What is an Accredited Investor and Do you have to be one to Invest?


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Understand that the following definitions come from legit “we’ve always done it that way before” advisors so I’ll share it and then offer my caveat. (I want you to know that I and my team at Drive Planning are not necessarily in that group as we do things differently to bring success to our clients).

  • Accredited investors are those individuals classified by the SEC as qualified to invest in complex or sophisticated types of securities.
  • To become accredited certain criteria must be met, such as having an average yearly income over $200,000 ($300,000 with a spouse or domestic partner) or working in the financial industry.
  • Sellers of unregistered securities are only allowed to sell to accredited investors, who are deemed financially sophisticated enough to bear the risks. 
  • Accredited investors are allowed to buy and invest in unregistered securities as long as they satisfy one (or more) requirements regarding income, net worth, asset size, governance status, or professional experience.
  • Unregistered securities are considered inherently riskier because they lack the normal disclosures that come with SEC registration. 


 OK, that’s not only the definition, it’s the law. As a financial consultant I certainly work in the confines of the law. However, because Drive Planning is a privately held company, much of this does not apply to what we offer and our proprietary systems so the answer to the “Do I have to be an accredited investor to invest” the answer with us is, no.

Having said that, yes, we do work with clients who are accredited investors but what is great about Drive Planning is that we take the strategies of the affluent and bring them to those who are not so they can KEEP MORE, MAKE MORE and LIVE MORE.

Lately I’ve been seeing many Facebook ads about investing, and getting big returns. I share some of the most interesting comments by others in the posts and share a bit about the investments and the length of time that you have to hold the product before cashing out. My points are that you should know that you can do without your money for the length of the hold time, have a plan to minimize the capital gains from the investment, and not to simply invest for the sake of “investing”. You really should know why and how with a plan for protecting your money and you. It’s not just a cliché with me or my team at Drive Planning.

My business is built on relationships. Call me and let’s chat for 5 or 10 minutes. From there if it seems that we “click”, let’s set up a virtual 30 minute, no cost and no obligation Zoom meeting. If we’re not a “fit” I will offer you a few things that may help you so you’ll get value from your call. I take all the risk. After that 30 minutes you’ll know if you want to hire me and I you and we’ll make plans to move forward from there. Sound fair?

In the above video, I speak about these investment ads that lately are blowing up my phone; and the comments they garner. Here's one, Exclusive Investment Opportunity for Accredited Investors!

This opportunity offers an 8% annual distribution. (We at Drive offer 10% every 90 days, but I’m not trying to compare; at least just now). So far, since this ad was posted it only has two comments. The first is someone offering power washing services to them; which is clearly a waste of time for that person and the second states the claim is untrue. We can pretty safely determine that this comment is based on ignorance and is untrue. As comments come in, we’ll see more negative comments. And that proves that this is the wrong audience to be advertising to. But what holds true are the following.  Most opportunities require you to be an accredited investor. You have to be able to hold your money for some length of time without needing to get to it (so have emergency cash). There are different investing amounts, rates of return and holding times.

What we do at Drive Planning is to bring the strategies of the affluent to you. You can be an accredited investor with a lot of money to invest or invest only $20K with Drive Planning. We offer great rates of return (we think it’s the best you’ll find) and the least amounts of times necessary to see that return. And plus, we’ll help you to protect your greatest asset, you.

Please use the contact form (or my contact info below) to reach me for more details or to start with a 10 minute call.

Ter Scott with Drive Planning offers More than the Typical Financial Planner...



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Very simply, I will tell you that I'm not high pressure and frankly, when it comes to Drive Planning I may turn more people away than I serve, only because they aren't ready just yet. As much as I'm in a hurry to help people, I'm certainly not in a hurry to hurt them. I seek to create a financial GPS so both I and my client can clearly see where they are at, clearly know where they would like to go and when and then together we create a roadmap. And, I'm with them during the journey. (Plus its a lot of fun). 

As the ABC Consultant, and "America's #1 Resource Consultant", I make it a point to find ways how anyone, yes; absolutely anyone can better themselves financially, regardless what they have and what stage of life they are in. 

You'll see links to those below. I would suggest that you subscribe to this blog so you are informed when a new post is made. Since I offer assistance in Advocacy and Branding as well as Cash Flow Strategies such as with Drive Planning, I'll try to create descriptive captions so if you think something doesn't apply to you, you can ignore it. 

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Terry Scott of Ask LLC offers products and services in the "B" category for Branding...

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Terry Scott of Ask LLC offers products and services in the "C" category for Cash Flow Strategies ...

   Today is about the "C"...

More to come. Please return. For now, please use my contact form on this page if you have questions. 

Terry Scott is a Financial Consultant with Drive Planning's Linarducci's office, located in Indiana.


Drive Planning Fishers Indiana Office is a leading force in assisting their clients in gaining more control and use of their money. Understanding the difference between the Accumulation Concept vs the Cash Flow Concept, will change your life! I’m proud to be part of Gerry’s Indianapolis team, seeing people in Minnesota and Wisconsin and others around the country virtually. 

Please use my email, phone number or the contact form on this page to connect with me and set up a time to discuss your Financial GPS and where you want to go. 

What the recent Fed Rate Hike means to you with $100 or $100,000...

 You know me as the ABC Business Consultant. Today I'm wearing my orange Drive Planning shirt... 

Alright, let's continue discussing the recent fed rate hike and how it affects you. And remember, if you have a lot of money, it affects you and your money a lot; and if you have a little money it affects you a lot, because neither case can you afford to lose. Watch the following video for the message...

I mentioned A is for Advocacy. Learn more about my thoughts here

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Terry Scott of Ask LLC offers products and services in the "A" category for Advocacy...


 Today is about the "A"...

From time to time I have to take a break to see where I am and who I am and what it is that I offer to my clients.

I will tell you that from a marketing standpoint, you should not be doing what I do; as in offering three separate things instead of one. People can not understand easily and for me, it takes more work to "focus". This has come over many years and I realize that this is who I am and I just have to go with it.

So what I do is much like a three legged stool, which by itself is good because a stool requires three legs to be functional. My challenge is that I have to devote equal time with each leg so the stool is balanced.

My clients sometimes make it harder becuase they want help with one of the legs more than the other two so I must work to educate them to do all three.

My business is All Solutions Known LLC with the acronym of ASK very intentional. I'm known as the ABC Business Consultant which has sometimes confused me with working for a large media broadcasting service or with having to do with business basics. The later is more on track, because having an understanding of these ABCs will definitely give any business person and any business a great foundation.

A is for Advocacy. I assist people in aligning their lives and business with a cause bigger than themselves and their business. Running a business really should be more than making a profit (and making a profit is the number one goal with any business). That "more" is helping others and the way we do so is aligning with a cause.

I want to caution you here. Aligning with a cause is not aligning with a group. You can not please everyone so when you please one group you will alienate the other. A cause is like helping unwed moms, a community garden or something like that. Put some thought into this. If you want to run it by me or other readers of this blog, leave you comments below.

When you advocate for a cause you can promote it, you can make money from it and for it. Your business might even be built on a cause!

You cause may change. I've always been for small business and keeping government out of your back pocket so in the past I was a representative for NFIB and NWYC; two probusiness groups.

Currently I advocate for two causes.

The first is keeping people safe.

I am a master care partner for Electronic Care Giver (ECG). Electronic Caregiver ensures coordinated care when loved ones are transitioning between hospital, long term care, assisted living facilities, and home. There are many products and services that ECG offers that I can provide, but I mainly offer an exclusive service that is focused on connecting providers and patients with the combination of Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring with 24/7 Emergency Response, to increase engagement, early-identify health anomalies and declines, expedite informed response, and enable personalized care; mostly done with a personal emergency response monitor.

If you know of, or are someone who lives alone who could benefit by 24/7 monitoring at home or on the go, please use the contact form on this page and we can discuss options. This could be a senior, someone going off to college, or a child alone after school. 

As a business owner, being an advocate for one truly great cause should be plenty but because I'm "me", I have another. My other cause is affordable legal care.

Years ago I was a member of LegalShield and loved it. I had some things happen in my life and had to discontinue my membership. When I researched it so I could rejoin, I found that as an insurance agent and some other criteria that I could become a broker for the service and a benefits consultant offering the plans to businesses for their employees. So, I immediately did what was required to add this to my advocacy.

As an individual you no longer have to deny yourself access to an attorney because of high cost. And you can be less stressed because you can call and speak with an attorney about something, get it settled and move forward.

There are also plans for business people. It is mostly the same but of course as a business owner you have other types of questions and needs.

There are so many, many things that LegalShield offers. I strongly encourage you to check out the links below to get more information. As an indidual it is less than $30 bucks a month and as a business owner the cost is less than $50 a month.


Elsewhere, I will share with you the "B" for Branding and "C" for Cash Flow Strategies. In the future I plan to speak more about B for Branding and C for Cash Flow but for now I encourage you to click on each to learn more. 


Thanks. Ter Scott 

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 Were you at the Food Show? 

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Were you at the Food Show? Let's show you how you can earn 10% every 90 days.


Were you at the Food Show? 

Dear Fast Food, Restaurant or Food Related Owner,

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Will you be able to sell when you want? 

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Our Philosophy Drive Planning is designed to create an intentional approach to a successful life. So, what is the definition of a successful life? After research and surveying Drive Planning determined that truly successful people typically were Relationally Rich, Physically Fit and Financially Free.

KEEP MORE We will use strategies to help you keep more of your wealth.

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Make it a great day!

Terry Scott

Drive Planning Financial Consultant

Here's just one of our investing products, explained by David Bradford, CEO of Drive Planning

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Your employees on the program will see an increase in take-home pay with no out-of-pocket cost, plus receive health and wellness benefits through our innovative & interactive wellbeing management program; (this does not replace, compete, or interfere with your primary health insurance). We also do NOT want to become your CPA, or accountant.

Hello. My name is Terry Scott with PAYROLL TAX SAVINGS. I live in Superior Wisconsin, but I mostly handle the Fast Food (and small to large) Restaurant clients in both Minnesota and Wisconsin (although I also work with a few outside these two states).

If retaining and employees and PAYROLL TAX SAVINGS intrigues you, please call me let’s talk and then set a Zoom meeting with a few from my team at the home office. Our program, used by Fast Food companies all across America is simple get started. Your employees will love you and your wallet will too.

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Terry Scott

Business Consultant

Testimonials come in almost daily: 

During my time as a corporate auditor representing the IRS, I saw many wellness plans that came under scrutiny because there were gaps between the design of the plan and the interpretation of the IRS rules. The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ closed those gaps. If I were still in practice with the IRS, there would be no potential exposure as they designed their plan within the letter of the law.

IRS Corporate Auditor (1987-2019)

As a fast food chain we always had an issue offering benefits to our employees and The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ has been the perfect fit to accomplish that. Not only does it increase their pay but it provides minimum essential coverage and useful benefits they can use as standalone and with their current plan. The rollout was seamless to all our employees and despite the initial complexities of the plan, the employee experience has been very easy for them to understand. I can honestly say our only regret was not doing it sooner as the tax benefits have been real and tremendous. Our employees have been happy with their benefit plans and the competitive rates. We were pleasantly surprised to see the renewal rates come in lower than we anticipated that shows the effectiveness of The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ reducing the claims that hit our major medical. The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ team has been great to work with and we appreciate their level of detail and expertise to help us manage our claims internally which has kept our rates down.

Jay Hardesty Arby's Owner

As a publicly traded company, we face a lot of scrutiny over the benefits package we provide. Add to that our company employees over 16,000 lives the rollout process is as crucial as the savings businesses we support want the best for their employees. Including The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ as part of every proposal allows us to provide greater benefits at a more cost-effective price than our competitors.

Publicly Traded Manufacturing Company

As a CFO, my job is to find ways to improve the bottom line of our business. When we were first introduced to ThePayroll Tax Savings Plan™, the immediate reaction was this is too good to be true. After talking with our CPAs and attorneys about the plan, they concluded that The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ was compliant on all fronts. We added The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ to our benefit package with nearly 100% acceptance. Not only do our employees have a higher take-home pay, but the bottom line of the business also improved tremendously and we would highly recommend the Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ Health plan.

450MM Revenue Software Analytics Company

As one of only a handful of IRS certified PEO's in the United States, our business is providing Human Resources and Payroll to over 50,000+ lives around the United States. As a result, compliance was at the heart as the most important factor of our decision to participate in The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™. After carefully reviewing all the inner workings of the plan we are completely assured that The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ is fully compliant from an IRS audit and businesses we recommend it to are held harmless since it is our EIN number behind it. The businesses we support want the best for their employees. Including The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ as part of every proposal allows us to provide greater benefits at a more cost-effective price than our competitors.

National Payroll and Staffing PEO

We've been with The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ for over 3 years now. At first, we were hesitant because we didn't know if our employees would actually see the benefit. Looking back, we now wish we rolled it out years sooner. Our employees are healthier, and they love the added medical benefits along with their higher paychecks. To date we have saved our company and our employees millions. The Payroll Tax Savings Plan™ has been the single greatest benefit we have implemented for our employees and our bottom line.

Curt Schmidt (Piggly Wiggly Owner)