Legion Capital Corporation (Legion Capital), for which Brad serves as President, is going public and we are able to offer you the unique opportunity to participate in a Direct Initial Public Offering (IPO)

My clients know that I specialize in 3 major areas for business owners: money, marketing and motivation. What I am sharing here is in the area of "Money". Brad Hilton is related to what I call the "Hilton Dynasty" but he's a real down to earth guy and he is sharing an opportunity for my clients. You can hear about it by attending a call presented the next 3 days. 

My friend and business associate, Brad Hilton and I invite you to join us this Sunday, Monday or Tuesday evening via conference call (request call details below) for what we believe is an unprecedented offer for most.

Our company, Legion Capital Corporation (Legion Capital), for which Brad serves as President, is going public and we are able to offer you the unique opportunity to participate in a Direct Initial Public Offering (IPO) qualified under Regulation A+ of the Securities Act.
Brad, because he is a member of the world-famous Hilton family has of course been exposed to the tremendous wealth generated through the process of going public. If you are like me, or for that matter most, we haven't had that opportunity, at least early on...until now!
Legion Capital is a private equity firm that acquires, builds and operates companies in high growth industries and serves as the parent company to a group of strategically built subsidiaries which include Legion Funding, Legion Marketing, Legion Management, Legion Title and the Hilton Institute of Business. Legion Capital currently has holdings in real estate, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, aviation, marine industries, technology and private education, to name a few.
Legion Capital issued IPO shares qualified for sale under Regulation A+ of the Securities Act at $1.25 per share in April 2017. As of January 27, 2018 filings have been submitted to the SEC to raise the share price from $1.25 to $2 per share. Legion Capital expects approval from the SEC in the coming weeks. The goal, once the offering is closed, is to publicly trade on NASDAQ by May or June 2018, at a minimum of $3 per share, which is the minimum requirement for NASDAQ trading.
We're excited about our future and excited about being able to give you the opportunity to participate with us in what we believe is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We will host informational calls beginning this Sunday and continuing through Tuesday. Joining me on these calls will be Brad Hilton, Legion President, and grandson of Hilton Hotel founder Conrad Hilton along with Legion CEO, Jim Byrd.
This is by invite only. To receive phone number and code... 

Warmest Regards,

Terry (Ter) Scott, with Brian Cervenka & Brad Hilton

If you have interest or questions, please complete this form. You'll receive details plus my cell phone number for direct access to me. 

For information only, not an offer to sell securities. Shares can only be purchased thorough Subscription Agreement - please refer to the prospectus on the company website, www.legioncapitalcorp.com for all information & limitations

America is OPEN for business; which means tax incentives and expense reductions for small business!

Life is good for business, but it can be “gooder”. See how here!  

Business news for USA business owners:

Image result for open for businessThe US is experiencing strong economic growth…
The stock market smashing one record after another
Consumer, business and manufacturing confidence is the highest it has been in many decades
2.4 million jobs recently created
Small business optimism is at an all-time high
Unemployment rates lowest in decades…
The world is witnessing a strong and prosperous America

America is “Open for Business”.

This is all good but still many business owners are missing out because they aren’t aware of how these regulations and laws have created new opportunities for available monies which now exist. 

Most CPAs and tax professionals do not know about these programs. Our team of attorneys, CPAs and other professionals are on top of all of this and will answer any questions you may have.

Take just 2 minutes to find out how much training monies are available to you when hiring, here.

Take just 5 minutes to see what your estimated tax savings will be, here.

Call us. 

Terry Scott is a Senior Advisor with Stryde Solutions. Terry Scott and their team work with clients on a national level to identify Specialized Tax Incentives, Expense Reduction and Financial enhancement opportunities.

Stryde Solutions has identified greater than $4 Billion in benefits for businesses and business across The USA. Call: 218-464-6777 (clients have our cell #).

Elephant helping another elephant sums up our consultants helping business owner philosophy!

If you are a business professional, you've come to the right place... 

Don't miss the elephant helping elephant video below. It pretty much sums up our business philosophy! 
I just ended a call with a business partner stating that there is so much opportunity in our great USA that it is very easy for anyone to wake up each morning with money falling on their head and it's the truth and he agreed! 

If you are a business to business type, I want you to read an email I just sent someone after chatting with him on the phone. It shows just how simple and people friendly this is. 

This business is totally transparent. In this post, I peal away the veil as to exactly what I do with my 3 websites to make an incredible income and lifestyle. I do this by showing you an email which I just sent to someone today after having a great chat. 

We help businesses identify and recapture monies and if we don't find monies, they don't pay. Who works on a contingency basis; "results or you don't pay" anymore? 

Below, I'm sharing links to my actual sites which you'll also have (your own) when you join our team of professionals. If you've got any gumption at all and want to better your financial picture within a very short time frame, act now while your area is still "open". 

Here's my email (enjoy and then act!): 

Hey, hey (Name); always a pleasure chatting with you. It's no wonder that you are as successful as you are! Here's the boars articles and also my Stryde recruiting site. Plenty of guys use it to build a team without hardly lifting a finger because they share their recruit link with business to business professionals: CPAs, insurance agents, business brokers, real estate brokers, etc. 

Here's my agent recruit site, where you'll sign up. 

After you sign up, as an agent, our service opens doors to your prospective clients because, who doesn't like getting checks, big checks? (Bigger the business, the bigger the check of course). 

Here's one: my WOTC site I share with all of my business contacts; I can speak to them personally or they self enroll while I'm sleeping. 

Here's two: another site that tells them an estimate on their taxes

You'll get all these sites for yourself when your become an agent with us. (I'll also help you with some of the online marketing tips that I use). 

Thanks again for all. 

Have a super weekend and I look forward to getting your info and making things happen! 


Was that "fun"? I think so. It's great to help others to help others! 

Wait for it... 

Put just a bit more in (your business) to get (much) more out!


Three is a good number and trying to keep my focus on only three things is a difficult thing for anyone, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I must live with it. My rational is that everything I do (and there is much more than just these 3 things; I assure you) is under the umbrella of marketing. That’s probably why I believe that “everything” is marketing. Elsewhere I spoke on money, and then about marketing so now we come to my third “m”, “motivation”.

When I conduct workshops and appear as a speaker in one of our beautiful fifty states (I am still waiting to be invited overseas so if you know someone…?) I definitely have to be “motivational” to not only present the case for what I’m sharing but also to get the audience with me long enough to try it out themselves to hopefully get some measure of success; enough for them to continue on to realize more. But as a business person, what is it that motivates us to do what we do; to do it with all we’ve got in us to give all we can to another in exchange for something in like kind; usually in the form of credit card, coin or cash.

Image result for zig ziglar quote motivationZig Ziglar told us that There is no such thing as a lazy person; he is either sick or uninspired. I also believe that the beginning of motivation is the realization that, as he also said, "In the game of life, before you get anything out, you must put something in!"

This week when you are thinking about your business success (you do think about your business, right?), think about yourself first; because your business is the direct reflection of you; your thoughts and your philosophy. When you are inspired, your business will be electric and “on”. In the game of business, as it is with life, when you put something (more) in, you’ll get something more out; usually much more. You are not tired, you are not inspired!


Write out 10 ways how you can do more this week to make your business “more”.

As promised, here’s my ad:

Try out my coaching sessions. I’ve been in the business of helping business for over 25 years and I get up every day loving what I do. You can choose from the personal “Life and Legacy”™ coaching which runs on my Major 8™ success track to attain and maintain balance in the 8 most desired areas of life or get right to the Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consulting™ where you learn how to translate your offline “Bricks and Mortar” business to a “Clicks and Order”™ business. You can get more details here.

I’m also very excited to offer my readers an opportunity to attend a 3 day educational event at one of 13 locations across the USA. This is about a $1,000 value and all you pay is your travel, eats and lodging. Get the details here (I can only offer 5 seats per location and they are filling fast).  

Marketing doesn't Cost Money...


I eat and breathe marketing and you should too as a business owner. You may not offer marketing service, but you should be marketing your service (and product if appropriate). Whatever your business is, butcher, baker or candlestick maker; you are not in the butcher, baker or candlestick maker business… you are in the marketing business!

I don’t have enough space here to try to convince you of this. First know that yes, you are creating and presenting something you love making or doing. If not, sell your business now; before it becomes worthless (or its worthlessness becomes known). When you are confident you have the best product or service, spend most of your time thinking of ways to tell others. That is marketing.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

As the owner, hire good people to do the work, and you spend your time thinking of ways to market it.

You don’t have to spend (or invest) money in most marketing methods. Amplifying what is commonly known as Word of mouth advertising (which isn’t really “word of mouth” or “advertising” as I’ll explain sometime) can be done inexpensively both online and off and it seems that the most effective is no cost.

Think creatively but not “cutesy”.

And the “big one” is always consider your audience and strive to think and see you, your business with its product and services through their eyes.


Take a sheet of paper and write down 10 ways to market your business without using any money. (Later you can add money to anything and sometimes make it more effective but start your list with events, and acts which require no or very little outlay. For instance, a smile costs nothing but it is an advertising technique seldom used; another is using the words, “Thank you”; but now I’m doing your assignment!

Then before your next week, either on Sunday night or Monday morning (or any time which works for your routine), repeat this exercise. Make this an ongoing routine in your business life.

Here’s the advertisement I promised, actually there are two:

Consider using our Secret Patron Service. It is a totally customized service exclusively tailored to your needs.

Also, visit and like my Facebook page for a chance to win a nice dinner and evening with yours truly at your choice of restaurant in the Twin Ports area. It will be a great opportunity to have your marketing questions answered during an awesome and relaxed event. (Visit the page and scroll down to see the contest post). 

Image may contain: one or more people and text

5 Ways Companies Don't look at to Find Available Monies for Cash Flow...

Finding MONEY for any existing business; any size. 

You started your business because you wanted to make money. Money means something to everyone and it means something to you. That “something” may not have been yet realized, or perhaps you are not “realizing” it to the full extent that you have desired. Maybe when you started your business, your definition of money from your business would mean more free time, more nice things, bills and large expenditures such as college and travel would be taken care of and even the “nice things” such as a home, a couple of cars, a boat, cabin and the list could go on.

The only reason why you have what you have up to now or don’t have has been entirely up to you. I’m not saying that if you do not have life as you want that you’ve not worked hard. On the contrary, you may be working “too” hard. Jack Canfield (the Chicken Soup Guy) says, “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it”. Ron LeGrand, the Real Estate guru (the “Grand Dad of Real Estate) says, “The less I work, the more I make”. So if these two guys are right, working harder is not the answer. We’ve all heard it said, “Don’t work hard, work smart”, but really what does that mean?

I can share far more in our one on one meetings but I’ll share the some very simple basics which are so “simple” you’ll want to dismiss them. However, the formula for most things, including success (even in your business) is simple, but not necessarily “easy”.

Depending on your business; its size and scope, you may have charts and goals, and contests and more and more motivational type things to “make things happen” by you and/or your staff and employees. These things will work and they do. But I’m sure that you may have some sales people who “just don’t get it” or “see the big picture” or participate on the level you would like. What I will now share with you works hand in hand with any promotion or sales contest or goal setting system you may have in place; or it will work alone.

There are all types of “discoveries” and “teachings” available to us about how to become successful, get our goals and desires, and improve our businesses; and many are simply some type of variation of this formula by Napoleon Hill.

Get yourself a pocket sized notebook.

Write down a clear description of your major desire in life.

On “page 2” write down your clear plan in how you’ll specifically act to achieve that desire.
And three, memorize both your major desire and plan as to what you’ll do and give to attain.
Write this on a card and read it a dozen times (or so) each day.

And end each with this “expression of gratitude”: I ask not for divine providence, or more riches; but more wisdom in which to accept and use wisely the riches I received at birth in the form of power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire.


Remember how I said that the formula may seem too simple? Don’t let it fool you; do it. Also, when you watch the videos, and see that this formula is from what seems “ages ago”, know that it is even more powerful today. Use it. There is more that we’ll cover and I’ll add to these words and steps when you feel like really putting this to use and become a client.

For now, visit YouTube and search for videos by Napoleon Hill. Watch a different video each day this week by this teacher. Be sure to take notes on each. The details with pop out at you, are those which are meant for you (someone else might Then choose your favorite one and watch it ten times. You can let it play in the background while reading emails, doing work around your desk, opening mail, etc. This is the minimum; you’ll be inspired in ways to use this educational tool which will work the best for yourself.

Here’s the “advertisement” I told you I would share:

Many business people continually get loans, and are all stressed out at different times because of cash-flow situations. Did you know that you can recapture monies which are yours but you simply don’t know about? Basically, 99% of all businesses, regardless of size find money when we use our proprietary service.

WE HELP CLIENTS GROW IN 5 KEY WAYS: SPECIALIZED TAX INCENTIVES, CREDIT CARD MERCHANT AUDIT, WASTE AND RECYCLING AUDIT, WORK COMP INSURANCE AUDIT and PARCEL SHIPPING EXPENSE AUDIT. Plus, we work on a contingency basis. If we don’t find you monies, you don’t pay. Don’t wait. Contact my office today or start my estimating your WOTC credits here. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what WOTC is, we’ll explain it). 

WOTC Program saves Businesses Billions.

I just found a great article explaining the WOTC program in my research for my new book:

There seems to be a ton of poor, outdated and misinformation on the web, but this article is actually pretty good. It's great to see articles like this because it validates all that I and my team of professionals back at the office have been saying, and much of those "billions" saved by businesses are because of Stryde and GMG; has identified greater than $4 Billion in benefits for businesses and business owners.

Stryde offers the one opportunity that EVERY business owner is looking for - enhanced profit margins. Our revolutionary business service continues to get those savings for our clients every day. Contact me to start the conversation. (If your business is located within 100 miles of the Twin Ports; Duluth MN/Superior WI I can meet you at your location, or if located anywhere in the USA, we can do a screen share). 

I think you'll really find the article both informative and interesting. After you read it, contact me immediately so we can see how you and your company could benefit. Or, feel free to visit my WOTC calculation site first, to see how much your company can get per new hires (up to $9600 in many cases). 

Here is the link to the article.

By the way, if you want to have THE WOTC BOOK, request it here Free

What are WOTC credits for business? Read it here, in THE WOTC BOOK.

When I speak to business owners about WOTC, most look at me like I have 2 heads. Others think they know all about it, but if so, why aren't they taking advantage of all the monies available that comes with the program? And why, if when they don't know, do they not take some time to find out more? 

I know the answers and I've made it easy to find out exactly what WOTC is and how it will improve any business' bottom line. 

I've written "The WOTC Book" 
and the first edition is absolutely free 
to the first 1000 people who request it!

The only catch is that I would welcome any readers comments that would in any shape or form help me to make future editions better. It's not mandatory, but highly appreciated!

Request your copy of THE WOTC BOOK here. 

From the inside of the book: 

The following is from a PDF brochure available online at:

When visiting the government website you’ll see the “basics” but it doesn’t tell the “whole story”. So I'm including "Author’s notes" which are in green


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from eligible target groups with significant barriers to employment.

Yes, but don’t “stop” there. This is why many business people and their tax professionals “don’t want to mess with this”. Unless the business hires ex-cons, or vets, why bother? I say, let us “do the work” and see if you qualify or not. If you don’t, it is our time wasted and you don’t pay us anything. But, if we find you a bundle of money to use to help build your business by training your new hires, you share a percentage of the monies with us.

Each year, employers claim over $1 billion in tax credits under the WOTC program. The success and growth of this income tax credit for business is beneficial for all who participate, while increasing America’s economic growth and productivity.

Great, so now there is validity to what I share with prospective clients; because it is right here in this government brochure.

 · WOTC reduces an employer’s cost of doing business, requires little paperwork, and applying for WOTC is simple.  

(That is IF you can move the paperwork back and forth fast enough to get it all done and entered within the 28 day time frame).

· WOTC can reduce an employer’s federal income tax liability by as much as $9,600 per employee hired.

True story, so why aren’t more business people doing this?

· There is no limit on the number of individuals an employer can hire to qualify to claim the tax credit.

Yippee! Let’s do this! (Check to see if your business qualifies for WOTC, visit here). 

· Certain tax-exempt organizations can take advantage of WOTC by hiring eligible veterans and receiving a credit...

But wait, there’s more! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But, if you would like to know more, request my newly published book titled: THE WOTC BOOK. What WOTC is and how it Benefits Your Business.

Every business qualifies for tax credits. Have you exhausted all of these?

How to Raise Capital for Your Business, 3 Day Training; FR@E as Ter Scott's Guest!

Ter Scott, Bricks to Clicks Business Consultant (Money, Marketing, Motivation) has partnered with Legion Capital and The Hilton Business Institute. As an “online Grand Opening” Ter is offering an amazing introductory offer.

You are invited to a 3 day educational event in a city near you (you just pay for any travel and lodging). There are 5 “Free Attendance” slots reserved for Ter’s guests in each location so RSVP now!

Here is agenda for each 3 days:

Join Top American Business Experts at the Hilton Institute Business Growth Workshop at a City Near You. 
Spaces are filling fast. CLICK HERE to RSVP
Over three days, the Hilton Institute Business Workshop will help you develop the critical skills and know-how to grow your business, raise capital, finance expansion, increase sales and profit and enhance enterprise value.
It’s no secret that results come from action. The Hilton Business Workshop focuses on innovative strategies for business growth, in the areas of general business and real estate entrepreneurship.
Renowned entrepreneur Joesph B. Hilton and his team will be on site to personally train at this Business Workshop.
This is a hands-on, ‘get it done’ workshop.   If you want business results, you need to attend.  
Here’s what you will learn:
  1.  How to Raise Capital for Your Business
  2.  How to Cross Market and Expand Your Existing Business Lines
  3.  How to Create Strategic Partnerships for Growth & Profits
  4.  How to Access Public Markets for Capital
  5.  How to Work with Venture Capital and Banks
  6.  How to Attract Investors 
  7.  How to Use Social Media to Attract and Retain Clients
  8.  How to Use Database Marketing For Long Term, Repeat Business
  9.  How to Dominate on Google. 
  10.  How to Tell Your Business Story and Connect with your Clients

Click on the Business Growth Workshop location to RSVP and attend as Ter’s guest. If spaces are not filled, you’ll receive details of location etc. via email. 
CLICK HERE and state the "LOCATION AND DATE" where and when you want to attend. Spaces are limited and will fill fast. Complete form today and you'll receive confirmation via email. 

Join Top American Business Experts at the Hilton Institute Business Growth Workshop at a City Near You: 

Tax and Expense Reduction Tracker, Free Here.

Stay up to date on tax and expense reduction programs and news to save money and protect your bottom line. Subscribe to Ter's online magazine, delivered to your email box monthly.

It is absolutely free. CLICK HERE to subscribe. We protect your email and personal data and it stays with us. You can also use the form for general communication about Tax & Expense issues. 

Know when Business is "In the News" with Ter Scott's Lead Alerts, MN/WI and USA versions.

If you conduct business with other businesses in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you need to subscribe to 
Ter Scott's Lead Alert Service

He and his team scour the Internet to learn when businesses and business people get in the news and then you get alerted via an online email subscription every two weeks.

Be the first to know when new businesses start  and contact them before anyone else in your industry does. We email you weekly alerts and include tips on how to market to them. Also, you can share your tips and also advertise with and to our readers.

There’s no hype here.

We scour the Internet to find new business, business people in the news, and more.

You get an email every two weeks with this material, and links which take you directly to the source.

You then use this timely information to send a “congrats” letter, email, or whatever to first introduce yourself, your products and services to create a relationship and build from there.  

I also include tips and tricks that I am using to do the same and continually build my business. This is my “best stuff” and I don’t hold anything back. If it is working, I share it.

You’ll also see what “tools”, programs I use and even business and educational opportunities I am using to build my business and increase my income on a residual basis.

MN/WI Leads & Tips $99
Subscribe here.

Invoice will state AD KING LLC

Currently the “alerts” are only for what is happening in Minnesota and Wisconsin. So unless you are doing business and marketing to those in these states, please wait until other areas become open. If you live elsewhere, you may consider subscribing to our USA version, which offers everything except the alerts are broader in scope; and the events are less and randomly around the country. The subscription price for USA Leads & Tips is $49 monthly.

Subscribe to the USA Leads & Tips version, 
only $49 monthly.  

Invoice will state AD KING LLC

Hermantown Businesses: Ter Scott Promotes Free Facebook Ad Page

Image may contain: text
Attention Hermantown Business Owners! 
Is your business taking advantage of this 

The general public is invited to list anything (family friendly) items, events, garage sales, etc. They just need to live in the Hermantown area. Search for: Free ADS Small Business Hermantown MN and Like our page, or visit here:


Businesses can advertise too, but you must first join the Hermantown Free Ads group page. Here business owners or reps will also be able to list business to business events, ask other local members questions, support local business members and share business building tips.
If you own (or represent) a business located in Hermantown MN, Search Facebook for: Free ADS Small Business Hermantown MN or visit:


This is a service is provided by Ter Scott, 
Life & Legacy Coach©, Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant™ and Ask LLC ™. 

Ter Scott Invites you to Invest like a Hilton! RSVP and Limited Invitations Available

Learn How to Invest Like a Hilton. 

Image result for legion capital

Join J. Bradley Hilton for a 
free investor Education Event! 

Hello dear client (and reader). 

Image result for legion capitalI have the good fortune to be associated with Mr. Bradly Hilton, and yes, he is related to (the great) Mr. Hilton. And, because of this, I am able to invite up to 5 people as my guests to his training events around the USA. You have to pay your way and lodging but once there, you get your education valued at about $1000 at no fee. 

I will know the locations in a few days but for now, here are the details that I have. Let me know your interest right away because I'm sending this to my entire client base and my invite slots will fill fast. 

Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant
Senior Adviser

Image result for legion capital
J. Bradley Hilton of the Hilton Hotel Family is President of Legion Capital Corporation. Legion is a private equity firm that buys and builds companies in growth industries, as well as buys and manages real estate and developments. Legion offers select investors the opportunity to participate in Legion business opportunities by creating customized high yield investment offerings. Legion has averaged double digit annual returns for its investors since its inception, typically through secured or corporate bonds or preferred equity offerings. Mr.Hilton will be in attendance to discuss the Legion business and investment philosophy, and to personally meet with investors to discuss these investment opportunities. Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

• How to make direct investments into real estate and other growth assets through Legion with double digit annual returns;
• How to directly invest in private placements, pre-IPO opportunities and high yield private equity;
• How to use your IRA or retirement account to invest directly in alternative investments that are not tied to stock market volatility;
• How to create a monthly stream of passive income through direct corporate bond investing;
• How to grow your wealth and cash flow through high yield alternative investments

We will be holding events in different areas of the USA in the next coming weeks. Let me know immediately if you are interested and I will get you a list of dates and locations! Seating is limited and our events fill quickly. You won’t want to miss this opportunity so call to reserve your seating now! Please contact me now for more information. 

Complete Inquiry Form here

Secret Patron Service lets you See your Business Through your Customer's eyes.

What does your customer or prospective customer see, and hear when they visit your brick and mortar business? Are you "turning them away" or "turning them into customers"? 

Is your sidewalk shoveled? Is your staff answering the phone correctly? How long does it take to get "noticed" and served at your business?

There's only about 1,000 more things you'd like to know if your business is doing correctly but how can you see your company through the eyes of a customer?

Ter Scott, Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant has the answer, It's called:

Ter has conducted thousands of "secret shops" around the tri-state area. His clients include, McDonald's, H&R Block, BP, U.S. Postal Service, and many more; plus current Fortune 500 companies which he can not divulge because he currently works for them, undercover!

You don't have to own a Fortune 500 company to hire his services. No two jobs are the same because no two businesses and business needs are the same. You first meet at an undisclosed place (unknown by your employees and staff) to discuss your needs. The first consultation is at no fee. A draft and proposal will be customized to your business and a secret audit (or audits) will be completed with an evaluation and recommendation report submitted for your use. Packages start at only $997.

Contact Ter Scott for more details.

You think you know ALL about the 2018 Tax Law and how it will affect you and your business? Now you can know for sure!

Limited number of (the Free) copies remain. Don't get left out. 
Get the book and get informed. 

about this and at the end of article, click the link which states: 
CLICK TO GO TO FORM to Request the book.