Ter Scott, America's Business Resource Connector, recommends investing with Acorns.

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Until 4/8/23 when you enroll with Acorns let me know that you did by using the contact form on this page, and when we can verify your enrollment, I'd like to send you something as my personal thanks in investing in yourself. 

I offer this promo (outside of Acorns; it's done with my money and doesn't come from Acorns) as my way of showing my commitment to offering the best in products and services that are reputable and really work. 

I also invite you to search this site for more A, Advocacy; B, Branding, and C, Cash Flow products and services. 

Good day! 

You may be here because you saw a notice like this one somewhere or your stumbled upon this page. Either way, welcome! You've found one of the "little wonders" of the world, in my humble opinion. Many people think of investing large money when they think of investing but here's the problem; they don't ever start because they don't have "big money" just lying around. 

I love Acorns because you start with just $5. 
Plus, Acorns offers so much more... 

Invest spare change in a diversified portfolio

Easy, automated way to invest for retirement

Checking with a debit card that saves & invests for you 

Smart money tips and tricks

Everything is pretty straight forward when you visit the site. You can use the contact form on this page if you have questions or if you were sent here by our promotion and need to contact us for instructions as to proof of enrolling to receive your prize. (We do our own promotions over what Acorns does). 

Ter Scott, 
America's #1 Business Resource Connector, 
ABC Business Consultant - Advocacy, Branding and Cash Flow Strategies