Ter Scott’s No Fee Policy on Consulting and Creative Services

Because I’m known across America as a consultant, coach; and graphic designer to some big concerns, my time is NOT any more valuable than anyone else, but I must be judicious in how I use my hours. I welcome all to apply for a donation of my time and services, however please adhere to the following “policy”.

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve requested me and my company to donate my time or services. If not, consider this a notice that I am available to do so from time to time (in case you are interested) but I must abide by some rules or as with any business person, I will spread myself too thin and will be useless (“ used less”) by others who deserve my attention.

If you are a consultant, graphic artist or anyone who bills for your time, feel free to use this. If you can add anything, do so in the comment section.

So you would like me to donate my services…

I may be able to do so, however …

  • I must have the details; all or as much as you can give me, your organization, contact information, what is the project about and more.
  • What is your timeline? Please don’t expect me to do a “rush” on anything which will be on a “no-fee” or “donation” basis. Clients who request this usually pay more for that luxury. If you ask me to speak to fill in for someone who canceled at the last minute, if I am available it will be for full price.
  • If this is for graphic design, I must know everything about where the image will be placed, what size of imprint, where will it be placed and used.
  • Have some skin in the game; what are you offering at no fee or on a donation basis?
  • If my work will be for your project, how far along are you toward completion? I do not want to invest time to complete something only to have you not complete your part and my work not be used. If this ever happens, just once; please don’t bother asking me for anything in the future. Just be sure that you will complete your end. Often I will agree to do something on a donation or no fee basis with the stipulation that if my work and time is not used that I will be paid for my time, work and service.
  • Please also know that just because my work will be used as a donation that I cannot “do less” because I am paid less; or not at all. I will probably not create as many pre designs (if this is for graphic art services) but you will receive my very best that I can do within the limitations of the project.
  • I will make no or very few revisions so it is important to know exactly what you want from the outset and what you get is what you get (which will definitely be better than most alternatives). 
  • If other vendors, creatives and others will be paid for contributing to the project, don’t ask me to donate my time and talent.
  • If you are a friend, I understand all about favors and helping one another but please don’t forget that I am a professional just like your doctor, dentist, mechanic, plumber and neighbor who is a remodeling contractor.

I remember an incident from years ago when during the after church “coffee get together” with the guys talking to each other and one would say that he needed his car looked at to a friend who was a mechanic. Another asked about remodeling a bathroom to a friend who was a remodeling contractor.. They both expected to pay; perhaps to maybe get a “friend” discount but to pay something just the same. Then one would say to me, “I need a poster done; you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it”.

If that is you, please don’t insult me like that; it won’t get you my time at a reduced rate, donated or at all. What I do it talent and intellectual property. If it was so easy, you’d do it yourself or settle for the “software” that creates images but without the human intellect which moves emotions and gets you business; garbage in, garbage out. (If your customer or client is a computer, create your logo using computer software. If you customer or client is a human, have a human create it; with the aid of computer software). 

If all of this sounds a bit like a "rant" it isn't really, just a business person speaking as such. 

I love creating art, graphic design, consulting and speaking. I love giving more value than expected. And, I would love to donate something for your cause when I can, when you provide as much detail as possible and when you value what I do.

Ter Scott


BTW: I am having a great time going through a great program by one of my mentors, Jeff Lerner. This is the exact program I'm doing and I wouldn't recommend it unless I was and I knew it was phenomenal. He is offering it (not for free but) at a reduced price when you click here

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Terry Scott, Marketing & Branding Specialist

Terry (Ter) Scott has been a veteran of the promotional products industry since 1981, but don’t let his young age fool you. Terry is passionate about keeping up with the latest marketing and branding tools and trends. He loves music, playing guitar and performing. He’s young at heart!
Equipped with vast experience and knowledge of his industry, Ter makes a competent and creative partner. When he collaborates with his client’s on their projects, he strives to save them time, money and hassle. The fact that each day is unique and offers new challenges is Ter’s favorite part of his job. It keeps him passionate about what he does and he finds the opportunity to work with businesses and organizations of all sizes incredibly rewarding.
Intelligence, Integrity and Innovation are what keep him and his client’s successful and always ahead of the competition. He works to help his customers find out what they want, what the best way to get it is and then he turns that plan into reality. He believes that the most important element to successful branding campaigns is to know who you are as a company and exemplify it in everything you say and do.

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Exclusive HEALTHCARE Pricing and Service of Imprinted Items

For those readers who are involved in Hospitals and Independent, Hospice and Home Health, Urgent Care and Practitioners, Nursing Centers, Veterinary Clinics, Nutrition and Alternative, Dentistry and Optometry, Medicine - I want you to have this free guide. If I can help you in any other way, please let me know.

Request this free guide by using the contact form on this page. Looking for a specific item? CLICK HERE to search.

4 Things Business Owners Can do if Forced to Shutdown...

I have a special message to business owners who, sadly, have to shut down their business. Having been a business owner of several businesses over the years and working with business owners as a consultant and also over the past 2 years as a membership rep with NFIB I knew of the instability of many businesses. Like employees seem to live from pay check to pay check, business owners live from one event or holiday season to another. Now with the shutdown of so many businesses and with the cancelling of most all of the events which brought money to the community and the business, many businesses are at the brink of closing. If you are a business owner and you haven’t been affected “directly” you have still been affected “indirectly” and the cost of your raw goods to build your product or service your customer is rising due to these issues. No business owner is totally immune.

OK, that’s the picture, as bleak as it is. But there is certainly hope for small business in general and we just can’t sit back idle and expect things to change for the better, we need to take the necessary action.

What is this action? Well, I will share a few ideas which I and my team can help you with.

First, let’s get you “OK” so you can move forward confidently through chaos. Then we’ll talk about what you can do about your business and how if you must close you doors, how you can exit gracefully and with money in your pocket.

Request a no-fee 15 Minute Mindset Session 

If you are reading this, you can have at your request, 15 minutes of my time; not to commiserate but to communicate. This will not be a sales pitch for my products or additional coaching/consulting. I sincerely want to hear your concerns and offer a few ideas in how you can move forward. Obviously, I only have 24 hours a day so my time is extremely limited. But if you are serious, I want to do this for you. 

You can request more information by using the contact form on this page.

Use our Online Funds Finding Calculator; free. We'll deduct our fee only after we find you money. 

What I will share with you next could very possibly “save” your business with additional cash flow, now; not weeks or months from now. And it only takes a few minutes of your time. My company offers an online calculator; a secured site that you can go to right now and enter a few facts and figures and our proprietary software searches thousands of local, regional, state and federal programs which puts money in your hands and much of it doesn’t need to be paid back. Find out what you and your business qualify for and pick and choose what you want to take advantage of. There is no way that you or your accountant or financial advisor (unless they are part of our team) could do this for you. If you decide to move forward, we’ll deduct a fee for our services. That’s it.

I’m so surprised by those who don’t take 2 minutes to check this out. We’ve captured over $500 million for our clients. You could even get up to $5000 - $9600 per new hire; if you stay in business and are hiring. Oh, and if you are exiting the business, we have programs to assist you in gaining funds to when doing so, so you won’t have to break open your retirement nest egg.

Protect your Assets; Don't go Broke in a Nursing Home

Depending on your age, you may be considering retiring all together. Now is the time to lock down everything that you have so you don’t lose it all in a nursing home. This is totally legal but the time to start is now; the clock is ticking on this. 

Contact me using the contact form on this page. 

Become a Membership Rep for NFIB

I’ve mentioned that I am a membership rep for NFIB; perhaps that’s how we know each other. I will now share something that might work for you.
If you are closing down your business and will be looking for a job, look no further (unless you live in my area). Consider doing what I do as a membership rep. You already have business knowledge, you know the concerns you have as a business owner, and you no doubt could easily relate to every business owner out there.

So, why not?

As a rep, the money is there; I doubled my income in my first year when I started with NFIB. The training is second to none; I know. I’ve been trained in many industries and nothing compares to NFIB’s culture and training. NFIB is so dedicated to the success of its members that the membership reps and everyone involved treat them and their membership dues with respect, honor and the integrity they deserve.

Not everyone makes it as a membership rep; it’s hard work. But as a business owner, you are no stranger to a good work ethic. Many of our reps are past business owners.

If you are the slight bit interested in becoming a rep, please contact me. Certainly you could go straight to NFIB.com and click on careers but before you do, let me tell you why you should go through me.

This is not “multi-level” or anything like that, and yes there is a small “bounty” when a membership rep brings someone on; just like most companies do with employees who refer someone and they get hired, so I will get that. But the real reason is that I can train you!

NFIB is a large organization and in all areas of all fifty states so there is a chance that I’ll bring you on and you won’t get me as a trainer. We’re all good; so that would be fine anyway.

But if I train you, I will share my tips and tricks to become successful as soon as possible; “immediately” during your first week is typical. I live in Superior, Wisconsin but I’m training someone in Knoxville Tennessee this week. I’ve been to Iowa and Utah recently to train one on one.

I mentioned how I doubled my income the first year I was with NFIB and that’s because I brought with me skills and strategies which guaranteed a fast start; even in less populated areas where I reside.

So, if you are interested in learning more about NFIB and a position in your area as a membership rep, contact me. I’ll fill you in on everything and when I send you to HR you’ll have a “leg up” on things with a greater chance of winning the position and winning when you are out in the field helping your local business people.

Contact me using the contact form on this page. 

Thanks for taking time from your day to consider these ways in which I can help you. My heart goes out to you and I want you to know that it is true, when one door closes another opens.

I’ve shared how ...

You can request a phone or Skype session of 15 minutes with me to discuss things and how you can move forward.

I talked about my company secured tax and money calculator where you can search thousands of data bases to find money that you can use, right now, in just a few minutes.

I’ve shared how you can protect your assets so you “don’t go broke in a nursing home”.

And if you will be looking for a job, I can’t help you. But if you are looking for a “career” I can. If your area is open or you can move to where an area is open, you can call on business owners and tell the the NFIB story and sign them up as members. Being a membership rep for such an awesome organization is probably the most satisfying thing I’ve done in my entire working life.

Contact me with questions so you can take advantage of one or all. 

I can’t help everyone but I can help you. You know who you are. Many will not get this far with me and my message. Many who have, won’t take action. Few will. If you are part of the “few”, I want to work with you.
Take action today and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott! 
Business Resource Consultant 
and NFIB Rep (3A687)

What is the difference between a Coach and a Mentor?

Life & Legacy Coach

Well, I guess everything changes and as the Life & Legacy Coach I know this and encourage my clients to move forward and proactively “be” the change. So I am updating what I do and what I offer. Here I will share a bit about my coaching.

I will explain here, a bit about “who” Ter Scott is, and what it is that I do.

First and foremost, I am a “coach”. I can be a “mentor” but because of my vast background (I am several decades in calendar years) of doing so many different things and helping in so many different industries and with the variety of what I do and have done, I am more of a coach.

Most people do not know the difference between a coach and mentor; and I’ll make the definition easy. 

A mentor has traveled the miles and has gone on to where you want to go and can then, hopefully, show you the way. Think of the letter “M” in “Mentor” as “M” in “Miles”. Not all mentors are good teachers. They don’t even know how they got to where they are. If you have a good mentor who is also a good teacher, pay attention and take direction; you’ve been blessed.

A coach will “coach” you on your way to your goal, your purpose; your destiny. That’s exactly what I do. One of my purposes in life is to share my talents as a guitar player. I’ve taught guitar and in that case, I can also be a mentor and help people get to where I am as a player. I’ve also taught piano; but that isn’t my “instrument” so I have been a “coach” to those students; using my overall experience as a musician to teach. Many of those students have gone on to be successful pianists and have far surpassed my skills on the keyboard.

So that’s the difference, I feel, between what a mentor and a coach is. And I’m mostly a coach.
I coach individuals and I coach individuals who are entrepreneurs and business people which puts me in a role of business consultant; but I may be getting off the subject here with you; which by the way, again is why I’m a coach.

You and I both only have so many hours in a day so if we mutually choose for me to be your coach, we are both fortunate.

If you would like to learn more about my coaching services, the rates and my schedule (and even get a no fee 15 minute session) please contact me.

Would you like to get 15 minutes via phone or Skype with Ter Scott? Request information with a short comment as to why or what your issue is, using the contact form on this site.

Thanks for reading this. Make it a great day! 

Ter Scott! 

I'm having a great time learning from my friend, Jeff Lerner. Check out his free training here

Attention Retired Business Owners, You need NFIB and NFIB needs you. Membership Rep Terry tells why...

This is a letter I send to all of my members who are retiring or have been retired for years. They still can have a voice and have an impact on what goes on in business, the economy and what happens in America even as a retiree.

If you own a business, have owned a business and you are not supporting NFIB please ask me and I'll get you started. It is ridiculously low for the value you get as a member. Just use the contact form on this page. Here's my letter. Feel free to share this article using the social media buttons below. As a membership rep, I can assist any business located anywhere in the USA.

Hello NFIB, small business and Free Enterprise Fan. 

How is your retirement going? I hope you are doing the things you deserve after owning and operating a successful business and supporting free enterprise all of these years.

Because of your support and that of many local small businesses, NFIB has been pushing back on unfair practices which hurt small business and frankly, the American consumer and citizens too. As small business goes, so goes the country.

We see what’s going on in our streets; the violence and damage to businesses. We see the lack of leadership by certain parties surrounding COVID which is causing businesses to shut down (many permanently) and calls to defund the police. And we see the outright “stealing” by our government in the form of taxes and over reach. I have not seen anything like this in my 64 years of living in this great country.

Yes, I’m 64 and still out being the “Paul Revere” for small business, because I want to do something to protect the future of my kids and grand kids.

These same issues which affect business also affect us as consumers. For instance, if the “one size fits all” $15 dollar minimum wage goes into effect, it will put many of the remaining small businesses who manage through the COVID shutdown, out of business. Any who manage to stay in business will have to raise the cost of product and services to, guess who? You and me as consumers.

The 20% tax deduction that NFIB gained for small business a few years ago with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will go away, says Biden, if he is elected. Small business will have to make that up too, by raising costs to consumers. And there is so much more that NFIB is doing behind the scenes that it would boggle the mind to see just how it has fought this year for business owners, and American citizens, to retain their rights, freedoms and keeping the economy in check.

Thank you for reading this so far. I’m sharing this with you because I know that you have a heart for small business and you still believe in America. I hope you feel my concern and hear the urgency in my words. Not only small business is in the fight of their lives this year with the 2020 election; but also that every law abiding, constitutional loving American’s way of life is at stake.  

I know that you no longer own and run a business. You have been a member for a long time and supported the NFIB cause. Thank you, thank you; thank you. And it would be easy to say, “I’m done, I’ve done my part, and I’m walking away and enjoying my retirement”. If that is how you feel, I am totally fine with that.

However, I did want to let you know about an opportunity. This is an opportunity for you to still have a voice in what happens to your country; as a citizen and as a “Retired Business Owner”.

As a retired business owner, you can still support the cause of NFIB and keep “Free” in our Free Enterprise system … for generations to come. Your continued support helps NFIB to continue its mission of promoting and protecting the right of Americans to own, operate and grow their businesses. These Americans could be your sons and daughters and their sons and daughters for years forward.

The opportunity I’m speaking of is that of “Retired Member”. You still choose whatever you feel you can invest, from $200 to $15,000. It is entirely up to you; with more we can do more. You’ll be notified of challenges that we are tackling at the state capital and in D.C. You’ll have voting privileges, and other benefits and you can be as active or inactive as you desire.
Many “Retired Members” invest more than they had when they were active business owners because they have money and want to put it where it really can do the most good. Others, who now have the time, become more involved taking on a more active role with NFIB at the state capital.  (If interested, we can sure use you. Inquire).
You may have heard me say that when we retire we don't retire from our values.  I didn’t make that up; a retired NFIB member, who continues supporting the fight for America’s freedoms every year, told me that.

With your continued support, NFIB will continue to help the small business owners of the future- which are your and my grandkids, nieces and nephews. 

Right now the media paints a sad picture and you and I know that much of it is reality. Continued membership with NFIB offers hope that by combining forces with other believers of private property and private enterprise that tomorrow can be better. And frankly, I don’t know where we’d be without organizations like NFIB. And with retirees and current business owners supporting small business and the free enterprise system, I believe there is hope.

Again, I know you are “retired” and I wish you the very best; you certainly deserve everything you’ve earned. You’ve worked hard for every dollar that you have.

And I also know that if you are like 9 out of 10 retired business owners, that you see this as an “opportunity” to continue to do something great for business, America and our future generations.

Of course I’d love to see you support NFIB for many years through your retirement and feel good about contributing to a great cause which has helped America for the past 76 years.

But we need to focus on the present and small business; and America needs you now. I hope you’ll consider supporting NFIB this year with whatever you can. If you would like to continue the fight, please complete the form and mail a check to me or call me and I’ll process your credit card over the phone and email you a receipt.

$200 probably won't make a lot of difference in your retirement but when combined with the dollars by all of your fellow business owners; it will do a lot to keep this country on the right track. If you are able to contribute any larger amount (up to $15,000) please know every dollar will act as soldiers in the fight for freedom.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Again, thanks for all you've done. 

Make it a great day! Terry

PS. By the way, this is all me. I’m writing this as your local NFIB Rep (3A687). These are my words as a small business owner myself and lover of our way of life as an American; and not coming from our headquarters in Nashville.

PSS. If you know of a small business owner or anyone who would like to join the fight, let me know. Another idea which some retirees do is sponsor a new member by paying their first year membership. I am open to your suggestions on how to use NFIB to help small business and America’s free enterprise system continue. Thanks again.

Informative "Back to Work" webinars for small business owners at no charge here.

You are invited to attend informative, online webinars presented by the NFIB legal team; National Federation of Independent Business, at NO CHARGE.

Learn what NFIB is doing for other small business owners in Madison, and Washington DC to get your voice heard ... and things changed!

If you have questions or would like to become a member, please let me know.  I’m an NFIB Rep (3A687) and I also own and operate a business, so I know first hand the impact NFIB has in helping local business. Membership is very affordable.

Please click here to visit NFIB webinar replays; choose "webinar" in the resource box and then choose webinar. (Want to know when new webinars will air so you can attend live and have your questions answered? Leave me your name and email in the contact form on this page). 

Don't Play NOT to Win; quote by Ter Scott


Today I'm sharing one of my quotes which I use in my coaching sessions and from the speaking stage. If you are here and you like it and would like to spread the word, please click on the social media buttons below.

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When You Play Standard T-Shirt Front

Thanks for stopping. Make it a great day!

Ter Scott! Life & Legacy Coach

Get Business from LinkedIn, 5 Tips; start with a great looking photo.

Background Image

I have over 3500 LinkedIn followers; is that a lot? I really don't know. But I thought I would find out ways to connect with each of them in a deeper way so that I can really add value to what it is that they do. 

The first thing I found out is that to "attract" business we should have a good looking profile pic. Makes sense I guess being that it has been said that our face is our fortune. So if you aren't making a fortune yet, maybe you might consider using any or all of these 5 tips... (Follow this page so you'll see all upcoming tips). 

1) Use a professional-quality photograph for your headshot.

This is one of the first things people see when they’re scanning profiles. So don’t use a photograph that belongs on a hobby forum. In other words:
  1. Don’t use photographs of your pet for your headshot.
  2. No “artsy” shadowy photographs, or photos of just part of your face.
  3. No high school photographs. Your photo should have been taken within the last five years.
  4. No photos that are cropped group photos. You should be the only person in the photo. There is one possible exception: if you’ve got a photo of you with Richard Branson or another globally recognized business personality.
  5. No photos you wouldn’t include on your resume if you were doing an in person interview.
Speaking of resumes, if you are job hunting and you've not used our SparkMyResume's free web tool and certificate I.D. which puts your resume to the top of the stack, you should check it out. 

If you’re not sure if your current photo is good enough, consider using PhotoFeeler, a free online tool that lets other users rate your Facebook or LinkedIn profile photo based on how competent, likable and influential you appear to them. READ MORE