The Single Best and Easiest "DONE FOR YOU" Marketing Small Business can do That Evens the Playing Field

 How would you like for your small to medium-sized business to get not more leads, have your phone ringing off the hook and people walking in your door and, 


actually, track and get a return on your ad dollar?

Welcome Wagon does this and has done it for over 93 years consistently; all without smoke and mirrors.

If your business category is still open, your business gets exclusive listing for up to 12 months with first dibs on renewing. And in full transparency, you'll know if it is working or not. No one can really say that for other types of marketing. 

So if you own a business in the Twin Ports area, check out our Facebook Page, Twin Ports Welcome Wagon. 

If you own a business anywhere else in the USA, I can help you too. Just connect with me via the Facebook page. 

And finally, if you love business and love to talk, we may have an opening to share the Welcome in your location. Contact me and let's talk about it and if your location is available, I'll submit your resume to the home office with my blessing. 

Here's my latest "quick chat" about the R.O.I. with Welcome Wagon... 

Should I let a Client go? Can I easily Replace a Client? Should I refer Existing Clients to Competition?


Getting New Clients doesn't have to be scary.

Are your clients costing too much in time, money, and resources? What if you had options? Would you choose a “better” client over those who cost you headaches and let those go to your competition?

Let’s face it, not every client is created equal. Business is business and one doesn’t have to be a “Halloween Ghoul” about this; just be aware of who your client is and continually manage things so you are able to give your best to your best, and giveaway the rest.

Your “competition”, which I really don’t believe exists, will appreciate your passing on a client. Who knows, they may be a better fit and become a great client for them. Be free and don’t feel like you have to hang on to every client out there.

So, how would you like that list of eager new clients who are “new” to the area, who are seeking and don’t yet know where to turn for your products and service?

Twin Ports Welcome Wagon is looking to exclusively recommend a local business in your category in the next several weeks. We will interview on a first come first serve basis so please contact us now to determine if your category is already locked in or not.

“Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.”
― Roy T. Bennett

BTW, Welcome Wagon is seeking individuals who love to talk, and are friendly, in all 50 states. If that's you, use the contact form on this page, and let's talk. I will then forward your information to corporate with my blessings.

Are your staff and employees less effective on the job
because of worry and concern about a loved one they left home alone?
We can help with an affordable self-pay solution
or your company can subsidize or provide it.
Call me with your questions.

Business Consultant shows one way to use your USP to get tons of referrals...

Hello, I’m glad you are here. If I was to meet you in person and you asked me what I did, the following would happen. (Then I would give you my card which would direct you here).  

Every business needs to have a USP, use their USP and use it creatively as much as possible. 

- Ter Scott, America's #1 Business Resource Consultant

I was going over my company USP* this morning, and wondered how I could use it in a way of an "elevator speech" and as a "call to action". This is what I came up with. 

Every time I meet someone and they ask me "What do you do" I proceed in this way...

I am America’s “ABC Consultant” helping every business owner to profit by advocacy, branding, and cash flow strategies. My fees are free until I show you the money. Do you own a business?

If yes,

Are you where you want to be with your advocacy, branding and do you have all of your expense leaks fixed?

( I then give a card that offers a free 15-minute phone consultation on the front side).

If no,

When you refer a business owner that I can help with, I will give you a finder’s fee when I do. (Then I give you the same card which has details on its reverse side showing how to reach this page which you are now reading).

Here’s how it works…

In the three areas in which I conduct business, these are how I reward referrers. 


Refer someone who joins my recommended advocacy group: no fee. Because of legalities, I am unable to but I will send you something nice. J


Refer someone who uses my branding service and products; graphic design, imprinted promotional and I.D. products: 5% on each for up to 12 months. (This could literally be thousands of dollars).


Refer someone who uses our expense audit/money finding and tax incentives/programs service: 5% which very quickly becomes thousands of dollars.

It is very easy to get started.

First be sure to follow my Facebook page: “All Solutions Known”. It’s there where I present updated notices along with other restated things.

Then, (AND THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT; DO THIS BEFORE REFERRING ANYONE) use the MESSAGE button on the Facebook page in the upper right, request details.

That’s it. If you have comments, please leave them below. If you have questions, please use the contact form on this page. I work with people all over the world, but mostly in the USA. Reach out to me, I'm glad to help. 

Terry (Ter) Scott

PS. If you are a business owner you can also get in on this referral program; as a matter of fact I would hope that you would because you have found that I’ve made you a lot of money already. So it should be natural for you to tell others your good news, and because I believe in the Abundance Principle, I then would naturally want to reward you! 

*You may have already Googled "USP" if you didn't know or weren't sure of what it was, but I will share with you here that it is "A unique selling proposition (USP) refers to the unique benefit exhibited by a company, service, product or brand that enables it to stand out from competitors", that is according to Wikipedia. 

BTW: I was reminded to add this free book download offer by my friend, Jeff Lerner. No strings attached and if you happen to move forward with any of his materials let him know that I sent you. Otherwise just enjoy the book: 

Unique Marketing Opportunity Available Soon in Twin Ports. We want to be sure that those business owners who truly would like to boost their marketing efforts in a very unique way to a unique market are the first people we call.

Great news! We're now accepting businesses 
into our exclusive non-compete marketing program!!! 

If you haven't marketed to the new movers in your area, you are missing the boat; and that boat is filled with cash. These people don't know where to go or whom to go to for things they want and need. Our marketing tells them about your business before they hear about your competitor. To qualify your business you must have an excellent reputation, have integrity, and offer great service; and oh yes, your category has to still be available. I am the marketing specialist for the Twin Ports Area and Surrounding (Duluth MN/Superior WI) but regardless of where your business is located, I will help you. This is the best time to lock in your business category, using 2021 dollars or 2022 dollars; your choice! Call me and I will work with business owners on a first come first serve basis (so be the first in your category to call).
#business #marketing #businessowners #newmovers

I'm using this communication to connect with contacts I already know to give you a first chance to raise your hand and say, call me first. I am starting a very, very unique marketing opportunity in the Twin Ports that offers industry-type exclusivity and benefits in helping me get started... 

First, thanks for stopping. If you are here you are probably an inquisitive business owner interested in learning more. Since we are in the "prelaunch" stage we are keeping this under wraps for just a bit longer. We want to be sure that those business owners who truly would like to boost their marketing efforts in a very unique way to a unique market are the first people we call. Whether you get involved depends on if we are a fit. But I encourage you to use the contact form on this page leaving your name, company name, and phone number so we can contact you as early as next week. 

It is highly likely that we will contact and sign up a competitor locking them in for a year if you are not on this list for me to contact immediately when we start, 

This is no obligation. We'll start at the top of the list in making our calls, on a first-serve basis and present the program, and will stop when we find the one business in your category, lock them in for 12 months and move on to the next. 

Obviously, most business people in the Twin Ports won't hear about this opportunity until I later contact them but this is your chance to inquire first. So leave your info in the contact form and hopefully, someone in your industry type does not get on the list before you do. 

If you know me at all you know that I am all about marketing and have been in the industry since leaving high school too many years ago to count. I would not steer you wrong. You don't have to say "yes" but I would recommend that you give yourself the chance to get in before your competition. 

Use the contact form and I'll chat with you next week or so. 

Terry (Ter) Scott America's #1 Business Resource Consultant 


Tired of being told how to run your business? Don't settle for simply a single state organization to help you, choose the "Voice of Small Business" in all 50 state capitals and in Washington DC.

To join NFIB please call me (my contact information is in the image below). 
To view the benefits click on the image above or visit (but please, be sure you call me 
to join as I have some special things for you when you do). 

Latest Tax News for Small Business

Right now in Washington, D.C., federal policy proposals are positioning some small businesses, family-owned businesses, and farmers for an even greater tax burden.

The latest plans include:

A new death tax for Family-owned businesses.

A long-standing part of the tax code known as the stepped-up basis would be repealed in Washington’s latest spending plan. Without it, the IRS will calculate the value of something that’s inherited – like a building or farmland – very differently. A study published in April 2021 by the Family Business Estate Tax Coalition (FBETC), found this change would lead to 800,000 fewer jobs in 10 years and an additional 100,000 fewer jobs each year thereafter. With the proposed repeal of the stepped-up basis, family members who inherit something when a family business partner dies, such as a building or farmland, would need to pay capital gains taxes on it. Additionally, the Administration’s proposal would nearly double this capital gains tax rate to 43.4%. These two changes have the power to prevent family-owned businesses from adding jobs and further investing in their employees as they plan for expected tax bills. Not only that, surviving family members may be forced to close or sell their family’s business to cover the larger tax bill.

Tax rate increases. 

And for some of the smallest: a nearly doubling of their 2017 rate.

Small businesses organized as C corporations would see their tax rate increase to 28%. For the smallest C corporations, those making less than $50,000 in taxable income per year, the new rate would be an especially dramatic increase – nearly doubling the rate they paid just a few years ago. Still other businesses – those organized as pass-through businesses – may see tax increases when business earnings are become taxed at a higher rate. America’s small businesses are the third-largest economy in the world and absorbing a dramatic tax increase would mean less to reinvest in growth, jobs, hiring, training, and benefits for employees.

Take Action:

Please ask your members of Congress not to let the latest plans in Washington break the fragile small business recovery.

A 93 year old marketing company brings new marketing ideas to small and medium businesses in the Twin Ports.

I'm excited to announce that a new (old and established) company is offering unique marketing opportunities to select businesses in and around the Twin Ports area (Duluth MN/Superior WI). 

I am not yet at liberty to reveal what the company is at this time but I am able to allow small to medium business owners to join a list to be contacted immediately when this is available (within 2 weeks of today, 10/12/2021). 

There can only be one business listed in each category so if you are interested in knowing more (without any obligation but to be first contacted), please use the contact form on this page to leave your business name, contact name, and phone number (Your email is appreciated for faster contact). 

Congratulations on being proactive in being the first to learn about this awesome and proven marketing program in your area. 

America's #1 Business Resource Consultant shows business owners and consumers how to save money, get cash back and, "Shopping Points".

Get more from your money, really!

If you are here, you've no doubt heard me talk about MyWorld and its world-leading benefit program.

I’m referring you to this, an almost 25-year-old company, that does all the work with companies and small local companies all around the world; all in the background, so you simply use the app on your phone to “get more”. 

From now on you can enjoy exclusive benefits at hundreds of thousands of online and local partners- whether you're shopping online, refueling your car, or dining in a nearby restaurant. 

You’ll benefit from discounts, cashback, and “shopping points” at hundreds of thousands of online and local partners.

IMPORTANT: Before downloading the app on your phone... 

Register Free now by clicking on the image below or here

We all love and use Amazon for example, so you’ll also love this similar platform but you’ll actually get cashback on everything; plus you’ll easily be supporting local. (The short video below explains everything). 

It’s easy. It is free and always free. All you do is register and start shopping with your phone app. I suggest to all of my clients and friends that they simply add it to their other apps and always check it first to see if the business is a MyWorld merchant. If so, you’ll get benefits like nowhere else.

It’s absolutely free so you can download the app and try it. If you have questions contact me. You’ll see instructional videos that tell you how to get the most from your app.

I know that you’ll love this; I do.

Ter Scott

America’s #1 Business Resource Consultant

Ready to start? It's quick and easy and it is free. Get your app and try it now. 
See how many local merchants are involved already and start using your card locally. 
Use your app online and get more benefits, cashback, and shopping points. 

IMPORTANT: Before downloading the app on your phone... 

Register Free now by clicking here

After you've registered, please use the contact form on this page. Let me know your name and email and I will send you a surprise gift and details explaining more about using your app to get the most from it.