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Ter Scott's Business Briefs Advocacy Awareness for 9 27 21

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Credit Unions and Financial Institutions will have to report any transaction over $600 in and out of your accounts to the IRS

This just in since the recording: 
CUNA wrote in strong support of an amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution that would block expanding taxpayer information reporting requirements for financial institutions. The amendment was offered by Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), in response to an administration proposal that financial institutions be required to report additional accountholder information to the Internal Revenue Service. It was voted down Tuesday afternoon by a 50-49 vote.

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Small Business Rep Urges Credit Unions to Join Thousands of Business Owners in Opposing Proposed IRS Reporting Provision

 OK Folks, this isn't just about saving small businesses anymore. As you know, I am an NFIB rep and register business owners as members of the nation's largest advocacy group for small businesses, The National Federation of Independent Business. 

This is about your privacy as an American citizen. This is about government overreach and what you can do about it. 

What I am sharing today does not only affect small business owners but it now affects you as a consumer, customer, and employee. 

I went online to check my balance in my credit union and saw this message: 



As Congress considers critical new infrastructure spending, policymakers are eying unconventional sources of revenue to fund their plans. One proposal under consideration would require credit unions and other financial institutions to report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) how much money has gone into and out of accounts holding more than $600. 

This unprecedented access to consumers’ personal financial data raises several alarms. 

  • This proposal would violate consumers’ personal privacy by forcing credit unions and banks to provide the government with information that does not reflect taxable activity.
  • Financial institutions—particularly those in rural and low-income communities—would face unnecessary and expensive regulatory hurdles that could make it untenable to serve those consumers already left behind by Wall Street banks.  
  • The government relies on decades old data systems to store and secure IRS information. These systems have already been compromised in recent years, and the addition of this type of data only increases the likelihood of a future breach.

As negotiations around the $3.5 trillion infrastructure package heat up, the Administration has proposed a new IRS reporting provision that requires financial institutions to report new account holder information. America’s credit unions do not support this additional reporting requirement. This provision would dramatically increase the regulatory burden for financial institutions, undermine the privacy of consumers, and trigger significant data security concerns. All financial institutions currently report to the IRS information related to actual taxable events for members. This new proposal would result in banks and credit unions turning over to the IRS sensitive account details that in and of themselves do not constitute taxable events. This would leave the IRS with a massive trove of personal financial data that would be used in a manner that is not detailed in the proposal and leaves the data vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

Here's what you can do. 

If you are the CEO or other official of a credit union, call me and join NFIB. You'll then be joining an army of small business owners who share your same concerns and an organization that will fight for you, meaning that you'll have a very (VERY) strong voice at your state capital (we're in all 50 states) and at Washington D.C. 

If you are a small business owner. call me and join NFIB (for all the same reasons). 

If you've ever owned a small business and you are retired, call me and join NFIB (we have a special membership rate for you and can really use your vote). 

If you work for a small business owner, THIS AFFECTS YOU, YOUR MONEY, AND YOUR PRIVACY. Please encourage them to JOIN NFIB. 

Do you see that pattern here? Joining NFIB is the answer. 

It doesn't cost anything but a few minutes to tell Congress that you Oppose this harmful, privacy-invasive tactic here: 

Ter Scott, Hybrid A-B-C- Consultant offers 2 Profitable Services for Northern Wisconsin Small Business Owners

Dear Business Owner, 

This short message is to let you know how you can take more advantage of your NFIB benefits.

Hello. My name is Terry Scott. When I personally see members I find that many times they are not taking advantage of all that they can as a member. Of course, not every benefit is practical for every business but I want to inform you of what other members tell me are the most important to them. 

These two "special services" aren't simple “add-ons” to what you are already being emailed or snail-mailed by the NFIB Headquarters.  What I’m providing are the things which specifically help Wisconsin business owners.

Today's business owner must stay on the top of things to gain and maintain. Here are two resources which almost guarantees this. 

Visit and follow the blog (You are here. subscribe on this page; upper right). Receive timely and topical things which help your business not only to survive; but to thrive. You’ll learn about what is new with NFIB plus as a business consultant I offer other services in advocacy, branding and cash flow strategies. Please visit the blog, click on Follow the blog and you’ll be notified when a new article is published.

Visit and follow the North Wisconsin Small Business Facebook page. is a free community where you can interact with other business owners in Northern Wisconsin (my main NFIB membership area). You can also advertise your business with up to three 3 ads per week - for free! 

If I can help you in any way (about anything business), please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best of continual success.

Terry (Ter) Scott

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Proposed tax increases and more will CRUSH small businesses. Please become a member and have your voice heard at your state capital and in Washington D.C.

 HI, Terry Scott, your NFIB Membership Rep here with the latest press release.

Before I share this, let me share with some who may not know. 


I remember someone asking me, “Do you like or support Donald Trump”. My answer is “We like or support him when he likes and supports small business members”. That holds true with Mr. Biden however, his dictates are not pro-small business or even business of just about any size. Here’s that press release.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Aug. 20, 2021) – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading small business advocacy organization, released the following statement in response to recent White House comments on small business and President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda:

“With rampant inflation, massive supply chain disruptions, unclear pandemic mandates, and a shortage of available workers, small businesses continue to face challenges and setbacks that hurt the small business recovery, and the last thing our country needs right now are taxes on small businesses to fund a massive expansion of government,” said NFIB Vice President of Federal Government Relations Kevin Kuhlman. “The combination of tax increases and the ongoing pandemic will negatively impact millions of small businesses and a significant percentage of small business income, and no amount of spin from this White House will justify a tax increase.”

“Raising taxes on small businesses will not ‘level the playing field’ nor will it instill greater ‘tax fairness,’” added Kuhlman. “What it will do is further burden their ability to survive, operate, hire, and pay their employees. Main Street needs Washington to focus on solutions to help the small business recovery. NFIB will continue to adamantly stand against any tax hikes on small businesses.”


3 ways you can get involved and join your local small business neighbors in fighting harmful legislation that is hurting your business by having a real voice at your state capital and in Washington D.C.

Don’t wait for a call from NFIB Headquarters in Nashville. Call member support today and become a member. I’ll give you the link.

Don’t wait for an NFIB Membership Rep like myself to walk into your door to quickly take your feedback on the latest and most important issues, and take them to your state and federal legislators. If you’ve been in business for any length of time you probably know who your local rep is. Call him or her today. That’s important. When you call NFIB direct (and I’ll give you the number) or use the website to sign up (and I’ll give you that link), that’s all great and good but your local rep who supports his or her family, just like you do with your own business, won’t get the credit for registering or renewing your business.

And importantly, if you are able (and I know many businesses have been hurt with the shutdowns, but at the same time, many like our contractor type of members have actually done very well) please consider giving more. Our dues are affordable and based on what you feel you can pay. Please don’t treat your membership like a magazine subscription. NFIB was the only organization that stood up and was responsible for getting your small business a 20% reduction in taxes some years ago. THAT’S HUGE!!! And right now, we are fighting to not only keep it but to avoid losing it and having small business burdened with higher taxes above that!!!

But I will also tell you that you can also go to the “max” if you want a bigger dog in the fight. Ask what NFIB’s maximum is and try to get as close to it as you possibly can. The stakes are high.  

If you’ve been an NFIB member before or you’ve never been a member, please act now. Truly the survival of your business may depend on it. BTW This is a good time to tell you that I’m speaking for myself and as a business owner. My words here aren’t necessarily officially from NFIB headquarters. What I say, is what I say.

NOTE: Did you know that if you’ve ever had a business that you can become or renew as a “retired” business owner. Ask about that. We need everyone who is a small business owner and loves small business to join, renew and refer others.

So please, when someone from NFIB calls or visits, give us just a few minutes to tell you how we are fighting to save your business. If you know your local NFIB rep, call him or her and join or renew NOW. Or join right at the website.

Now having said all of this, I am an NFIB Membership Rep. I personally would love to work with you if you do not have a rep that has stopped by. I will leave my number below and contact information somewhere on this page. Whatever route you choose to contact us is up to you. I will just say that I work very close with my personal members and you can contact me with your concerns at any time and I will be sure that you are taking advantage of every benefit NFIB offers. That’s my job.

Click on the link, get the facts, get involved, and together… let’s get going. Tomorrow may be too late.

Become a member, or renew by going the or calling Member Care in Nashville. (Please let them know Terry Scott NFIB Rep 3A687 sent you). 1 800 NFIB-NOW. 

Or you can contact me using the the contact information in the image below. 

Federal Update: Overview of Proposed Taxes and Mandates. Small Business Survival.

NFIB offers these practical, topical, and very informational webinars for, frankly the survival of your business. Since "survival of your business" sounds maybe too fantastic, I will tell you that they are my words and not NFIB's. I'm speaking as a business owner myself and as an NFIB rep. 

I'm so thankful that NFIB offers these webinars to small business owners. REGARDLESS IF THEY ARE MEMBERS OR NOT. Where else is there an organization that shares so freely this needed information? If you are a small business owner or someone who works for a small business owner, or someone who is interested in the survival of this country which starts at the front doors of your small local businesses, I invite you to attend. 

Obviously, nothing is free; there are always costs and time associated with producing anything. (It seems only that the government doesn't know that). I am inviting you to this webinar at absolutely no cost or obligation. Having said that, if (IF) you want to join the thousands of small business owners who have joined together to have their voices heard at their state capitals and in Washington D.C., then I also invite you to contact me and become a member. Call me and we can choose a yearly fee that is affordable. 

Here's the registration link to the webinar. Thanks for your time and God bless your business. 


If you are interested in becoming a member, you can sign up at the NFIB site, 
or I would be glad to register you and explain all your benefits and give
my special brand of service; and perks, regardless of where your business is located. 

Business to Business Consultants add this service to yours for additional thousands each month...

Hello. My name is Terry (Ter) Scott. I'm the Hybrid Business Consultant offering professional advice in Advocacy, Branding and Cash Flow Strategies. If you are a Business to Business Consultant or related, I'd like to invite you to a special live seminar where my team at Stryde Solutions teaches you how to take advantage of the strategies you can use to help your business clients and make a very good additional income doing it. 

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About Stryde Solutions 

Stryde Solutions helps clients in three key areas; reducing overall expenses, financial services and finding Specialized Tax Incentives. Between these three distinct divisions we have assisted clients to obtain benefits in excess of $350M in the last 14 years. These three distinct divisions joined forces to become one organization when it was clear the direction that the Professional Services Industry was headed. We knew the key to building the perfect solution for Agents within this industry would be the combination of services with the creation of Stryde Solutions. 

Stryde Services 

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To Reset and Recovery for Small Business, here's a free webinar with the facts.

Small Business Reset & Recovery: Series #1

Join NFIB’s COVID-19 experts Beth Milito and Holly Wade, and special guest Brian Blase, Ph.D., Blase Policy Strategies, for a conversation on financial aid and other resources available to help small businesses recover, attract and retain employees, and emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever.


  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements, which can expand employee health benefit offerings.
  • Employee Retention Credit, a powerful program that offers up to to 75% of qualified wages up to $10,000 per employee per quarter.
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loan, which provides up to 24 months of relief, with a maximum loan of $500,000.

And, as always, NFIB hosts Beth and Holly will conclude the webinar with LIVE Q&A to answer your PPP, ERC, FFCRA, and EIDL questions.


Hiring employees? Employees coming back to work? Don't miss out on these tax credits...