost productivity due to employee caregiving at $33.6 billion per year. 

Contact us and we'll show you our employee paid or company full or partly sponsored caregiver program. Click on the image below.