H R 7691 Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022 PASSED

 As the ABC Consultant, I offer assistance with Advocacy, Branding and Cash Flow Strategies. Every business owner should be an advocate for at least one cause that they believe in. My two advocacy efforts are first, helping people to stay well with www.PushButtonSafe.com products and also to be "Responsible Americans" by being aware of what our state and federal legislators do that affects our families, business and future generations and, hold them accountable. 

Here, I'm sharing the outcome of the following. I certainly have an opinion myself but I won't share it here; this is for informational purposes only.  

Vote (361-57)

On Passage: H R 7691 Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022

Passage of the bill, as amended, that would provide approximately $40.1 billion in emergency funding to support the Ukrainian resistance against the Russian invasion, including approximately $20.1 billion for the Defense Department, $13.9 billion for the State Department and $4.4 billion for the U.S. Agency for International Development.

It would also authorize $11 billion in presidential drawdown authority to provide emergency foreign military assistance in fiscal 2022.

Within Defense funding, it would provide $17.9 billion for military operations, including $6 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative and $9.1 billion to replenish defense article stocks and reimburse defense services and training provided by the Defense Department to assist Ukraine; $1.2 billion for weapon procurement, including $500 million for critical munitions; and $600 million for purchases under the Defense Production Act.

It would increase from $450 million to $950 million the cap on assistance the U.S. can provide to support friendly foreign countries in fiscal 2022.

Within State Department funding, it would provide $8.8 billion for the Economic Support Fund; $4 billion for the Foreign Military Financing program; and $350 million for migration and refugee assistance.

Among other provisions, it would authorize $900 million for the Administration for Children and Families to provide refugee assistance; $54 million for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention public health activities and medical support for displaced populations from Ukraine; and $67 million for Justice Department activities related to seizing forfeited property related to Russian aggression.

Passed by a vote of 368 - 57:
  • Republicans 149-57
  • Democrats 219-0

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