Latest Super Saturday for T Card (Updated)

 The next event will be in Utah! THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL INVITE! 

You are invited to our Tranzact Card Prelaunch Celebration! 

First, what is a Tranzact Card? It’s a real VISA debit card that is, well, real different. For every purchase or payment made on your Tranzact Card you’ll get equal amount spent in what are called Z Bucks. So, when you pay $70 for gas in your car, you’ll get 70 Z Bucks. Pay a $1000 bill, get 1000 Z Bucks, etc. These Z Bucks then are used to redeem for name brand things in the Z Club.

As I mentioned, this is in prelaunch and the official launch will be in November. We’ve been building this for over a year and right now there are still some major bonuses when you either get your Tranzact Card and also when you become a Digital Business Owner if you are looking for a business or passive income.

Click this link to go to the blog for all the details and ask questions if you like. Bottom line, the card is only $25 and you’ll certainly get far more than $25 worth when you use the card for gas, groceries and bills. To become a DBO, it’s only $495 and we have a way to refund that when you join before October 31st, 2023.

Now, I’ll share about the prelaunch celebration. This one is in Utah and will be held on

Click on this link to visit our blog and get all the details.

1.       Here is the latest Overview video. Click the link to watch it. (further steps to get to Utah are below).

Visit this link and choose to get a card ($25; do so before October 31st and it’s a one time fee; no yearly fees from here out because you are a founder card holder). Or, choose to be a DBO ($495 and follow our training to get 3 other DBOs before October 31st and your $495 is refunded! This is because you are a founder DBO).

We’ll see that you’ve become a cardholder or DBO but we don’t get your contact information. Use the contact form on this page. Tell us who you are so we can start helping you build.

Attend the Utah event. $25 for DBO ($25 is tax deductible as a business owner) or $5 for a cardholder. 

Then, if you just want the card, get that before the end of this Sunday, September 30. When you do, instead of paying $25 yearly fee, you'll pay $25 one time for life! 

Go here to get your card:

If you want a business, become a DBO for only $495; crazy cheap. Do this before Sunday and you're a founding member. Get 3 other DBOs before Sunday and you'll get a check for $500. 

Go here to get information and sign up as a DBO:

Questions? Contact me by using the contact form on this page. Or, by visiting the site:

How a $25 Green Visa Card can change your financial life...

Here is today's latest Invite video. We're having a Zoom call at 2 PM Central time. 
Click here a few minutes prior to join: 

 You many have to click twice on this black box to open the video...

CLICK HERE to watch a short "Piggy Bank" video ... 

OK, I put together this quick Zoom session with Eric. It will be removed soon as things are updating and changing fast with the launch approaching. 

Watch this video to get ALL the facts about the card AND the business: 

Then, if you just want the card, get that before the end of this Sunday, September 30. When you do, instead of paying $25 yearly fee, you'll pay $25 one time for life! 

Go here to get your card:

If you want a business, become a DBO for only $495; crazy cheap. Do this before Sunday and you're a founding member. Get 3 other DBOs before Sunday and you'll get a check for $500. 

Go here to get information and sign up as a DBO:

Questions? Contact me by using the contact form on this page. Or, by visiting the site:

Ter Scott shows people how to DOUBLE BUYING POWER with this crazy little GREEN CARD.

Buy Gas, get Z-Bucks! 

Join me at the Zoom call today... 
Click on image to join V.I.P. Overview at the times shown... 

Thank you to all who have congratulated me for reaching manager level with Tranzact Card. What does that mean? It simply means that I've helped a few others and now I'm in a better position to help even more. If you don't have your card yet, what are you waiting for? When you do before the end of October, you'll be a founding member card holder with many benefits; and if you want to add an easy income stream to your business (as a DBO) there are also benefits when starting before the end of the month; one being that you’ll work with me and I WILL HELP YOU SUCCEED.  My team is having a blitz every hour today so you can get your questions answered. Then click this link to get started or ask questions:

CLICK HERE TO WATCH (at the time shown above). 

This page is updated regularly concerning the growth of our team with Tranzact! 

Hi. My name is Terry (Ter) Scott and you may know me as "America's #1 Resource Consultant". I find awesome programs and opportunities and vet them to know beyond any doubt that they are legit and then tell others. 

Today we have two very informative V.I.P. online sessions. If you are now a Tranzact card holder or business owner, please be there. If you are not yet a card holder of business owner, please be there. And, (this is important) show up about 5 minutes early becuase the bandwidth fills and you won't be able to get in. 

If you are a Tranzact DBO (business owner) or would like to become one, please use the contact form on this page requesting information as to when I'll have the Zoom call to explain why Every Business Owner in America needs to Offer this Card to Customers" with a marketing plan to go with it. 

Business Financial Consultant, Terry Scott offers clients services in Tax Incentives and Cash Flow Strategies.


Advocacy - Branding - CASH FLOW

My name is Terry (Ter) Scott. "I'm a Business Financial Consultant; decreasing owner taxes and increasing owner's interest and asset cash flow". 

Every owner qualifies. Look at both options and choose one or both that you want to get more information about. 

As a Senior Advisor with GMG and Stryde Solutions, 

I offer the following valuable tax incentive services. 

This is the only system that tracks and claims all of your tax incentives for you!  Learn more now.

Click on this image to watch a very short but informative video that explains "hidden" tax incentives available to you and your business and just how easy we make it for you to claim them. 

Got questions about the above video and tax incentives? CLICK HERE

As a Financial Consultant with Drive Planning, 

I offer actual tax and income strategies that you literally cannot get elsewhere. 

For instance, right now we offer a program (REAL) that offers a 10% rate of return every 90 days (46%) per year. Visit

And, if you are someone who earns around $500K yearly or has other tax consequences such as an upcoming sale of a business of a Million Dollars or more we have a program that will legally negate over 90% of your tax liability. 

Click on the image below to see my Drive Planning page and message me there for more information. 

If you are at this page becuase you were looking for our products in Advocacy and Branding, please use the contact form on this page or simply do a search at the right side of this page. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. I look forward to answering your questions. 

ERC is NOT DEAD; just on life support? CASH FLOW ALERT 9/15/23




New ERC Claims Paused IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel ordered the immediate pause on processing new employee retention credit claims, beginning, September 14, to run through at least December 31, 2023, due to concerns about fraudulent employee retention credit (ERC) claims.

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Watch 8 minute explanation video.

Terry Scott, here ... Yesterday, the commissioner made an unprecedented move, and I'm here to walk you through every step of his statement, what it means for you!

What Happened?

The IRS commissioner paused the processing of new ERC claims to protect taxpayers from unqualified predatory companies that have no business in the tax space. 

How Do We Feel About This?

The negative:  Of course, we're bummed that they are pausing processing new claims right now. That means a delay in our clients receiving money. Because we're on the front lines, we know just how impactful and life-sustaining this money is to businesses. This is devastating to those businesses that are depending on this money.

The positive:  It's well overdue to take out the trash. We've been offering tax incentives for 23 years with integrity while building lifelong partnerships with our clients. The fly by night; “I know how to put up a website, so why don't I offer ERC?” disgusting companies that have popped up, have now been shut down. The IRS was smart to put such a long pause on it because it's short enough that clients can wait a bit for the credit they are owed, but long enough that those companies performing illegally and unethically cannot sustain. So, ... bummer that it had to happen this way. But good riddance, get out of my space and leave it to the professionals!

What should clients do?

In the words of the IRS:

"In the meantime, businesses should seek out a trusted tax professional who actually understands the complex ERC rules, not a promoter or marketer hustling....."

That's us! That's our system! We've been doing this for 23 years and have an entire Tax Management System.   Clients should do what they should have always been doing. Stick to the professionals.

Are we still taking signups?

Of course.  For two reasons. 

#1: ERC will reopen, and when it does, we will have clients ready for submission so they can receive the money they are entitled to.  We expect an increase in signups in the coming months because the government has shown they can and will take this away without notice.  So ... you better get your submission ready like an iPhone order when the doors open.  Or you could be left without. 

#2: ERC is only a small fraction of our offering.  We've been helping our clients get money for 23 years, and ERC has only been here a few of that.  And in the IRS's statement, they talked about increased demand.... that's not an increase in ERC demand. What that really shows is the desperate need businesses have for cash flow.  And we're here to help (more about that in the next section).

The most important part of the commissioner's statement

These changes come about because they have seen a "surge" in new submissions during a time when ERC "should be winding down." 

Think about what this says. Businesses are absolutely desperate for cashflow. 

Congress, the IRS, and the Administration don't get it. Business owners desperately need cash flow. During a time when ERC should have been winding down and interest should be decreasing, what did we see? 

A 2,000% increase on Google of clients searching for how to take the ERC Tax Credit! 

Businesses need money. I don't want to be all “let's turn lemons into lemonade”,. but every unqualified wanna-be ERC "provider" in the country just got shut down. They are sitting on their hands, with nothing they can offer American businesses. But we can still help them. Because we still have access to hundreds of local, state, and federal tax incentives. 

BUSINESSES need money like never before.

Please, pass this one and let everyone know that we have money available for them. 

What about ERC?

"That's one of the programs we offer, but we've been helping clients get tax incentives for 23 years, and there are hundreds of local, state, and federal programs available".

Should I still enroll in your ERC program or wait?

"Our Tax Management system will help you enroll in all of the programs you're eligible for. You should still upload your documents to get you set for ERC. It will be on hold until the IRS re-opens submissions. But you want to be ready because who knows when, for how long, or from whom they will reopen. Luckily, you are with an actual specialized tax firm that's been doing this for 23 years, so if the IRS limits who can submit, you know you are with a company that's qualified". 

What if I’ve already submitted?

"The IRS has committed to processing claims already submitted without delay." 

Please pass this important information on…

I don't know how many ways to say this without being a broken record. 

Businesses need money. We have money. Ask me about our Tax Management System.

"ERC was just the beginning. There is more than just ERC." Every fly-by-night ERC "provider" is sitting on their hands clearing the way for us to help you; and virtually every business in America. 

Be sure to like and follow my Facebook page Profit Protectors Tax & Expense Reductions for Business and subscribe on YouTube Terry Scott@terryscott3287, as I'll be releasing content there often. 

God Bless and Best of Success!

Terry Scott Business Financial Consultant

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You may qualify as a client to earn 10% ROR in only 90 days on your money.

Also, if you are selling your business or coming into a large taxable income event, we can help you to legally pay only 1% in taxes and not 100%. This is only one of the financial strategies available to you right now that the affluent have been using for years.

Visit and message me with your questions there (select “Book a Call” to message me).

Ter Scott, Financial Consultant talks "real" about the Drive Planning REAL Program.

Want to put some of your 5% to 8% “Maybe money” into 

“For certain” 10% ROR results?

Ter Scott, the ABC Consultant is a financial consultant with and brings money strategies of the affluent to everyone. Invest like the “big guys” using their rules but with fewer funds. Will your 401K be a “201K” by the time you can get to it?

Ter’s goal as your financial consultant is to provide you the opportunity to enjoy every dollar that you save during your working years and spend every one prior to your passing. And further, at your passing, have all of those dollars replaced, and RE-DEPOSITED into your beneficiary’s account…TAX FREE.

What is your Investor DNA?


Don't invest in something that you don't understand. At Drive Planning, we're transparent about everything because we know that we will have a great relationship in being part of your future journey. We don't have a "set it and forget it" mentality. We'll keep in touch so you know how your money is performing. Plus, you can see a 10% ROR on your money in just 90 days with just one of our programs. 

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Learn Financial Strategies of the Wealthy to use in your wealth building plan. Terry Scott, Drive Planning Financial Consultant.


I and the team at Drive Planning are all about relationships, results and happy endings.

And, you don't have to wait to get your money. Our strategies can show you how you can use the money you have locked away that you think you can't get at until you are 65 (and then what), now; today so you can enjoy life now... at 45, 55, then 65 and beyond. 

You no longer have to be at the whims of the ups and downs of the stock market, taxes and inflation. When working with us, you'll have complete confidence that your money WILL GROW; plus we've not lost a single cent of our client's money since our CEO said "Enough!" with the traditional methods and started Drive Planning almost 10 years ago.

We are completely transparent. We'll answer all of your questions. We work with accredited investors with over a million dollars and can work with others starting with only $25K. 

I encourage you to take our free 8 minute GPS analysis to see just how easy it is to use the strategies of the affluent to create real wealth in your life. 

OTHERS.... Maybe? 

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US at 45... YES! 

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US at 55... YES! YES!

Photo by Freepik

US at 65 and later... YES, YES and YES!!!

Visit me at or You can there complete an easy 8 minute GPS to find out where you are and know whether you'll get where you want to go. 

Just be sure to also message me stating that you've completed it so I'll be looking for it and know to send you my free surprise gift. You can keep it whether or not you choose to partner with me. 

Social Security to be cut in 2033...

Terry Scott, the ABC Consultant is a financial consultant with Drive Planning. Drive Planning is like no other financial planning firm. The advisors partner with their client and their future vision and their present situation to use the strategies of the affluent to Keep More, Make More and Live More; TODAY. We’ve worked with clients with millions of dollars and others with only $25K, and have never lost any of our client’s money in the almost 9 years that Drive Planning has been in existence.

A recent article states that Social Security will be cut by $17,400 in 2033. So how much will $17,400 be in just ten years, how much will it purchase; that $17,400 is in today’s dollars. It could very possibly purchase half so in reality, it will be a cut of $34,800. Let’s do something today to have you better prepared in not just ten years, but in just 90 days.

Will Social Security run out? Some say yes, and some say no. Either way, it won’t be “better”. If you are in the camp of thinking it will still be here, can we agree that it won’t be like it is today?

What will $17,400 be worth in 2033? Today average price of bread is $3.47 a loaf.

According to our government, Bread price prediction 2033: Bread's price for 2033 according to our analysis should range between $1.46 to $2.19 and the average price of BRD should be around $1.83.

It’s going to go down? If you believe that, I’ve got a burnt out food processing plant I want to sell you.

Have you put money away in a 401K, partnering with the government, and agreeing to not touch your money for 30 years, only then to have to pay taxes and use it to buy things to live at a higher inflation rate?

The longer you have your “lazy” money there, not working for you at a higher and protected ROR, the more it is getting eaten away and you are occurring what are called “Lost Opportunity Costs”.

Even if you have just have 10 years left to get to your 401K, (when you’ll lose that will predicted $17,400 of social security ) I and my team can help you put your money to work.

In Drive Planning’s almost 9 years of existence, we’ve never lost our clients one cent. And we’ve taken measures to be sure that it never happens. Can your “financial planner” say the same? The first step is to inquire at It’s not a commitment; it’s just your first step. I think you’ll like what you see.