Restaurant Owners in Duluth MN Area Easily Recapture Monies to Reinvest into Their Businesses.


Did you attend the recent Upper Lakes Food Expo in Duluth MN? If so, even if I did not speak with you personally or you attended as an owner of a business in the hospitality industry, this "open letter" is for you. This is the exact letter I use to follow up with the people having exhibits at the show but again, if you own a restaurant or a similar related business, this certainly applies to you as well. 

Here goes... 

As a quick follow up to when I was the Upper Lakes Food event recently, I first wanted to congratulate you on a fine looking booth and sincerely hope you profit greatly from your efforts. I have several clients who either attended or exhibited. I for one will promote you to my business contacts (I work with many restaurants in both MN and WI).

I wanted to follow up with this quick note about how I can help you and your company profit as well. My clients invited me because I’ve helped them prosper and capture monies that they now use for payroll, remodeling and investing in other ways into their companies.

Through my team of professionals at Stryde Savings in Fenton Michigan, I save businesses money on their tax incentives and other business expenses. Why refuse money which is yours but not easily within your reach; without our help? We’ve recaptured over $500M for companies, Caterpillar, Toyota, Big Boy Restaurants and so many others like yours since 2005 and I can do the same for you.

We have helped thousands of companies reduce expenses and obtain large federal tax incentives that would otherwise go uncaptured.  Over 90% of all businesses can benefit from one or more of our services.

You don’t change vendors, but learn how your company can save money on:
All Credit Card Processing - Employer Payroll Tax Incentives - Parcel Shipping - Property Owner Tax Incentives - Property Taxes - Waste & Recycling and more.

We are the only service like this in America and we work on a contingency basis; if we don’t find you money, you don’t pay.

So again, thanks for your time both at the show and now here reading this letter. Hopefully now you are thanking yourself that we met and you have read this letter. We’ve saved companies just like yours over $500M and now it’s your turn. But, you need to call me or go to my quick calculation site. .You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we are able to do for you and how fast you’ll have monies to reinvest into your business.  

You can call my cell (and please leave a message if I’m unavailable; I’m probably helping another client to save and recapture monies). Or, you can use our simple “Show Me My Refund Estimate” Calculator. I’ve shortened the URL address to make it easier to type into your browser:

I hope you’ll act on this as this as soon as you can while you are thinking about this. Either way, I wish you continued success and as I mentioned at the outset, I will promote your product/service to my contacts.

Make it a great day!
Terry (Ter) Scott.

Click on image below to enlarge to read my phone number. 

Not just for Felons anymore. Now any job seeker gets their resume put on the top of the stack with this.

I'm glad to see that people who have paid their time, can now get the jobs they deserve. If you are one of the men and women who are in this category, please contact Felons Get Hired.

For anyone else, sometimes we are in our own "self-made" prison. We are in a job we hate, doesn't pay us what we are worth and doesn't fit our destiny.

When ANY JOB SEEKER of ANY PAST BACKGROUND uses the SparkMyResume program, you'll have your own online resume which tells your prospective employer what tax credits they qualify for when the choose you over another client. This is the "extra" that makes your resume "extraordinary"!

Because one of our services is assisting HR firms and staff at businesses hire and get what is called the W.O.T.C. program, which was originally set up back in the 40s to help ex-cons and veterans, I was pleased to see this SparkMyResume Program has started and wanted to share this with my readers.


First, if you are seeking a job, visit and claim your SparkMyResume I.D. and online resume page. This is a free service and explains how your resume goes to the top of the list at your prospective employer's desk; it works (because it easily presents to the business how they'll profit with government programs available when they hire you!) CLICK HERE.


Or, if you are in business and hire, or an HR staff, CLICK HERE and learn how hiring employees can create up to $9600 per hire.

Hire Right!

Secondly, click on this image to enter the contest. It may not seem like a large contest but think of the great cause it represents. That is why I'm sharing it here.

SparkMyResume or as an HR staff person with W.OT.C. online calculator. 

Make it a great day!


Correct Egregious Over-Assessed Properties and Tax Over Payments

Our mission is to offer a service that empowers homeowners and commercial businesses to correct egregious over-assessed properties and tax overpayments due to clumsy government assessments.

<-- An over-assessed property taxpayer who did not appeal his property tax ... years down the road!

We help others not to over-pay, just pay the proper property tax assessment that they should be charged. You are being squeezed enough, and should NOT overpay! Experts tell us that over-assessed properties excesses range from 40% to 60% (click underlined for verification; commercial properties only, request info for private homes, etc. using Contact Us form on this page).

    We give near-certainty guidance to clients in order to pay exactly what they should be charged, NOT OVER-PAY!

Property Tax ConsultingHomeowner (and business owner) when you got your tax bill were you taken back by the amount charged? The fact is: Most people DON'T KNOW that they are over-charged!

The over-assessed desperately need a Property Tax Assessment Review Service that has their back!

If you are a commercial property owner, CLICK HERE. If you are a homeowner, use the contact us box on this page.

We look forward to helping you. 

I'm Inviting B2B Consultants to earn $100K to $999K Within the Next 12 Months, Here...

Anyone reading this who

wants to focus on building his/her business with a competitive edge and add more cool stuff for their clients ... 

and is involved in business in any of these areas... (click on your area of expertise): 

can earn substantial income (in addition to what you already do by being better and offering something every business wants) in the amounts of $110K, $549K or $985K in the next 12 months; your choice. 

I'm inviting you to join me to listen to my partners present live this Thursday night.

I want to reach out to you personally to let you know, I’ve started working with a new marketing platform that’s ideal for our industry. To be honest, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ve gotten in front of more new clients by using this system than I ever did relying on my own efforts. I’m hooked, you’ve got to check this out! Please join me to learn more. I’ll be attending a free open to the public webinar on Thursday: October 25, 2018 at 1:00pm ET CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

I'm a real guy and help businesses get money back with tax incentives and business expense reductions. And, as you can see that here, I'm inviting other professionals (You) to join me and my team to do the same in your area, or anywhere in the USA via your computer. I'll show you how! 

Your first step is to be at our live webinar Thursday night. 

Let me share something. I am very busy as a coach and business consultant, I know that you are too. What I like about this system is that everything is automated. I "invite" business owners to my online calculators which do all or most of my work (really) and I will show you how to do the same, but... I can't help you unless you take the first step. Register for the call put it on your calendar and I'll see you there. Then, let's talk! 

About Stryde Solutions

Stryde Solutions helps clients in three key areas; reducing overall expenses, financial services and finding Specialized Tax Incentives. Between these three distinct divisions, we have assisted clients to obtain benefits in excess of $350M in the last 14 years. These three distinct divisions joined forces to become one organization when it was clear the direction that the Professional Services Industry was headed. We knew the key to building the perfect solution for Agents within this industry would be the combination of services with the creation of Stryde Solutions.

Stryde Services 

With our suite of services, you can offer the largest benefit of savings to your new and existing client base. We either find savings or there is no fee. This is the reason the Professional Services Industry finds our services the best way to get in the door as it separates you from competition and savings will always be, the best way to generate interest from a C Level Executive or Business Owner.


Are you a Professional who calls on HR Staff? Let us Open the Door!

Are you an HR Professional who assists HR staff to excel in their positions or call on HR department heads in any way shape or form? We help you "get in the door". Our 2-minute video explains. Watch it and if interested contact us to see if your area is open. 

A recent communication I sent to a prospective HR Consultant:

Hello (Name)! I saw your “write up” on Facebook about your talk recently at the Hermantown Chamber. One of the services which I do is working with HR departments to help them get needed WOTC monies when hiring. I think this could be a real asset to you in helping your clients. I’ve included a couple of links and if you’d like to have coffee we could discuss this further; partnership or referrals, or just coffee! Ter 

Hire Right!

If we work together you'll have a site which looks like this where you'll direct clients and prospects. CLICK HERE to see it.

Here is the video. CLICK HERE to watch.

Business to Business Consultants Wanted, by Your Local Business Owners...

Let me explain... 

My name is Ter Scott and I'm going to share with you, right now, that if you work with business owners on a one to one basis, that you are doing a disservice to them by not saving them on their taxes and other business expenses. 

If you have any relationship or credibility at all with your local business people, this is for you. I'm writing this today with no hype; just fact. If you like what you read and the short video at the end, I welcome you to the team! 

Contact me for this week's link to register for the weekly call link. 

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

People see my lifestyle and ask me what I do; well I do a lot of things, but I love my life. Every day I get closer to doing more, being more and having more.

One of the great revenue generators for me is working with Stryde Solutions. They are a great team of researchers who via their proprietary programs keep up to the minute tabs on every way a business can save on taxes and reduce costs. For me (and also you if you choose to join) I simply direct my business clients to a couple of online calculators, they fill in the numbers and the team at Fenton Michigan do all the work. I’m basically an “inviter” and market the services to my local business clients and across the country online.

If you work with business owners in any way shape or form, you should consider offering this tax and business expense reduction platform to your existing clients; it also gets your foot in the door with new clients as well (who doesn’t welcome someone who is going to give them money?).

Below are links which are “live” and take you (or a business owner) to the appropriate savings calculator. When you join my team (that’s the last link below) you’ll have your own lead capturing sites just like these. The additional difference is when you join my team you’ll get all of my marketing expertise to assist in your success (plus don’t forget you’ll have a coach at Stryde too!)

So, here are the links. Look at all and then if interested, watch the video using the last link below. If you are involved in any of the specific industries listed here*, let me know and I’ll also send you a video exclusive to your market.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!
Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant™
Business Success Resource Advisor with ASK LLC.

* Business Brokers, Business Consultants, Commercial Realtors, Life Insurance & Financial Planners, P&C Agents, Tax Professionals.

And here is the link which explains partnering with me and my team (I’ve recruited others from all over the USA in building my agency; this is something you could also do). There is really great training and support, plus weekly training calls; all very stellar! 

Image result for stryde logo

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