Business Owners race to get in on "Hidden Funds" available for business cash flow that the government could care less if you knew about.

Every year and many times a year, programs and funds become available and vanish quickly without business owners knowing about them or taking advantage of them. They are made available and the government doesn't care if you take the money or not and many are funds where you don't pay it back. Imagine trying to get a bank loan and not having to repay it. 

Finally, my friend JT put together a small book that shares how to get your money along with success stories by those who did. 

From the book, How Fast do You Want your Money: 

I heard you touched on this earlier, but I had a couple of people ask me,

it's 100% tax-free, so all of it is tax-free.

Correct. The money. Really clear.

The tax-free revenue is coming in for you. Correct. Yep. Tax-free.

Hello friend. 

Being tax-free is only one of the benefits. And there are so many programs, funds and monies that come and go and so many business owners miss out on them because they are not aware of them and even their tax professionals don't know about them; it's not really their business model. 

So I was glad when my friend and mentor JT did a national interview and put it in book form so people like my clients can get an introduction and understanding of what this is about and just how easy one can get the money. 

I'm going to stop right now and simply encourage you to download this free copy which is available to the next 100 takers. There's no obligation to do anything with the important information you'll read but I will assure you that you'll never look at your taxes and money the same again! 

Click on the image to get your book right now. You don't need an email address or credit card; this is my gift to you. If you choose to be a client and purchase a product or service from Ask LLC sometime in the future; that's fine but there is no obligation. This is my way of paying it forward. 

BTW. JT's contact info is in the book. If you contact him, please let him know I sent you. He and I are partners so if you do choose to claim your lost money, I'd like to do my part in serving you too. 

Make it a great day! 

Ter Scott! 

America's #1 Resource Consultant

Download your free digital copy today. 

Who is "All Solutions Known LLC" and what do they do?

All Solutions Known, 

located in Superior, Wisconsin 

offers "What Business Needs" 

Marketing, Cash-flow Strategies, and Business Advocacy. 

Information, products, and services with links are included below. 

Please use our contact form on this page for more information. 

Terry (Ter) Scott 


I am a National Account Executive with Halo Branding Solutions, the largest and most capable company serving over 40,000 customers worldwide. My team and I can serve your small business on Mainstreet or your large corporation on Wall Street. Download free reports on ways to recognize your employees, connect with your customers and even to open safely and search from thousands of items you can place your message. 



We conduct expense audits and tax incentives search for our clients without any upfront fees. Obviously, some CPAs and financial consultants know about "some" of these programs but this isn't what they do; it's not really their business. So just as obvious, we find the money for over 90% of small business owners and corporations. Because the way of doing business over this past year and more is over the Internet and phone, we've made it very easy for you to see a very good estimate of monies you'll qualify for in just 60 seconds. Know for sure if you are getting all you are owed. 60 seconds will tell you and you are under no obligation to move forward. 

Stryde Solutions 


My way of giving back to my business community is being a membership rep for NFIB, the National Federation of Independent Business. I personally see and visit business owners of small to medium-sized firms in the nine northernmost counties in Wisconsin. Although I'm located in Wisconsin, as a trainer, mentor, and recruiter I've been in many other states helping business owners to have a real voice at their state capitals and in Washington D.C. Wherever in the USA that you are located, I invite you to visit for information or you can certainly call me and I can answer all of your questions and enroll your business at a very affordable membership fee; which you decide. When I enroll your business I'll make sure you understand all the benefits so you'll be able to take advantage of them (they can pretty much "pay" for your membership) and I do a few extra special things for my members that you wouldn't get otherwise. Contact me using the number in my picture below. 

Ever notice how here on LinkedIn (and other social media) you have tons of contacts, tons of friends but little or no business? How about a little less talk and a lot more action? Find out how my straightforward approach gets me business and how you can too.

Here are low priced branding solutions items to recognize Nurses Week.


Hello. Just wanted to let you know we’ve got some great ideas to honor nurses during the upcoming 2021 Nurses Week during May 6 through May 12.

My name is Ter Scott and I’m the local source for imprinted messaged items from AskHaloforImprintsDOTCOM. Halo Solutions is your complete source of imprinted items with your nursing message.

Here are a few links with ideas. Please let me know how I may assist you.

I look forward to hearing from you and giving you the best service in the world (we have over 40,000 satisfied customers worldwide)

Ter Scott


Nurses Week

Our awesome website:

Recognize Employees: 

The Essentials Catalog 

Who is Halo Solutions?

Your dedicated account team is supported by more than 1,350 employees and 16 offices… We have the reach, resources, and talent to take on your toughest, most critical challenges. Unmatched breadth of solutions, peerless creativity, proactive, consultative guidance, and global, state of-the-art logistics – we put it all together on behalf of each client, to deliver results that always exceed expectations.

In an industry that’s all about products, we value relationships above all. We call it the HALO Experience: people 100 percent dedicated to your success. People who bring you ideas before you ask for them. Find opportunities you weren’t looking for. And deliver the right solution at the right time – every time.

As a “full-service” promotional products distributor and recognition services provider, we offer:

·        Company stores and fulfillment services

·        Industry-leading customer service from over 500 Account Executives throughout the United States and a support staff of over 300

·        Competitive pricing, including our popular Best Sellers and BrandED merchandise programs

·        Secure Source, HALO's comprehensive product safety and social compliance program

·        Award winning marketing support for your internal and external branding campaigns

·        Recognition, rewards, and incentive programs built to inspire and engage your workforce.

Please call me at 218.940.1334 and let’s discuss your next event.

Ter Scott

Get up to $20K to pay for your branding solutions.

Alright, gather round and listen to what I'm saying. It's nothing new, that is if you listen to those with money; those without it I may not be able to mentor you. READ ON TO FIND OUT... 

$20,000 is not a lot of money. $100,000 is not a lot of money. Even 


unless of course if you don't have it. 

What I and my team have been doing for over 20 years is finding unused, unclaimed, and overpaid monies for our clients. The last time we calculated, we've saved over $500M for our clients, and probably after this year that will double. 

You may be here because I said that you can get up to $20,000 to pay for your branding solutions. Here's the scoop, we'll find you the monies, you give us a small fee for our work and you can use it any way you wish; for branding solutions, cash flow, and NFIB membership fees. Heck, you can use it to help pay for your retirement and exit plan if you want. 

Why do I mention cashflow, branding solutions, and NFIB? 

The answer is because my business is a business dedicated to helping business. Ask LLC (All Solutions Known LLC) offers the three biggest and most important things a business needs: 

  • Cash Flow
  • Branding (Awareness so people know about you and how to find you and do business with you)
  • And business advocacy (NFIB is the most influential member-driven organization advocating for small and independent business owners nationwide).

Ask LLC offers much more but those are the BIG THREE. 

Will we find you 20K or 200K? 

It only takes a minute to find out. From there you can choose to move forward if you want. 

Let's talk CASH FLOW for a moment. Right now the big bailout for business is the PPP which in my opinion is too little too late. As I've already mentioned, I and my team have been finding monies for our clients long before PPP existed. Let's find you money that will pay your employees, and your own family and keep your business going. 

Let's talk BRANDING. It doesn't matter if your business continues if your prospects don't know about you, your customers think that you take them for granted and your employees don't think you care. Your company name and message on a practical useable item shared with prospects, customers, and employees is a proactive solution to all three. Use some of the monies we find for you to invest in your branding. 

Let's talk NFIB. You may already be a member, you may be a past member you may have never heard of NFIB before. Let's improve that. I am a business owner just like you and I signed on as an NFIB membership rep because I believe in the cause of all small businesses. I believe in the Free Enterprise system. Today more than ever, Free Enterprise is under attack and small business owners need to ban together to have a real voice in what happens at their state capital and in Washington D.C. 

What I have to share with you is from my heart and a little "firm" so put your seat belts on. Here goes. 
Here is the recommended membership fee schedule which is based on the number of your employees... 

This is another reason why I want to find you $2,000, $20,000, and even $200,000; so you can pay up to $15,000 per year for your NFIB membership. Sadly, many of the business owners I call on who are members (and God bless 'em) go for the cheapest they can. For example, they have 15 employees and pay the $395 level. With more, NFIB can do more. If you are an NFIB member and you are not paying "your fair share", call them right now and "up" your membership. 

Well, I warned you that I was going to be a bit "firm" about this but friend, our country needs small business and your community needs your business to survive right there in your community. But when you throw a little bit of money like it was a magazine subscription or softball league donation (and those are worthy causes) at the only organization which is watching your back at your state capital and in DC, you might want to rethink this. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: NFIB does not know I'm "being firm" and sharing my thoughts here, and that's exactly what they are, my thoughts.  I don't get a penny when you contact member support at NFIB and up your membership, but I will tell you that you most definitely will do more with your membership! 

Now let's get back to why I'm bringing this up. I'm sure you wouldn't mind paying $1000, $5000, or more in NFIB dues if I found $20K to $200K for you, would you? 

So enough already, LET US FIND YOU MONEY so you can 
have cash flow, invest in building your business, and joining other business owners in a big way with a larger NFIB membership... or anything else you can think of!!! 

Here's what to do.

1. Visit our secured website, enter a few numbers to see an approximate amount of money you qualify for. Remember, you don't pay these monies back. If you choose to move forward we'll set up a half-hour meeting to put everything in place. 

2. If you want to use these monies or some to invest in marketing your business, visit AskHaloforImprintsDOTCOM and I'll be sure that you get FREE SHIPPING on your first order. (You can also get free shipping on any first order even if you don't do step one). 

3. If you are an NFIB member, use some of the money to raise your membership fee. You'll feel better for doing it and NFIB will be able to do so much more for you and your business. If you are not yet a member, use some of the money we find to pay for your first-year dues. As a membership rep (#3A687) I can register your business.  Contact me and let's discuss affordable dues which work for you. 

I can't express this any more deeply than I just have. Money is available to you and you just have to ask. If you think your CPA and accountant know all about this and you have it all covered, then you are not one of the over 90% of clients who come to us and walk away with thousands of dollars in their pockets. 

I've shared three reasons and ways you can use this money and I'm sure you can think of more. Don't leave this page without at least looking at our secured site. It costs nothing to find out if you have money available and if you think you "have it all taken care of", in just 60 seconds you'll know that you do for certain. 

Make it a great day! 

Ter Scott! 
Business Coach, Resource Consultant, Online Marketing Influencer 

Stay home or work from a coffee shop making calls to customers and earn up to $100K. Get details here.


Ask LLC (All Solutions Known LLC) is hiring full-time/Part-time Phone salespeople! Earn up to $100K per year and get repeat business like clockwork! You call them and if they want to place an order, WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING and you share in our commissions. Sound interesting? Read on... 

Our business growth means opportunity for you. Despite the crazy economy and the shutdowns and all of it, we have actually prospered; to the point where we could use a little help. And frankly, we have no problem sharing our profits. 

This is a commission-only sales position, that you can do from a coffee shop, your home while watching your kids, or on weekends; it's up to you. You'll be using our expertly written scripts and your internet connection to earn up to $100K (and more) per year.

Our business is growing to the point where we want to share our profits with you. We can see the need to serve more customers, and there are so many out there who need what we do and at a price that's fair.

All Solutions Known LLC offers “What Business Needs”©. We offer many diverse products and services other than branding solutions, however, we are focusing on that area for now. 

You’ll only need Internet access, Word and Excel and phone; and consistently devote time to calling places you find online using our techniques, scripts, and our minimal training. You'll only be conducting short "conversations" and we're not really looking to get a yes or no so there is not any real rejection. That’s it. 

If you can devote 10, 15, or 20 hours consistently each week creating your own flexible schedule, you'll do great with this! 

  • You’ll contact business owners in your area (and around the USA; if you want but this is optional. The Internet doesn't "care" where you live) by finding them online and sending them a friendly “intro” email.
  •  (We will train you on how to “find” them). 
  • You’ll copy and paste our script into an email and send it. You’ll need to keep track of information in an excel file so you can follow up over time and we’ll know that you are the one we need to pay when orders come in.
  • You’ll then follow-up later (in a couple of days) with a quick phone call offering something free; everyone always likes “free”.

It’s a numbers game so the more calls you make the more orders will come in and we simply share our commissions with you. You’ll be a subcontractor and will complete form 1099 prior to the training.

How much will you make?

That depends on the number of orders which come in and how big they are. Larger companies place larger orders. But we work with “Mom and Pop” stores too. 

Our company is AskHaloforImprintsDOTCOM. You can go to our online site right now and see that we are very big (as a partner of Halo); powerful and professional. Together we have 40,000 clients worldwide and we want to serve more; that’s why we offer this opportunity to you. 

We typically earn a 20% average commission on the total price of each order and we'll split that 50/50 with you. It's very typical that a sale will conservatively have a commission of $100 to $500 and more. 

When you’ve contacted a company and they become a customer if they order within 6 months of you contacting them, you’ll get paid. As time goes on, you'll build an easy ongoing relationship with customers and get "easy" repeat commissions on repeat orders! 

We’ll be rolling out other opportunities later and we will open them to our existing phone associates first. 

Please note, we are not "Halo Branding Solutions"; that's our parent company. We are an official representative for this awesome company. They are excellent and serve over 40,000 clients worldwide. You can find out more about them by visiting our site, AskHaloforImprintsDOTCOM, and clicking "About Halo" in the dropbox at the upper left side of the page. 

We are fortunate to be associated with Halo. It takes going through a lot of "hoops"; continual training, knowing the processes, knowing and working with the suppliers, dealing with entering orders, shipping and billing, past experience, etc. to get in and keep our position with Halo. You won't need to deal with any of that or manage the usual "headaches" in running a business. Simply make the calls and when a business person expresses interest; we'll do the rest.

Contact us and you could soon be on your way to making an income from your home that only high-end professionals and doctors earn.  

WARNING: This is not a GET-RICH scheme. What you make depends mostly on you; you make the calls and people liking you will want to place orders. There is no pressure on you from us and you won't use pressure on prospects. Simply let business owners know that we are available for them and that we "Have What Business Needs". 

For more details and to express your interest, please use our contact form on this page, tell us a bit about you, and include your name, email, and phone number.

Ter Scott, Business Strategist, Coach and Resource Consultant reccomends these three things for your successful biz...

Here is my business letter with clickable links. Click away today and let me help you. This might sound crazy because I don't think you'll hear this often... I promise not to "manipulate" you. If I can help you (which I know I can) fine; and if you don't feel that I can, that's fine too. Life will go on for both of us either way. 

Real quick, here are three things that will help your business. Ask me about one or all.

I’m Terry (Ter) Scott.

Please don’t only read this first paragraph and dismiss the rest of this message. I have been in the business of helping business for over 25 years and what I have to share will definitely help yours.


You may know me as an NFIB rep and I want to say, thanks for being a member, past member, or prospective member! Every year it’s very important all small business owners support each other by banning together with NFIB to protect your rights as a small business person. Currently NFIB is working hard to protect the 20% tax deduction for small businesses. If that goes away, it will essentially be a 20% tax increase. If you have questions about this, other issues, or your membership, please reply or call me. I work with business owners all over the USA. Your NFIB.COM Membership Rep#3A687.


Like you, I own a business (outside my NFIB duties) in which I offer branding solutions (Imprinted and I.D. Products); online at There are thousands of items from pens to apparel available for your imprint. Ask for free shipping on your first order. Currently, we have introduced our 1021 catalog with awesome pricing. I am privileged to work with very small companies to very large corporations and every client is treated the same; like “royalty”!

My company, Ask LLC offers expense reduction services finding and recapturing lost monies from Credit Card Processing, Employer Payroll, Tax Incentives, Parcel Shipping, Property Owner Tax Incentives, Property Taxes, Waste & Recycling, Work Comp Insurance and so much more. Our in-depth search program digs deep to find local, regional, state, and federal programs that you have no way of finding on your own. The good news is, we’ll do the work and we’ll do it for your free! Start searching here and in 5 minutes you could find thousands. How could that help your business right now? Visit here and I’ll see you on the other side and most likely, with a fat check!

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of NFIB, get free shipping on your first order for imprinted items with, and/or get your no fee expense audit (get cash right now for cash flow or holidays with click on the links or call me. I believe in giving more than expected and that is why I humbly acknowledge that I’ve been successful in helping business owners and companies for all of these years.

Please allow me and my team to exceed your expectations in one or all of these areas. I also work with a select few who hire me for private one on one sessions as a business strategy and success coach. If interested, please inquire.

Make it a great day!

Terry Scott 

PS. If you have questions about NFIB membership benefits, the FREE SHIPPING ON FIRST ORDER of imprinted promo and I.D. items or how to recapture overpaid expenses and tax incentives, please call me!

Ter Scott's Business Watch reveals more on PPP, ERTC, and COVID-19 Relief Updates from the American Rescue Plan Act

Thanks for stopping. 

If you are here, you've probably seen my short video on... 

Breaking News: PPP, ERTC, and 
COVID-19 Relief Updates from 
the American Rescue Plan Act

If you are not yet an NFIB member, please allow
me to register your business. Call me using my
number in the photo below and we'll
discuss an affordable membership fee.  

saving money (lots of money; and time and hassle) on
imprinted branded solutions with your message... 

plus getting every penny you are owed; 
beyond the government programs (we've been 
assisting businesses to recapture funds long 
before anyone heard of PPP): 

I am pleased to offer you these three important services. 
Click on the images above to 
find out more about ... 

Joining NFIB (call me using my cell number in the image above)
Saving money on Branded Solutions (Don't forget to ask for free shipping on your first order; USA only and to a single destination). 

We also offer other products and services. 
That's why our slogan is, "What Business Needs". Inquire. 

Make it a great day! Ter 

Here's the BIG THREE for any sized business, Get your money, join advocacy group and put your name on stuff.

Hello. If you are reading this you are a business owner. You may have been sent here because you are a freelancer of some type and you are busy. Thanks for stopping and I won't waste your time. 

I'm am very serious when I present information on this site. I do not spend my time typing senseless words without the expectation to help people. I am a real business person myself and my time is valuable. If you are one of those who stop by and don't take action, I can't help you. If you are one of those who stop by and don't click the links to my sites where I've helped hundreds (and thousands in some cases) or you believe something is too good to be true, please leave and continue failing until you have some faith in yourself, your business and your fellow man. 

Now, if you are still here, let's get on with it. 

My company, All Solutions Known which is based in Wisconsin but doing business everywhere in the USA and parts of the world offers "what business needs". I will not share everything my company offers except for these BIG THREE. You can inquire later about the other services but these are the three which will help your business to prosper and grow immediately. 

PPP Monies and More

My company has helped business owners recapture funds long before the PPP became a "thing". We find monies for over 90% of our clients. For freelancers and very small business owners, we may find a few thousand dollars, usually, we find about $20K and for our larger clients, it's in the hundreds of thousands. Two things; usually you've got to be a "big guy" (or gal) company to even get this kind of service. Our company works with you regardless of how big you are. Plus, we'll do an online expense and money-finding audit for you at no fee upfront. If we don't find you money or you don't move forward, we don't get paid. I am a senior advisor with Stryde Solutions. Visit and find six ways to money in 60 seconds. 

Click to visit our secured site, enter a few pieces of information and you'll immediately find out about the PPP along with all the other monies you are entitled to. This is a no-brainer. If you are a business person and I can't give you "free money" then please move on, there really is no hope for you or your business. 

If you are still here, I have two more things to share. 

Next, I want you to know that as a business person; again regardless if your company is large or small, you must "give back". You may be giving back to your church and your community by donating to the local youth league which is good but as business owners, we need to back an organization that has "our backs". What I mean is that we must support something which fights for our right to own a business and protect it from government overreach. Some people think that their business is too small or that they are immune because they have an online business. To that, I emphatically say, WRONG!!!

With the first service which I offer above, you'll have more than enough money to pay your membership fee to join this 75-year old plus organization. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is the most influential business organization in America. (If you are one of my clients in another country, I'm sorry; this is only for those in America. Please move on to my third service below). 

Every day that you are running your business, NFIB is making sure that your voice is heard at your state capital and in Washington D.C. You'll get to vote ballots (on current issues), learn about important issues which could affect your business profits, and get tons of other benefits. You could visit but as a membership rep, I invite you to allow me to register your business. Frankly, that's how I get paid and I will be sure to explain everything, make sure you are getting everything, and give you my special brand of customer service. Use the Contact Form on this page to request more information. 

Thirdly, every business needs branding solutions; meaning things like imprinted pens, apparel, decals, and the like. My company is AskHaloforImprintsDOTCOM and like with Stryde Solutions, we work with single-person businesses to large corporations and everyone is treated fairly with pricing and service; plus we ship around the world. Check out our site and see why 40,000 others trust us with their business. Mention that you are a first-time customer and I'll give you FREE SHIPPING (to any single destination). 

So that's it. 

We find you money and we do it for free. 

Join NFIB today (let's discuss an affordable membership fee; you choose). 

Get your name on stuff and get it "out there" working for you! 

Thanks for stopping and I hope you'll take me up on one or all of these services. I wish you the very best. 

Ter Scott 

Life & Legacy Coach, Business Strategist, Influencer

Take advantage of tax credits for up to $19,000 for employee wages paid since March 12, 2020. Here's how.


NFIB offers these webinars at no fee to any small business owner because for over 75 years we've supported small business, and stood up against unfair government overreach and simply by keeping the needs at the forefront of local, state, and federal legislators when issues are being considered to become law. While you as a small business owner are running your business, NFIB is working every day for your right to keep it. 

Tax Tips for the 2021 Tax Season: 

COVID-19 Tax Planning

with Anders CPAs + Advisors

This week’s webinar will provide details about:

1. Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and tax implications;

2. Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) how to take advantage of tax credits for up to $19,000 for employee wages paid since March 12, 2020;

3. Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) determine eligibility for tax credits 100% of sick-leave pay;

4. Expansion of charitable gift deductions for 2020 tax year; and 5. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) a review of changes including deduction for pass-through entities of up to 20% of business income.

Following is a link to the important webinar replays conducted by NFIB; these are awesome and you would expect to pay big bucks elsewhere for this information which was reserved for members only in the past. Because of the hardship, the pandemic has had on small businesses, NFIB has opened these to every small business owner; member, and nonmembers. 

Please, watch the webinar and if you have questions please contact me. Also, if you are not yet a member, please consider joining. A very low-cost membership fee helps us to continue bringing these webinars and offering other benefits possible. Finally, please allow me to register your business, that is how I make my living. If you go to the website and register there, you'll get a complete membership but I will not get credit (or paid). When you allow me to register you, the fee is the same but you'll receive my special brand of special attention and service. 

So, click on the links and enjoy. And, if considering membership, please return here and contact me using the number in my photo below. 

Watch the replay: 

Download the slides (with important charts and "live" links to resources):

To join, renew and refer a business, please call me using the phone number in my picture below. 

...take advantage of tax credits for up to $19,000 for employee wages paid since March 12, 2020. My own firm, Ask LLC offers a no-fee audit and consultation to ensure you are getting every cent. Please call me (in the image above) or visit