Trucking Company, RV Business, Campsite Business - check out this property FOR SALE located halfway between Mpls & Duluth.

 This is the homestead that I lived at when I went to high school in Hinckley Minnesota. I still love Hinckley and visit the town frequently to visit friends. The place is for sale right now and listed for only $225 for 75 acres. About 5 acres has buildings and debris that needs to be removed but the rest is of pristine fields, woods and some low land. 


I know that this would be ideal for anyone who currently owns a trucking business, RV business or campsite business to create a second location to work from. Hinckley is located almost exactly halfway from the Twin Cities and Duluth, Minnesota making it a great location. 

We are accepting offers but because of the location and the potential if interested please act fast. Heartland Realty in Hinckley is taking care of the transaction. 

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The first part of every successful fix and flip is finding the right real estate property.  That’s why we’ve created this easy, 5-point guide to help you find the “sweet spot” deal, which can give you the best chance at making money in real estate, while safeguarding your investment. We are only interested in funding projects that will give you the best opportunity at realizing success. Therefore our criteria is centered around these 5 points:

Homes above the FHA cap are statistically more likely to experience drastic fluctuations in value and can be more susceptible to local and overall market depreciation. Homes in the 5-point realm tend to be more resilient to these influences. If you do not know the FHA cap for your area, let us know the state and county the property is located. Remember, that for any of the above services, we mostly work with investors in every state except IL, ND, MI, MN, SD and VT. 

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I want to interview you and what you do for my ABC Solutions YouTube channel. You’ll get a professional banner link of the recording to add to your website and use in your promotional emails.

Hello. My name is Terry Scott and I’m the ABC Consultant assisting business people to prosper and succeed by being an advocate, use effective branding and after these two important steps, realize cash flow. So many people want to see the money first and then do what it takes later.

If you are a business person that believes in the ABC concept, I want to interview you for about 45 minutes to an hour about you, your business and what you are doing as an advocate and what cause you are advocating for. Then I’ll ask you about your business and how you are branding your business. And finally I’ll ask you what your best cash flow strategies are.  It won’t be quite all this formal; mostly conversational. I’ll just try to keep us on track so we end on time and offer something of value to the listeners that will help them succeed in life and business.

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Cash Flow:

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