Do you have a large bank account but not truly financially successful? Here's why...



For years we had seen clients who were financially successful yet weren’t truly successful people. Having a large bank account isn’t what we deem true financial success. After studying this situation, we created Drive Planning to address and help our members move towards real success.

After research and surveying Drive Planning determined that truly successful people typically were Relationally Rich, Physically Fit and Financially Free. This program is designed to help people create an intentional approach towards true success. We will hold you accountable to goals in each of these three areas.


We will help each person to identify their personal communication strengths and tendencies through on-line cognative testing. In addition, we will use additional tools to help partners (business partners, dating couples, married couples) assess how they should be communicating with each other.


It is proven that individuals who are physically fit have a higher success rate in business, relationships and life. We will work with you to provide fitness goals for individuals or as a couple. Daily exercise is often contributed to increased patience throughout the day as well as higher achievement and promotions in the workplace. These advantages along with better health make it a pillar in a successful life.


Being financially free is a goal that we want all of our Members to achieve! Drive Planning applies our team approach to helping our Members create financial freedom.

We begin with finding money that is being lost either unknowingly or unnecessarily in 5 key areas:

  • Taxes
  • Retirement Plan Funding
  • How Someone Pays for Their Home
  • How Someone Pays/Plans for Their Own or Their Children’s College Education
  • How Someone makes Major Purchases (Cars, Vacations, Investments, Business)

Once these funds are identified we seek to re-direct these funds back into their life to help them achieve their hopes and dreams.

If this seems like a planning process that would create the life you desire please contact me at or leave your message here using the contact form on this page. 

Terry Scott with Drive Planning Helps Business Owners Before they start Business, During and After.



Putting all of the pieces of a business together can be really challenging and quite honestly a lonely place. Our team provides you with over 300+ years of combined experience in serving business owners, their businesses and families. Our team of professionals include Certified Financial Planners, Business Strategist, Tax Strategist, Certified Public Accountants, Marketing Professionals, Real Estate Professionals and more. This team will help to provide the clarity, peace of mind and business that you have always desired.

Whether you are an established business or just getting started it is important to master the four key elements of any business. The Big Four is made up of Marketing, Human Capital, Real Estate and Financials.


All revenue begins with marketing. There are no sales or cash flow until someone know that you exist. Therefore we want to begin with our focus on marketing and the relevant numbers associated with marketing. Yes, we said, numbers. Marketing is much more of a “nerd” sport than most give credit. Knowing the key numbers is essential to any good marketing strategy.

  • Your Marketing Budget
  • Client Acquisition Cost
  • Average Revenue Per Client
  • Cost Per Marketing Segment/Acquisition Per Segment


In Jim Collins Best Selling Book, Good To Great, he discusses the importance of putting good people on the bus but also making sure they are in the right seat! Therefore our Big Four Process addresses hiring as well as retaining those good people. Some strategies for maintaining good or key employees:

  • Properly Structured Compensation/Incentives
  • Proper Contracts to include Geographical Boundaries and more
  • Employee Retention Tools
  • Executive Bonus Programs
  • Benefits


Real Estate can be a tremendous wealth building tool. Utilizing your business to purchase real estate can also serve as a great tax management tool and retirement vehicle. The Big Four Process helps a business owner understand how and when this could be advantageous for their business. Things to consider:

  • Are you Bank Ready? Presenting Your Financials
  • Loan Structure and Funding
  • Private Reserve Strategy for Real Estate
  • Leasing Property Back to Your Business
  • Accelerated Depreciation


Most Business Owners didn’t start their business to keep books and look at spreadsheets. They began their business because of a passion or desire for serving others through their business. While this often true a business owner needs to have the proper financial team and financial systems in place to stay out of trouble with the IRS and maintain a growing business. Properly structured financials creates metrics allowing a business owner to know when to accelerate or slow down in key areas. Some areas to consider in Business


  • The Need for Redundant Systems
  • Fraud Protection
  • Sound Tax and Accounting Principles
  • Utilizing ALL Current Tax Strategies
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • No Commingling of Business & Personal Funds
  • Updates to Buy/Sell Agreements and Disability Buyouts
  • Annual Business Valuations Completed

Putting together all of the pieces can be overwhelming but when working with a skilled team in place you can spend more time enjoying your life. If you would like to learn more about The Big Four Package we would like to invite you to visit DrivePlanning and leave a message (choose Terry Scott from the drop down of "Select an Advisor") or leave a message using the contact form on this page. 

I'm very transparent about everything and you can ask me anything. If I don't have the answer, I have a whole team behind me where I can find your answer. 

Invest in Tax Liens with just the stroke of your pen. Terry Scott and the Team at Drive Planning do all the work, you get the passive income.

At Drive Planning we are a comprehensive financial group. We understand that investments and financial planning can feel overwhelming, that’s why we want to guide you in your journey to a successful financial future.

Our personalized approach to financial planning tailors our strategies to your unique needs. We will walk alongside you and together we will craft a plan that suits your goals and gets you excited about your future.

Click to Request your free C.O.R.E. Fund Brochure. You'll be taken to our contact page. Click on BOOK A CALL, choose Terry Scott from Select an Advisor list and ask anything. 

Please watch this 90 second video and visit to leave me a message, or use the contact form on this page. 

CORE FUND from Mass Appeal Agency on Vimeo.

Investopedia defines passive income as: 

Passive income includes earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership, or other enterprise in which a person is not actively involved. While these money-generating ventures may have initially required some effort, they now generally pay out automatically without the recipient breaking out a sweat.

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The Advantage of Being on the Terry Scott Tranzact team

First of all, I make it easy, the link’s right here: It really is a no-brainer as to whether to join. When someone emailed me an invite and I watched a short video, I pulled out my card and joined as a DBO immediately. I realize that not everyone will do that, but I saw the potential right away. And my thought was that the risk side was nil; $25 for the card? $495 for the business? Like I said, “A no-brainer”. And I’m glad that I did. In just days my business took off. Again, I can’t say how fast things will be for you or anyone because like anything, there are factors like how many people you know, how much time you devote to this; but everybody buys and everyone knows the VISA is legit so when you pay a dollar and get a dollar in Zbucks, it’s easy to understand, and get excited about.

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Terry (Ter) Scott

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Ter Scott assists individuals and business owners with Advocacy, Branding, Cash Flow Strategies and more...


Thanks for stopping by. This is my intro page describing most of the products and services available through All Solutions Known LLC. Click on the description to get more information or use the contact form on this page to submit your questions and comments. 

I truly look forward to assisting you in your success. 

Make it a great day! 

Ter Scott

Terry (Ter) Scott at All Solutions Known LLC provides ...


Fall Safety GPS monitoring systems (earn a $50 referral fee; inquire)

Affordable Prepaid Legal Services


BrandingMore and Prepaid Promo offer the best pricing, selection and service of anything for your imprint.


BRINGING PROVEN TAX STRATEGIES AND PRIVATE INVESTMENTS FROM THE WEALTHY TO YOUR LIFE Transform your financial future with Drive Planning so you can Keep More, Make More and Live More. Drive Planning.

All types of funding for all types of needs at ABC Fundwise

Start investing with just $5 and get $5 returned. Acorns

Double your buying power as a consumer, using Tranzact VISA card, Double your Lifestyle as a franchise business owner (Only $495 at the time of this notice).


Life & Legacy

Business Consulting


Tranzact Card and Business Overview for Individuals and Business Owners UPDATED

Yes, we have a live V.I.P. tonight! 

I just got the message: 

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Attend tonight's V.I.P. info session and then CLICK HERE to move forward. If you have any questions before joining, I'm here to help. I'm very serious about helping people DOUBLE THEIR BUYING POWER and helping those who join me in helping people to DOUBLE THEIR BUYING POWER. 

How to turn $20K into $135K in just 5 years... without all the headaches.

 How to turn $20K into $135K in just 5 years... 

So, you made what some may think is a "killing", in real estate without dealing with tenants or toilets in just 5 years. What could you do with the money? College, start a business, retire, whatever, but there is a problem... 

Actually, several problems. See if you guessed one or several of these: 



The big one is the taxation on all the capital gains. What do we tell you on our website, 

We bring proven tax strategies and private investments from the wealthy to you. 

Tax increases do not affect the wealthy like it does the unwealthy. It's really not possible to tax the rich or have them "pay their fair share" like the politicians keep telling us. But that's for another visit. For now, know that starting with $20,000 and turning that into $135,000 in just five years you will have a sizable tax obligation. This is where we bring proven tax strategies to the rescue along with other strategies to help you KEEP MORE, MAKE MORE and LIVE MORE. 

Here are two you may not have guessed... 



We can help you with them too. 

Does our following 3 step process makes sense to you?

We start by gathering your data so that we can better understand your financial life.  

We input your data into a financial model and uncover red flags and opportunities. 

Armed with knowledge of your financial life, we start working together to ensure 
that you make the right finaancial moves to guarantee a better future. 

If this simple outline makes sense to you, we may be able to work together. 

At Drive Planning we are a comprehensive financial group. We understand that investments and financial planning can feel overwhelming, that’s why we want to guide you in your journey to a successful financial future.

Our personalized approach to financial planning tailors our strategies to your unique needs. We will walk alongside you and together we will craft a plan that suits your goals and gets you excited about your future.

To start the conversation, visit and request to book a call, choose Terry Scott from the advisor list and send me a message. You don't have to be an accredited investor with a million dollars to work with us. Remember that we bring the same strategies we offer our large investors to you. I keep things simple. We're always working with the number 1 and just add more zeros to it.

Visit to see all that I and my team offer. Then leave a message for me and I'll get back to you quickly. 

Join my Facebook page: 

5 Real Assets Most Seniors Do Not Know They Have.


... seniors need to identify all of the assets they own and determine if such assets are helping them achieve their financial objectives.

What Are Your Assets?     

Many seniors think of their personal assets as either their liquid cash on hand or specific material possessions — such as a house or car — that they could sell if they were in a pinch and need to generate some money. But it’s important to understand that not all assets can be physically seen; some are less obvious to the eye.

The Social Security Bulletin report identified five major asset categories that are most commonly owned by seniors, a list that is just as relevant today:

  • Total Assets (the aggregated sum of everything owned)
  • Home Equity (the home’s value, less any outstanding mortgages)
  • Liquid Assets (savings and checking accounts, stocks, bonds and mutual funds)
  • Illiquid Assets (businesses owned, real estate and collectibles)
  • Insurance Assets (life insurance and annuities)

Now that you know this, let me ask you, do you have a will? Without you telling me, I know that only 46% of US population have a will. 

There are all kinds of reasons why you and those you may know do not have a will. I won't hammer those reasons here. But I will tell you that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. And that is why I have a free gift for you. I'm inviting you to a free webinar tonight. 

LegalShield is excited to announce another opportunity to empower families to get their Wills done! I'm inviting you to this powerful Estate Planning & Wills webinar conducted by two experienced LegalShield provider lawyers, and hosted by Brian Carruthers, Melissa Peters & Darnell Self.

You'll learn about the importance and complexities of getting a Will prepared, and Melissa Peters will then explain our LegalShield membership and how one of the valuable benefits is getting a Will done as a LegalShield member included in the plan!  

BUT KNOW THIS. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN. It would be great if you did and it is so inexpensive and has such a huge value to those who do. But I WANT YOU TO HAVE THIS INFORMATION! With information, you have power. 

When you have this power, you'll know what to do to answer these questions... 

  • Are you prepared should you die? It would be a great idea to attend this Estate Planning & Wills webinar.
  • What would happen to your family if you died tomorrow?
  • Would you trust the state to dictate the distribution of your estate without a Will? 
  • Do you want to “waive your right” to put a plan together to take care of your family?
  • Preparing your Will is one of the best ways to ensure that your family is protected.  In this informative webinar you’ll learn:
  • What does a Will Do?

You'll also know... 

What Assets are Controlled by a Will?

What Happens Without a Will?

5 “No-Will” Situations to Avoid

Problems with DIY Estate Planning

So don't miss this Free Estate Planning & Will webinar (45 minutes)

w/ TWO provider lawyers WEDNESDAY, June 14 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern (7:30 p.m. CT, 6:30 p.m. MT, 5:30 p.m. PT). Use the contact form on this page, RSVP for webinar link - do this for your family


Terry Scott 

Affordable GPS and At Home Monitoring Safety Devices 

Affordable Prepaid Legal Plans 

Drive Planning (Terry Scott Financial Consultant) 
Offers Investment Vehicles for the Young and Younger 

Getting a 10% ROR every 3 months in real estate without getting your fingernails is easy with Terry Scott at Drive Planning.


This is real. This is only one investment that I offer through Drive Planning. We offer other services too. Protect yourself. Protect your money. 

Visit and see everything. Then return here and use the contact form or choose my name, Terry Scott from the list of advisors and leave me a message there. 

My financial consulting part of my business can seem complicated but I make it so simple that even I can understand it. That really isn't a joke. In high school math and me did not get along. Now I'm working with figures and client's money with has to do with math, but it has more to do with integrity. 

I'm also all about saving and making time. So, if I can take a letter like this and use it to help my clients to see what they can do with only $20K by publishing it here and presenting to many instead of one with one, everyone wins. 

So what do I have here? This is an actual letter that I sent to a client who will be investing $20K. There is a 10% ROR every three months. So, every three months a client having invested $20K can take $2000, keep the $20K working and again in 3 months take out another $2,000 and repeat every 3 months. 

You'll also see how fast the money acrues if you kept it working for just 4 quarters; in just one year your account totals $29,282.00 and in just 5 years, your $20K has become $134,550.00 and if you didn't touch that, you can take out $12,232 every 3 months. 

Would you like returns like this? Visit and pull my name from the advisors droplist and leave me a message. Or, you can use the contact form on this page. 

Enjoy reading this "happy letter" I sent out today. 

Terry Scott

Financial Consultant

Drive Planning 


Hello Name and Name,

Good day.

Thanks for your call on Friday and I hope you had a great weekend.

OK, here are the figures when plugged into the calculator… carried out to 5 years.


If you choose to keep your investment revolving after the 4th quarter (1 year) you would have $29,282.00.

-       $20,000 initial investment

-       $8,000 (4 x $2,000 quarterly)

-       $1,282.00 is the additional compounding interest accrued:






$29,282.00 after 4 quarters; 1 full year. 

-       Also note, after quarter one; you can claim your $2,000 interest and do so every quarter as long as you don’t touch your $22,000.00 investment.

-       If you choose to wait until quarter 12; 3 full years, you can claim your $5,706 interest and do so every quarter as long as you don’t cash out your $62,768.57 investment. (Yes, that’s right. In just 3 years your initial $20,000 investment becomes $62,768.57.

-       If you choose to wait until after quarter 20; 5 full years, you can claim $12,232 interest every 3 months as long as you don’t cash out your $134,550.00 investment. (Yes, your initial investment of $20,000 becomes $234,550.00 in just 5 years).

As you can see, you’ll be accumulating substantial capital gains that later, as you get this rolling, we should look at ways to avoid or minimize.

Hopefully, I’ve made this clear and all of my copying and pasting is correct.

Let me know if you have further questions and whether or not you want to more forward on this.

Make it a great day!


 Visit and see everything. Then return here and use the contact form or choose my name, Terry Scott from the list of advisors and leave me a message there. 

The Good News about Investing with Ter Scott, Specifically through Drive Planning.

I’m writing this because many know me as a business consultant and not so much as a financial consultant. I want to be totally transparent, and at the risk of over explaining, I may even present more information here than you want.

Over and above the typical vetting, licensing, experience and high amount of E and O insurance, I'm sharing here my #1 reason (among others) why anyone can have full confidence in working with me and Drive Planning; it's buried in the content below but hopefully it will stand out to you... 

With my years of experience in working with small to medium businesses for well over 40 years, I am confident that I can walk into any retail business and immediately inform them of 10 to 100 ways they could increase their bottom line. If interested, you may want to check out my UNDERCOVER Secret Patron service.

In full transparency, I’ve just started with Drive Planning this year in 2023. With my background as an insurance agent and as I said, working with literally hundreds of businesses over the years, adding what Drive Planning provides to the “Cash Flow” part of my ABC Consulting is, I believe, beneficial to my clients.

When you are looking for a professional anywhere and in any area of expertise, I think that you first should look for someone with integrity. The rest comes with time and experience. A dentist had to have their first client; a lawyer had to have their first case, and as crazy and something one may not want to think about is that a brain surgeon had to have his or her first patient. When you get integrity, everything else works out.

Because (maybe) “even a child or monkey” could do what I do, technology has taken many advisors out of the picture in many industries; all the way from DIY insurance, and DIY logo creation to DIY self-ordering of fast food, I think you would be most concerned more about the outcome of the insurance, logo design and your Happy Meal. Today, financial calculators and systems do most of the work (ever heard of TurboTax?).

Also, when you are working in the arena of real estate investing, for example, the bank or lender is not concerned about you and your credit; they are concerned in the property. You can have terrible credit or no credit and have little or no experience in real estate investing and the lender would have zero problems loaning the money on the asset. I use my expertise in dealing with businesses and personal coaching for all of these years to direct you to the asset.

This is the same with the products (assets) offered by Drive Planning. If I had zero experience in working with business consulting and personal coaching, anyone can still have full confidence in working with me and the private investments provided by Drive Planning (like the Real Estate Investment Loan, Multi-Family Real Estate, Storage Unit Investments; and even opportunities most people don’t even know about like Conservative Easements and Velocity Banking). My client, just like any lender, shouldn’t be as concerned about me as they are should be about the investment. The advisor isn’t “what’s on trial”; it is the investment.

I get it. My experience tells me that it is just as easy to work with an *accredited investor than it is with someone who is not (I don’t have to educate them as much and they know that it’s the opportunity and not the messenger that they are considering). However, I and Drive Planning welcome non-accredited investors too. That’s the beauty of working with a private company. We bring the strategies of the affluent (accredited investors) to those who don’t have that kind of money to invest or understand the workings of investing at this level, because this simply is not the sphere of influence or knowledge that they live in every day.

So, maybe what I do may not be so simple that a child or monkey can do it, but today, most things are mostly “push button” and automated. Plus, it’s the investment that is what needs to perform; once I make a recommendation, I’m pretty much out of the picture.

There is one other major component for you to be able to have confidence. I work with professionals who are financial giants, both in their thinking and in years of experience. I was vetted by the team at Drive, and privileged to be part of it.

You may not have even considered this in your thoughts, but I have. What happens if I die or leave Drive Planning? Well, are you investing in me or the product? If something happens to me, you’ll work with someone above me. If something happens to him or her, you’ll continue up the chain.

And finally, if you’ve read this far, I AM NOT TRYING TO CONVINCE ANYONE TO WORK WITH ME. I must share that I don’t and won’t work with everyone.

The reason why I can’t work with everyone is that there are only so many hours in the day for you and me.

The reason why I won’t work with everyone is that I must know without a shadow of a doubt that I am helping a person and not hurting them. I’m directing people to a better today and future. I guess that’s the integrity part of me talking.

If you would like to consider the products and services of Drive Planning, with me (and the team) as your adviser(s), visit Find the contact form, and my name is on the advisor drop down. Leave me a message and let me know what you have in mind. Let’s start a conversation.

Ter Scott helps Small Business Owners not only Double their Buying Power and Earn Passive Income in Many Ways


I’m doing this to help small businesses. Many know me from my time with NFIB, NWYC or with my ABC Consulting; Advocacy, Branding and Cash Flow Strategies.

Anyway, this is actually the card is for anyone and everyone, but with my experience and expertise I am focusing on helping small business owners…

The easiest and quickest way for you to get an idea of how this works, please watch the video and then use the contact form on this page to contact me. CLICK HERE to visit the site. You'll see a 

So, if you are a business owner, a larger corporate owner, influencer, or similar, come on board with the franchise (which is only $495 during this launch) and I will help you. Tranzact offers training; I will help business owners who join me with my years of business and marketing expertise. Get the information today and make your decision either yes or no, ASAP. At minimum, I think you'll want to get the card. And remember, if you don't get over $25 worth of value in your first year, tell me and I will refund your $25 out of my own pocket. CLICK HERE for the details. 

BTW. If you do join when at the website, you may be asked who sent you (even though this is my site) please use my last name or my I.D. number: 814223. You DO NOT need to fill in all the fields. Do a search, find me, Terry Scott and move forward. 

Financial Consultant offers a way to Double your Buying Power using a typical VISA card...


Watch this 15-minute recorded TranzactCard overview led by Eric Allen: 

Dear Influencer,

You might be here because I contacted you; or you may have stumbled upon this page. Either way, you'll thank yourself later after you've watched the video and contact me after you do. 

My name is Terry (Ter) Scott, the nation’s ABC Business Consultant; and I get your emails.

I wanted to reach out to you because you are already successful and I did not want you to miss out on what promises to be the greatest change in how people purchase things; especially your offers.

When someone uses this VISA card to make a purchase of a $6 coffee at a local coffee shop, they are instantly rewarded with $6 into their account for actual purchases they can make whenever they would like. They pay their light, rent or mortgage for the month using this card totaling a few thousand dollars, immediately they have the same, dollar to dollar ratio entered in their account; in this case, a few thousand dollars. And, when they pay whatever your price is for your product or service, they automatically get the same dollar per dollar into their account. Can you see the value in this?

You can offer this card to your customer as an incentive to join or purchase, just like many retailers are doing. You may now understand why this program has grown over 1000% in the past several weeks.

UPDATE: Since I've entered this information, we've almost hit our 5,000 DBO founders. We have something special if you are able to come in before we meet that 5,000 mark. I think we're at around 5600 DBO at this point. 

Watch this short video, and use the contact form to get to me. 

TranzactCard overview led by Eric Allen: