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About the Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act


Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act

Published Monday, March 21, 2022

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) Press Release

Legislation comes following report from anti-corruption watchdog group that shows largest oil and gas companies made an eye-popping $205 billion in 2021

Congressman Peter DeFazio (OR-04) introduced the Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act. This legislation would create a windfall profit tax on excessive corporate profits and return the revenue to American consumers in the form of a tax rebate.

“Big Oil is foaming at the mouth,” said Rep. DeFazio. “After price-gouging Americans in 2021 to make record profits, Big Oil is now reaping the benefits of Putin’s price hike. As we face COVID-related supply chain bottlenecks and uncertainty created by Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, I repeat to Big Oil what President Biden said just a week ago – it’s no time for profiteering or price-gouging. This is why I’ve introduced the Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act. My legislation would tax Big Oil’s excess profits in 2022 and return the revenue back to Americans. It’s beyond time to put people over profits – period.”


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ABC Consultant Ter Scott shares article concerning $55 Billion in aid to Restaurants & Small business

Hello. My name is Terry (Ter) Scott. I'm the ABC Consultant which stands for Advocacy, Branding, and Cash Flow. Today's article pertains to Cash Flow; especially for my friends in the restaurant business. 

According to National Write Your Congressman... 

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$55B aid package for restaurants & small businesses

Published Friday, April 8, 2022

The House passed a $55 billion package of aid to restaurants and other pandemic-ravaged industries following months of stops and starts, sending it to the Senate for negotiations with a rival bipartisan package that takes a different approach.

The nearly party-line vote Thursday was 223-203, with six Republicans crossing the aisle to back the bill and four Democratic "no" votes. Seven Republicans who had co-sponsored an earlier version of the bill dropped off after the revised version was released and did not end up voting for the bill (H.R.3807). 

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