You can lead a client to your site but you can't make him/her click?

We've all heard the adage, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". We can spend all day wondering what that means and how it can relate to our life and business. But why?

And here's another "why":

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Why have you seen one or all of these "ads" below and not clicked to find out how we have identified greater than $4 Billion in benefits for businesses and business owners like you?

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OK, that's all the water I've got for you today. There is no sense in "kicking a dead horse". 

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For consultants and salespeople: "The less I say the more I make... "

Ter’s Weekly

Good day!

Today I want to share a bit about me and my coaching services and how you can use this information in realizing more clients and business by doing the same thing.

Actually, this idea is from a fellow coach and consultant and I wanted to share it with you. Here are his words with mine in “parenthesis”.

One small tweak that rakes in sales even if you have a small audience (or just starting your business, have a small customer base, etc.).

Growing up and being raised by my great grandparents did leave me with some "old school" wisdom. (I can relate, how about you?)


My great-grandfather would look down his thin black-rimmed glasses and say to me...

"You've got two ears and one mouth for a reason boy.

Listen more than you talk...

That way when you do, you'll actually say something important.

(That's a great lesson; actually, say something important!!!)

99% of the time conflict comes from not listening."

I never forgot that...

Because the same thing is true when it comes to attracting the "right" kind of clients and making sales. (for my clients that would be customers, patients, students, attendees, etc.).

I see FAR too many coaches & experts (business people, CPAs, Doctors, Dentists, Real Estate Agents, Salespeople...) looking for the perfect "pitch" that tells people what they "do." (Ouch!!!)

Or they're too focused on "the funnel" and all those other fancy parts. (If you don't know what a "funnel" is, this is a term mostly used by Internet marketers and those marketing on the Internet, but offline business people use this even though they may not know it or use it as good as they could. Your marketing is a "funnel" and attracts people to it and they "fall" into it and come out as different types of customers. Not literally of course; "no customers were harmed during the filming of this funnel"; sorry, I had to say it. If you would like to improve your marketing funnel, let's talk).

This results in hearing (the words), "I gotta think about it" at the end of calls. 

Or worse...

Little to no response at all from the market and a lot of wasted money on fancy landing pages and lead magnets (that's fancy ads; newspaper, radio, TV etc. etc. for my offline clients).

If there's a conflict with your cash flow then maybe this is what's happening? (Definition of "this" is YOU ARE TALKING TOO MUCH!). 

(One of my mentor's mantras is: "The less I do the more I make". I think it is equally true that "The less I say, the more I make").


If you're ready to add another $30k to $50k (or whatever figure amount you can imagine) to your bank account this holiday season...

Might I suggest you listen up? :)

I started REALLY listening...

Making offers of perceived value...

And then I started collecting BIG cash deposits from clients.

MANY times without even a phone call.

So Yes, people are buying during Christmas.

But do you really know why?

Because their problems don't go away just because it's Christmas. 

What do you think? These are great words of wisdom right? Sure, I hear you say, I already knew that I hear you say. And I say
friendly reminders are great unless they are encased in an envelope marked “overdue”!

Friendly reminders are great unless they are
encased in an envelope marked “overdue”!

Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach™ and Bricks to Clicks Business Consultant™