Ter Scott is Giving Away 20 Coaching Sessions

I am giving away 
20 coaching sessions 
on a first come first serve basis to my Internet Contacts. 

It doesn't matter if you are one of my readers from the UK or USA (or in my local Twin Ports vicinity) because we'll chat via Skype and your session will be 30 minutes in length. Ask my anything regarding either Life & Legacy or Business (you'll choose prior to the session). All you have to do is complete the request form and I'll reply with instructions and available times.

You'll get valuable information prior to our chat, good counselling during the chat and great follow up materials via email after our chat. This is easily worth $97 to $497 compared to my usual fees.

There is one stipulation... (for all of those people saying, "OK, what's the catch). 

The only one catch is that you need to explain why I should take 30 minutes of my coaching time away from my paying clients and give it to you. State your reason "why" in the comments box of the form. 

So complete the form here, stating that you are inquiring about the FREE 30 MINUTE COACHING SESSION DEC/JAN 17/18 in the comments box (and don't forget your reason why). If all 20 sessions are filled, I'll reply telling you so, but I will probably still have something of value for you (because, that's how I roll).

I look forward to assisting you in your 2018 goals; if you are one of the lucky 20!


Here's something for everyone: 

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Coaching Sessions Available from Ter Scott, Life and Legacy Coach and Business Consultant.

Is the person speaking with you 
an adviser or a mentor? 

Or, a coach? 

Or, are you only talking to yourself?

Hello. If you recognize the need to learn more about yourself and what it takes to move forward in your personal life and/or your business I may be able to help. My name is Ter Scott and my experience involves learning from many of the greats in life and business skills either directly by attending their trainings, or absorbing and mastering their materials over the past 40 years. Unlike many mentors and coaches, your advantage in working with me is that “teaching” is one of my natural talents and I make things easier to understand (but you’ll still need to do the work!).
We can discuss the big names later along with my credentials when we speak to determine whether we’re a fit for a counselling relationship, and I’ll certainly answer any other questions you may have at that time. I’ve made it so affordable for anyone to “sample” my coaching with both online and offline (face to face) sessions in what I call “Package 1” and you can use the Package 1 session, up to three times.

Before choosing a session type, you’ll need to apply to work with me. It’s not a long process but helps to determine your wants and needs and whether we’ll be a good fit. When you application is approved, you’ll be contacted by email and you can select from the choices below and set your appointment on my online calendar.

ONLINE: Meeting via Skype

Your first session fee is $37 for 30 minutes. You’ll receive my M8 Report and questionnaire prior to our session. Then we’ll meet and discuss your situation. I’ll offer some advice during the session but mostly when you’ll receive my diagnosis and “prescription” at the reveal, one week later. We’ll set up the reveal meeting then, I’ll do my “homework” (you will too if I happen to give you any). If you want this Reveal Meeting then you’ll pay an additional $13 (a total of $50, or only $47 if both are prepaid) and we’ll meet at this assigned date. We’ll then discuss your next moves at this meeting. If you would like the Reveal by email, your total session for all these steps is only $37.

What next?

You’ll be able to work on your own with what we’ve come up with or schedule up to two more Package 1 sessions in the near future. You may attend up to 3 sessions, and then you’ll move up to Package 2 pricing if you would like to continue.

Most clients prefer to work with me online. For those who want a more personal setting, I offer the offline sessions; on a very limited basis. 

OFFLINE: Meeting at a Restaurant

The process is the same for both except we’ll meet at a location in Duluth MN, or Superior WI. My clients come from all over the United States to meet with me; some from different parts of the world. I’m sure we’ll find a venue in my area which you’ll absolutely love!

The fees for meeting with me in person are as follows. Your first session fee is $57 for 30 minutes. The Reveal Meeting would be $23 (a total of $80 or $77 when both are paid at the same time). Also when we meet for sessions, you’ll pay for yours and my beverages and/or meals if we dine; plus leave a minimum of a 20% tip.

  • Fees must be prepaid prior to sessions.

  • When you are interested, please inquiry and allow me at least 3 days to reply. 

  • Sessions require at least 2 week notice but may be scheduled sooner if appointments permit.

I look forward to working with you.

Terry (Ter) Scott

  • If you miss one session I will reschedule at my own discretion. 
  • If you require a second cancellation, we may never work together again.  

There are no refunds.

Prices are subject to change and I reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone 
whom I feel that would not be a fit with what I do and how I do it. 

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I'm glad that there are real experts out there teaching Internet Marketing. Tom Antion was doing Internet Marketing before Internet Marketing was "cool".

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A/E/C Companies Must Find New Profit Centers to Survive in 2018; Here's why.

Original article published online at GMGSavings.com and on LinkedIn

For A/E/C Companies, 

Finding New Profit Centers is a Must

 “Profit Center”, it’s the new buzzword being tossed around like a football across corporate America. It sure sounds good, doesn’t it?  Of course it does, who doesn’t like profits? Unfortunately saying the words “Profit Center” and actually having one are two different ball games.
To put it simply, a Profit Center is defined as, “The branch or division of a company that creates profits individually and separately from the main organization.”
There are essentially two methods of creating a profit center for your organization. First, you can offer a new service that creates a profitable revenue stream.  Second, a cost center can turn into a profit center by selling those administrative “cost of doing business” services to other firms. As Management Professor William E. Halal so eloquently stated to USA Today Magazine, “When a business firm becomes a corporate community of entrepreneurs who buy, sell and launch new products and services internally as well as externally, it gains the same creative interplay that makes market economies so advantageous.”

For the purpose of this article we will focus on creating a new profit center rather than converting a cost center into a profit center.  The easiest way to create a new profit center is to add service offerings that align with an existing client base.
For example, CPAs, A/E/C firms, and even most Contractors have an existing base of business clients and referral partners who own commercial property. Are they maximizing on the plethora of accumulated property data, let alone the hard-earned relationships they’ve developed? These are not cold leads or warm contacts but EXISTING CLIENTS who have already paid money for their services.  Failing to monetize an existing client base with value-added services is just bad business.
So, how do I create a new service offering and market it to my existing client base?  The easiest way to accomplish this is to partner with an organization that already has a profitable service on the market that would be a benefit to your clients.  Once a partnership is established, the next step is to effectively spread the word to your existing client base. Communicate how your new opportunities will benefit them and move them through the sales cycle. If you have done it right, your existing clients will thank you for your high level of client service. This truly becomes a “win-win-win” proposition!

Terry (Ter) Scott with Growth Management Group, LLC (GMG) provides custom services to business owners across the nation to increase sales, reduce cost, and procure specialized tax incentives. GMG also offers strategic partnership to firms looking to utilize their existing client relationships to generate new revenue streams.

For additional information contact: Ter Scott at Growth Management Group, LLC (218) 940.1334, www.terscott.com/bizmoney

How can I find money and business credit?

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I'm not a guru and I'm not selling useless ebooks or videos. I'm just someone who owned several businesses and stumbled across something called business credit.  That was nineteen years ago, and the rest is history, as they say.  Take a few minutes to read this; you'll learn how YOU can use business credit to transform your financial situation, regardless of your personal credit, years in business, background, education or income level.  I'm proof.

My name is Marco Carbajo and it's true.  100% of the capital I needed to build two multimillion dollar companies came from business credit built by establishing strong profiles with three well-known business credit bureaus and strong bank ratings with multiple banks.  I can honestly say "100%", because I was self employed, I had no savings, less than perfect credit, and no wealthy relatives!  And for the record: I had two years of college and never been able to stay at a 9 to 5 job.  If I could pull this off, anyone can.  I'm about to show you how.


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Marco Carbajo
Marco Carbajo
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Business Credit Insiders Circle 

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Studies show Hotel Owners are Missing out on Programs to Recapture Monies after Re-Branding

Hotel Re-branding & Cost Segregation

The Hotel Industry is unique in that like a commercial product a hotel follows a definite life cycle. If a hotel owner does not keep this in mind, their facility can quickly become worn out and dated in comparison to their competition. To stay competitive, Owners must acknowledge that there will be constant new brand competition. A newer, swankier hotel that offers the latest amenities to its guests will quickly put an outdated hotel out of business. This fact leaves few options for staying competitive with a hotel owner. The most prominent option would be to rebrand.

What does “rebranding” entail?

Rebranding can be a broad term ranging from a simple revamping of a logo but more often is a much larger undertaking with the ultimate goal of retaining guest loyalty and awareness. Rebranding is especially important today because of major social, environmental and technological changes that have taken place over the past five years. For example, five years ago wifi throughout a hotel was rare, flat screen televisions were a novelty, the expectation of a hot breakfast almost unheard of, and eco-friendly was a word most people were unfamiliar with. All of those ideals have changed, and are now an expectation for most travelers. This new expectation has forced hotel brands to insist their franchises undertake multi-million dollar rebranding to live up to their flag.

What does this mean for Hotel Owners?

There is a little-known opportunity for Hotel Owners that would directly affect the rebranding of their organization. The opportunity is Specialized Tax Incentives, specifically:
Specialized tax credits are an essential fiduciary component when building, purchasing or renovating a hotel or motel.  These credits affect rebranding and the constant renovation of non-structural components of their building such as:
  • Carpeting / Flooring
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Cabinetry
  • Dedicated Electrical & Plumbing Systems
  • Power Generators
  • Security Systems
  • Wifi / Internet Cabling
  • Parking Lots
  • Curbs
  • Sidewalks
  • Landscaping
  • Fountains
  • And many more…
A Cost Segregation Study is an engineering-based tax analysis in which these types of components are broken out and allocated to a shorter life class, depreciating them at an accelerated rate.  This means a building purchased, constructed or renovated since January 1, 1987, and costing in excess of $500,000 should have all improvements and renovations qualifying based on their individual completion dates.  So, every hotel having performed renovations through rebranding within that time frame have a potential benefit sitting on the take just waiting to be captured!
To determine if your facility could capture a benefit, simply contact Growth Management Group and ask for a basic calculation, performed at no charge.
Originally published online at GMGSavings.com 
We offer cost seg capture benefits for many industries. Please contact us for more information on your industry (even if not shown). 

What new Senate Tax Bill Means to Auto Dealership Owners

Here is the basic bottom line for you as the auto dealership owner, especially for Cost Seg: 

In 2018 you can still take your income minus itemized deductions and other programs and get 38%, in this case $380K. 

In 2019 you won't be able to take itemized deductions, no mortgage deductions over $500K and no Student Loan Deductions and after your bottom line is figured, you'll get 20%, in this case only $200K. 

It's pretty easy to figure out, we need to talk long before 2019 so we can capture 38% instead of 20%! 

Actually, the above chart is for everybody but I wanted to get this out to my auto dealership clients and prospects because you'll see that by the chart below, they make up the largest part of our clientele. 

Regardless of what industry you are in, you will be impacted by this latest tax bill. Don't wait. Get the facts now. Contact me and my team by clicking on any image below. I look forward to serving you soon! 

Terry (Ter) Scott
GMG Senior Advisor

And, we don't only work with auto dealerships, but many industries:


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