Ter Scott’s Tips To Improve Cash Flow Links

Here are links to finding ways to improve your cash flow; a needed resource for today’s business owners. The only caution I would give when reading and noting things that could help you and your business specifically, would be to know what your own financial DNA is (a term used by Garrett Gunderson) and to look at each through the perspective of an investor.

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I recommend that you consider following Garrett Gunderson and Robert Kiyosaki to have the Investor Mindset and carry this over into your business.

Before I share the articles, I offer these two things:

Right up front I will say that if you don’t have to pay high prices for something, and get your usual products and services at less cost, you’ve instantly increased your bottom line. Can that happen? Yes.

·         Save up to70% on healthcare.

·         Quit paying a high monthly retainer to keep your attorney on standby and pay a small monthly fee for affordable legal.

·         Use thisdebit card to get the exact same amount spent back in return to repurchase necessities.

·         Save on all of your imprinted needs and even get free shipping on your first order.

And secondly, if you have lazy money; money in and stagnant place earning low or no interest, or you have “old” 401 accounts; accounts that stayed with your previous employers, put it to work earning at least 10% every 90 days. If you be selling a business, or acquiring a large sum of taxable income, we can help you to mitigate the tax liability. (Would you like to pay 100% of taxes or just 1% in taxes; legally of course…?) Visit www.InvestIntentional.com and message me to find out more.


 First I will share 3 articles from my favorite small business organization, NFIB. I was a territory rep for them for several years and absolutely agree with their aid to small business all across the USA.





The following are articles from various websites (highlighted in yellow).












Stupid or Wise, asks the Nation's #1 Resource Consultant when it comes to checking out a business or opportunity...


"Don't bother me, I've got that covered". 

"Don't bother me, I like paying high grocery and gas prices and don't need extra dollars to add to my lifestyle". 

"Don't bother me with your scams". 

Stupid or Wise? We all choose. 

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How to Make 1000 Mistakes in Business and Still Succeed; a 6 week course by Ter Scott

This is the blog post that I speak about in the videos. Visit here frequently for updates prior to and during the 6 weeks. 

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Feel free to contact me using the contact form and get your questions answered. I'll have a link on this page soon so you can register for the 6-week sessions. 

Terry Scott, America's #1 Research Consultant offers a Menu of Products and Services that help with Advocacy, Branding and Cash Flow.

 Hello. My name is Terry Scott. I'm known as America's #1 Research Consultant. 

My business is called All Solutions Known (DBA as ABC Consulting).  I've listed the product and service lines below, that I offer to help individuals, families, employees, and business owners.

This is my Menu of Services for Advocacy, Branding, and Cash Flow Strategies for individuals and businesses; each with links to get more information. It's very easy to self-enroll or take whatever action is necessary by clicking the links. However, please know that I or my staff are always glad to answer any questions that you have about anything. Simply contact me using the contact form or the phone number in the image above. 

BTW, these are not "affiliate links" that take you to companies and when you buy, I get a small commission or fee. These are actual "parts" of my business where I am either the owner, partner, agent, certified, authorized, trained, and licensed to represent them. Sometimes I may direct you to resources such as Amazon, etc. and you'll see an asterisk to indicate that I will receive a small percentage for recommending the product or service and sending you to their site. 

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LegalShield/I.D.Shield www.MyLegalRightsUSA.com Affordable legal care.

Electronic Caregiver GPS monitoring of falls and other dangerous environments. www.AlwaysConnectedCare.com

Impact Healthcare Sharing; is NOT Insurance but replaces your healthcare plan saving you up to 70% and it's usually better coverage. Click to see testimonials and pricing. 

Insurance; including Vision/Dental and Whole Life. 


A million items are waiting for your imprinted message. www.BrandingMore.com. 


Using any of the products and services already presented will help improve your cash flow. The following are more specific in understanding and implementing strategies. 

Drive Planning is a member-focused company that offers products using the financial strategies of the affluent to the public. We have new clients coming on board weekly, who trust us with $600,000; $700,000; and even $100,000,000 because they know that our system is sound and it works. Many of our clients start with our REAL program where they get a 10% ROR in just 3 months with only $20K. 

To find out more, visit my site: www.InvestIntentional.com 

If interested, please visit www.InvestIntentional.com. There you can get more information about me and Drive Planning, start a REAL application, and complete what we call a Financial GPS (please use the contact form on this page or select Terry Scott from the dropdown of Financial Advisors telling me you completed it to expedite your results and it gets my attention). You may also use the "Book a Call" button and select Terry Scott from the dropdown to also leave me a message. 



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