How you can increase your cash flow by uncovering "hidden monies" owed your business...

 Ask LLC is the All Solutions Known company. My name is Terry (Ter) Scott. I and my team assist you in your business with the three essentials: Advocacy, Branding, and Cash Flow. Today I am sharing how you can increase your cash flow by uncovering "hidden monies" owed your business and how Ask LLC will do all the heavy lifting without any upfront fees! 

Business big or business small -

You’re losing money but we'll find it all...

And do it for free!

"My accountant does all of this for me". 

"I’m too small to have money coming to me". 

Do you think your business doesn't have money that is owed to you? 

Let us do a free audit(on our dime) to be sure. 

Recently we found over $250,000 in tax credits for a doctor with a small practice in Wisconsin. That’s not unusual. 

We find monies for over 90% of our clients; so when you act, today could be a very happy day for you!

Dear Business Owner,

You know how when you walk into some restaurants before you get your order you are presented with a bowl of chips, bread rolls, or a complimentary salad? It becomes the “trademark” of that place as they become known by doing that little gesture.

Why the Complimentary Bread Basket? The practice of restaurants serving complimentary bread baskets has been known for a long time. There are numerous reasons and theories behind this gesture: This is a sign of hospitality, as to welcome guests that dine at the restaurants. (According to

As a business consultant with my own firm, Ask LLC I also start with a complimentary gesture with every consulting job I do. Sometimes this “complimentary gesture” becomes the only service the client requires and after my team finds them a boatload of money that may be all we do or they inquire and use my other services.

My company is offering you, a complimentary “cash flow audit”. My strong suggestion is that before you try to get a bank loan or could just use additional cash flow for your business, let us go to work for you free. Sadly, many of the small businesses who suffered from some eventually closing their doors during the pandemic would not have had to if they had our free “cash flow audit”. I’m not talking about the PPP funds or related; that is something most accountants were able to handle. My team goes “deep” in finding monies owed to you. This doesn’t mean our service is invasive, time-consuming, or a big hassle.   

Our team will conduct Credit Card, Waste & Recycling, Work Comp Insurance, Parcel Shipping and Misc. Expense Audits; plus we’ll do a thorough qualification checkup on Cost Segregation, Property Taxes, R&D Credits for your company and much more! We won’t let any cash flow opportunity go uncovered! If some or none of this makes any sense to you, that’s OK. We understand it as we’ve saved and found millions of dollars since starting back in 2004.


And regardless of how much work we need to do on our end to complete this for your small business or a large corporation, we do it all without any upfront fees. You’ll know what monies are coming to you before you “hire” us. If we don’t find you money, you don’t pay us and when we do, we take a small fee from what we find. You know this all upfront.

If you think your company is “doing OK”, you can know for sure in a few steps and it won’t cost you a penny to know!

Get your complimentary audit today. You can have the cash flow to invest back into your business in just a few days and it's money you don’t have to pay back! It’s yours, and we help you find it and claim it. Remember, we’ve done this every day since 2004.  

To get started, scan the QR code, visit our secured site and fill in a few figures (everything is safe; all confidential, secured, and won’t affect your credit. We never share your information). Or, you can contact me using my contact info shown at the bottom. It only takes minutes and you could realize thousands of dollars; no kidding.


Terry Lee Scott

Senior Advisor with Stryde

PS. Don’t put this off. Visit our site and see how your company is already owed thousands that are waiting for you to claim. See you on the other side.

Credit Card, Waste & Recycling, Work Comp Insurance, Parcel Shipping, and Misc. Expense Audits; plus a thorough qualification checkup on Cost Segregation, Property Taxes, R&D Credits, and much more!

We won’t let any cash flow opportunity go uncovered!


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My years in business and marketing offer a very wide platform to speak from and that's why I offer a friendly, no-pressure phone "intro" for both you and me to see if we're a fit. Even if you think we won't move ahead, I suggest that you set us a session when one is available because I know for certain you will leave with something which will help you. 

The procedure to get started is first to have a short 15 or 30-minute session which I offer at no fee when and if my schedule allows. 

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I will email you in a few days with any added thoughts I may have which we're shared during our session. I will also share pricing details and it's up to you to reply to continue. There is no pressure. If I have to drag someone to be a client, I'll have to drag him or her to their goals. I won't do that. 

Pricing of fees will be emailed after our initial session without obligation or pressure. 

Feel free to use the contact form to ask me questions prior to any coaching or consultation. 

Terry (Ter) Scott