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Announcing INDY RACE PRACTICE ATTENDANCE opportunity… contact me to set up a 15 minute overview to learn what we offer with Drive Planning to help you KEEP MORE, MAKE MORE and LIVE MORE and you’ll have a chance to attend the Indy’s Race Practices May 16 and 17 for you and a guest. If you win or not, you’ll still get a copy of my Senior Drive Planning Associate’s new book: Creating Efficient Financial Wealth by Gerry Linarducci. Please book your 15 minutes with me for this week or next; by the 12th.  The absolute minimum to invest with us is $20K and you do not need to be an “accredited investor,” or a high-net-worth individual to participate. (Attendance to the Indy Practice days does not include airfare or lodging; that’s the kind of things we do for current clients).


Hello. My name is Ter Scott and I want to give you a very warm welcome to my offerings through my partnership with Drive Planning.  Below is a link to a replay of a recent Zoom call I did to not only present and how we do it and a little about my team that I work with, but I follow up with a white paper called "Financial Intellegence" written by one of my team associates at Drive Planning, Mr. David Bradford. This also includes how you can save up to 80% on prescriptions, how you can start investing with only $5 per week and an offer to save 10% and get free shipping on your next order of "Anything with an Imprint" from my company, www.BrandingMore.com

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MyLegalRightsUSA seeks to add you and your consultative type business to the team expansion...


Welcome, I'm glad you are here. Maybe you got a call from me or my staff, or we reached out to you by phone, or a Facebook message. Either way, if you desire more clients and more revenue for your business, you are in the right place. 

Currently, my team is looking to for (only) one business in your industry, in your city. 

PLEASE READ THAT AGAIN... Currently, my team is looking to for (only) one business in your industry, in your city. 

If you are reading this, its a good chance we are still looking for someone in your category. We want to answer all of your questions but first, if your are interested, I reccommend that you click on the above image to visit the site, scroll down and view the short video. If this peaks your interest, contact me via the site or feel free to return here and use the contact form. You and I will do a brief, no obligation 15 minute or less phone session. If you are still interested after having most of your questions answered, we'll set up a zoom call to get more acquainted. 

How much value could you offer your clients and customers 
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How many more clients could you win when you let others know 
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How much in additional revenue could you bring into your business this year 
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but to really add value to what you do for your clients in your business, and 
earn potentially thousands in additional revenue, 

I reccommend that you do what I've done for my business clients - 
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So, this is not meant to be a big sales pitch or anything; I will build my team in your area, in your industry. To know whether or not this is for you, I encourage you to watch this short video and contact me to get more details. 

Make it a great day! 

Terry Scott 

LegalShield Broker

MyLegalRightsUSA offers affordable ways to protect your business and your employees with this legal program...

Welcome business owner! If you are serious about helping your business by helping your employees with this practical and very needed benefit that your employee pays, or you pay partially or totally, you are definitely in the right place. If you have only one employee or 100 and more, we can help! 

This page is an introductory page and you can use the contact form on this page or when you click on any of these links you'll also see communication links on our main website for this offer. 


Ter Scott, Financial Consultant shares Acorns Article, It’s not luck, it’s the Fed...

 As a Financial Consultant, I'm pleased to offer this abridged version of Acorns weekly newsletter. You'll get the entire newsletter if and when you join. I've joined some time ago and every week put in a small investment automatically. There is so much that acorns offers with not only investing your spare change but informative and educational articles like this one. 

In the Markets
The markets ended last week on an upswing, thanks in part to some encouraging news on inflation.
  • March’s inflation rate eased to 5%, the lowest it’s been in almost two years. It also marks nine straight months of declines!
So what’s behind this recent turnaround? The short answer is the Fed. Let’s dig deeper into what the Fed did to slow the pace of inflation — and what they may do next.

Peeling back inflation
Inflation is a measure of costs in four main categories: services, goods, food, and energy. Over the past month, we saw steady declines in three of the four categories:
  • Services declined for the first time since August 2021. This decline would have been larger if not for an increase in shelter — or what you pay for rent or a mortgage.
  • But remember, shelter is reported on a six month lag. If we were to take shelter out of the equation, March’s overall inflation rate would be a very reasonable 2.1%.
  • Energy prices turned negative for the first time since January 2021. It’s a complete 180 for a sector that drove a large part of the sky-high inflation in 2021.

It’s not luck, it’s the Fed
So why is inflation lower than it was only a year ago? The answer is, it’s thanks to the Fed.
  • Back when interest rates were 0%, money was considered “cheap,” meaning companies and consumers could take on more debt and spend more without worrying about owing a ton in interest. Over time, this behavior tends to drive prices higher.
  • But that’s not sustainable for the economy in the long term. When all that money floods the system, it can lead to a cycle of price increases and inflation. Eventually, the Fed will step in.
  • Typically, the ... please consider joining (start with only $5!!!) to read the entire article and more like this one.  
What’s next? Investors don’t believe the Fed’s work is done yet. There are multiple ways to ... please consider joining (start with only $5!!!) to read the entire article and more like this one.  

Invest with Acorns
A lower inflation rate may mean you could have more cash in your pocket, so it might be time to consider adding some extra money to your investments. Even a small amount can go a long way toward reaching your goals.

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Market commentary provided by Seth Wunder (Chief Investment Officer)

Contributors to this week’s newsletter:
 Casey Hollis (Managing Editor), Caelon Smith
(Investment Data Analyst), Trevir Nath (Senior Writer), Emily Gadd (Associate Editor),
and Adam Grason (Senior Brand Designer).

Ter Scott, Business Consultant says, "You don't need 101 Reasons to use LegalShield when you have just one".


Here are 101 Reasons to use Legal Shield, but you really only need one! 

When was the last time you called your attorney? OK, how many times could you have used an attorney for "small" things but didn't want to pay the high fees? So you have an attorney in the family or as a friend, what type of law do they specialize in? Plus, do you want to bother them with smaller but important items like these: 

  • Estate Planning.
  • Consumer Matters.
  • Family Law.
  • Employment.
  • Real Estate.
  • Landlords.
  • Renters.
  • Traffic & Accidents.
  • Plus, many other things (Hence the 101 list). 

Legal Shield is the solution. 

Plus, when you need an attorney for the "big" stuff, as a member you get a hugh discount on fees; usually 25 to 35% off. 

You don't have to wait. Visit online to get your answers. 

Minnesota: MNLegalRightDOTcom

Wisconsin: WILegalRightDOTcom

Anywhere USA: MyLegalRightsUSA.com

Ter Scott Promotes Acorns for investing in micro Amounts, sharing this article about diversification...


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I use the platform myself and enjoy it. Please consider my other business boosting programs and

products, A= Advocacy, B= Branding and C= Cash Flow Strategies. Ter Scott, ABC Business Consultant

In the Markets
Markets moved higher last week as stocks and bonds continue to bounce back in 2023.

So far, stocks have increased more than 6% and bonds more than 2% in the first three months of the year. Part of that rally came in March, when stocks and bonds each climbed more than 2%.

Looking ahead, April is Financial Literacy Month, and to celebrate, we’re going back to the basics. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering everything you need to know to start and stay invested — beginning with the importance of diversification.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
Diversification is the process of spreading your investments across different types of assets (like stocks and bonds), industries (like technology and energy), and regions (like U.S. and emerging markets).

With diversification, you get a little exposure to a lot of different investments, so you’re not relying on the performance of just one thing. If one type of asset goes down, another could be going up.

Sounds simple in theory, but in practice, it can be a headache to pick and choose investments yourself in order to diversify your portfolio.

Fortunately, there are exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that can make diversification easy.
Explain it like I’m 5: Think of the ETFs in your Acorns portfolio like a grocery cart. You fill your cart up with everything you need for the week — it’s rarely just Hot Pockets and Lucky Charms. There are fruits, vegetables, and everything else you need for a balanced diet.

Now imagine you no longer have to write your grocery list. Instead, a nutritionist tells you what foods to buy. It’d be a lot easier for you (and probably a bit healthier, too).

That's effectively what you can get with many ETFs. ETFs simply track the “balanced diet” of investments — guided by seasoned professionals.

Depending on the ETF, you can get a mix of stocks, bonds, commodities, or even real estate in your cart. Take the widely followed SPY ETF. Investing in just this one ETF gives your portfolio exposure to all 500 companies of the S&P 500 — some technology, some financial, some energy, and much more.

That way, if one company or sector experiences a dip, the other investments in the ETF can help balance your portfolio out — just like your grocery cart if the store runs out of your favorite peanut butter. You’ll have plenty of other food from your list to rely on.

Diversification made easy
Holding different types of assets with an ETF can be an easy way for hungry investors to balance their diet (...er, portfolio).

Finding the right ETF for you is simple with Acorns. Tell us about your goals and objectives, and we’ll recommend a diversified portfolio of ETFs fit for your financial journey and investment profile.

There are a few reasons why our expert-built portfolios contain ETFs.
  1. When you hold multiple ETFs with exposure to different assets and sectors — like the ones found in your Acorns portfolio — you may be able to enjoy the potential benefits of diversification.
  2. While you can get similar benefits from mutual funds, mutual funds will generally have higher fees. ETFs tend to be a cheaper way to diversify.
Hey Terry, have any questions for our Chief Investment Officer, Seth Wunder? Let us know what's on your mind!

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Market commentary provided by Seth Wunder (Chief Investment Officer)

Contributors to this week’s newsletter:
 Casey Hollis (Managing Editor), Caelon Smith (Investment Data Analyst), Trevir Nath (Senior Writer), Emily Gadd (Associate Editor), and Adam Grason (Senior Brand Designer).