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My name is Ter Scott. 

 by Ter Scott AD KING LLCI am T.H.E. Life and Legacy Coach™.
My life’s purpose is to help people “Live a life and leave a legacy”™.

As an author, public speaker, small business adviser and business resource consultant I offer many products, services and valuable tips to assist people in achieving success with balance.

I work mostly with those who own a business or are entrepreneurs.
Several offerings are presented on this page.
I welcome your requests.

Make it a great day!
Terry (Ter) Scott!

Ways Small Business Owners Avoid Legal Trouble FREE WEBINAR

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2018 Business Taxes Gotcha? It's not too late do do a Cost Seg!

It's Not Too Late!

April 15th has just passed and we've had more clients benefit from Cost Segregation this tax season than ever before.  But, there is something important that you need to know!  Just because tax day is passed DOES NOT MEAN BUSINESS OWNERS CAN'T UTILIZE COST SEG!

What do I mean?  A cost segregation study offsets tax liability.  What just happened when you filed taxes on April 15th?  I know that for many, they found themselves owing unexpected substantial tax liabilities!  So, because they didn't do their cost segregation study before filing does that mean they can't do it now?  NO!

I’m taking this time to reach out to you if you’ve just been faced with the reality of owing and are looking for a solution, WE ARE THAT SOLUTION!

If you have any questions, reach out to us.  We are here to assist you.  Don't waste the next few weeks, contact us today.

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Insurance Agents, CPAs, Tax Professionals, Quit Losing Customers; Add these Services

Hello fellow professional. I just received this from my senior associate and I'm passing it on to you. If you are an insurance agent, CPA, Tax Professional or are in any similar profession, you need to read this; the life of your business depends on what you can offer your clients and this is BRAND NEW!

Important Dates Filling Fast for May.

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Have you seen “How to protect your assets from the Medicaid spend down”?   If you have not read this booklet,  you need too and share it with all your clients.

How are your clients protected from NOT going broke in a nursing home?   

We want to help you have success with our lead program,  we want to help pay for your leads,  we want to make sure you can educate your customers to help them avoid the costly expense of a nursing home and probate expenses.

Who do you work with offering a FREE lead reimbursement opportunity??  To boost your business and cross-selling as you see fit.

NOT captive.  We offer an information sharing program that all your clients have a need for.

Don’t miss this VIP discounted training in early May.  Details are being put together now, you will want to get on the information update list asap.

Business Opportunity Launch for Licensed Insurance Agents, CPSs and Attorneys

As a small business advocate and advisor, I offer many products which are not available in most places. You might even call these "hidden" offerings because only a handful of agents and advisors are "privy" to them and are authorized to present them. 

For a limited time, we are opening this up to a select number of professionals across the country. I apologize in advance if you call our office and your area is already taken. You may request to be put on a waiting list to be notified when an area opens. 

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me using the contact form on this page. The best and easiest thing for you to do is contact my assistant Jenny. Her contact info is at the bottom of the page. 

Life Changing Commissions! 
For Licensed Insurance Agents, CPAs and Attorneys in Northern Wisconsin 

(and across the country; you'll need to let us know where you live
in the USA as details may change slightly per region). 

Do you have the desire to substantially increase your income by
educating your clients about advanced solutions for their retirement funds?

Would you like to know about additional revenue streams that you can
offer without conflicting or disrupting with what you are currently doing?

If you do, I want to have you call our office. 
We offer many financial products which are virtually
 “unknown” and “untapped” in your area. 


Competitive compensation promptly paid
Products which require limited underwriting approval
Back-office support and complete training
Mentoring on an ongoing basis


More choices and products:
Offer ways to not lose everything they own to nursing care
To be able to pass on monies to their grandkids

An investment alternative with no direct stock market risk, backed by
the most financially sound insurance companies in the world.

An alternative to annuities that is safe, simple, and predictable.

We have many more. 
Pick and choose which you want to promote;
 using our marketing, and our materials!  

We can help you start something big this year! 

- For more information, please call my assistant Jenny.

-- Request information and a time to speak with my senior associate,
and regional director, JT.

---Ask if we are currently having a Lunch & Learn (afternoon or evening session)
in your area soon where you can attend free and get educated on the details.

Call Jenny today, let her know that Ter Scott in Superior, Wisconsin
told you to call and ask her to email you the information today.
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I Need a "Cheap" Lawyer...

Well, there really isn't such an animal that I know of. 

But what I think you are asking is for inexpensive law service. Now that is something that is available! 

LegalShield logo 
... offers monthly plans and if necessary, I do believe that you can use the membership immediately so if you have a situation right now, become a member and use the service. I've been a member for years and have used the service many times. It's like having a lawyer (or entire law firm) on retainer for a low, low monthly fee.

Click the picture below (or visit my site) to watch a brief video and then choose from the several options! (If you have questions or comments feel free to leave them below or contact me using the contact form on this page).

Reasons why EVERY Homeowner Needs to Be In a Business

The new tax law has both benefits
and pitfalls for both business owners and regular taxpayers. 

I warned business owners about this new tax law; some listened and some did not. There are many benefits for both business owners and the general working public, but there are also pitfalls too. Consider this; both sides of the political party was in favor of this new law. Why? Because it would bring in more money in taxes. So how does a tax cut, a break in our taxes, create more revenue for the government? 

Here's a video by one of my favorite tax experts, Karla Dennis to answer the question. In this brief interview, she earlier warned (those who are commonly called) "W-2ers", in that they will have sticker shock when they need to file their taxes this year. So many deductions have been eliminated. 

Tax deductions were also eliminated for business owners too, but I am sharing this video to confirm that it is soooooooooooooo important for everyone to have any type of home business to protect themselves, so they can have more control where their money goes.

Watch the video and then stay tuned to this blog and ask me how to have your own business and which might be right for you. If you have a business, read below after you watch the video.

Also, if you already own a business, there are so many ways to save and capture monies you already have but aren't able to access, without a firm or someone like ASK Business LLC. (You can read earlier blogs for ideas and services; most are free and then contact us).

Is Your Auto Dealership Capturing Cost Seg Dollars?

Most auto dealership owners either have not done a "cost seg" for their buildings or, miss out on getting all the existing elements when doing so. With our team, we are sure to capture everything... 

The automotive dealership industry is unique because each dealership is in a constant state of construction, remodeling, expanding or purchasing existing properties. The only way to ensure this constant state of flux doesn’t bankrupt a dealership is to review these assets to determine the shortest recovery life possible, expensing in the current tax year.
By taking advantage of all eligible tax deductions it opens up cash flow for your dealership that would have otherwise been lost. A fixed asset review can easily be done by having a cost segregation study performed.
The Tax Cut and Jobs Act or TCJA was the most sweeping tax code change in 30 years and has significant impact on the automotive dealership industry along with the tax incentives that allow you to obtain the benefit from a cost segregation study.
There are three significant aspects of the TCJA that when combined make for an interesting ride for auto dealerships looking to obtain their rightful tax deductions. Let’s take a look.
Section 179
The TCJA expanded section 179 from a $510,000 limit to $1 million and now includes improvements it did not previously such as: roofing, fire protection and alarm systems. All of which are large expenses for an auto dealership in the midst of new construction or remodeling.
Floor Plan Interest
The TCJA preserved the 100% deduction of floor plan interest. If you are eligible for floor plan interest you must claim it, it is not optional. However, there is a catch. If you are eligible you cannot claim bonus depreciation. This doesn’t mean an automatic sigh and slump in your chair, not all dealerships qualify for floor plan interest and bonus depreciation is not the only aspect of a cost segregation that benefits auto dealerships.
Bonus Depreciation
Bonus Depreciation was highly expanded with the TCJA. It was increased from 50% to 100% and applies to both new and used properties acquired through December 31, 2022. This is an unheard of expansion of bonus depreciation and has such a significant impact that the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is currently working through hearings with the IRS demanding the 100% bonus depreciation because the TCJA eliminated the like-kind exchange tax benefit for all but real property. We expect to see continued discussion on this topic over the next several months.
Although some automotive dealerships won’t be able to benefit from the expansion of bonus depreciation because of the changes with the TCJA it does not eliminate the enormous financial impact that a cost segregation study has for an auto dealership.
To find out more please contact us today!

Checklist for Hotel Marketing (and other businesses too!)

I've taught marketing at the college level and this article is spot on; good stuff to know regardless of what business type you have or industry your business is in. 

My suggestion is to first read this article and then take 30 seconds to see if you have a tax credit (yeah, really; just 30 seconds!).

Here's the article: https://www.tambourine.com/blog/the-gm-checklist-for-hotel-marketing

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.04.36 AM

Got 30 seconds? CLICK HERE.

Own a Business? Find out in 30 seconds if you have a tax credit.

Please allow a few moments for this short 
(and "funny") video to load; or refresh your page. 

Own a Business? Find out in 30 seconds if you have a tax credit.

(Check this out, before you file your 2018 taxes, and then share the results with your accountant or CPA!)