Ter Scott, the ABC Consultant now becomes a Responsible American helping other Responsible Americans...


Hello. My name is Terry Scott and many know me as Ter Scott, the ABC Consultant. A is for Advocacy, B is for Branding and C is for Cash Flow (Funding of all types of needs).

Because I believe so strongly in saving our country (USA) I am focusing most of my efforts on “Legislative Research” in my “territory” in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. I am now helping those in my area, business people and also responsible Americans who are non-business owners to have a real voice in congress. No, I’m not part of a lobbying organization; and that’s the great part, I’m part of the “We the People” movement which is giving the voice and the power back to where it started and where it belongs and that is to you as an American citizen.

However, being an entrepreneur and business person, I will continue to offering my other products and services but not always with me. You will be working with my team sometimes and I assure you that they will excel in taking care of your needs.


I am the Master Care Partner for the Twin Ports area with Electronic Care Giver. We offer the state of the art emergency response systems for at risk adults living at home who are susceptible to falls to the child who walks to school each day. Get your free demo and questions answered at www.AlwaysConnectedCare.com.

I’ve been involved in the insurance industry for many years. There are plenty of great insurance experts and options for people in this country however, the costs are going through the roof. With the prices of everything else going on, many people are going without insurance. This doesn’t have to be. Sharing insurance costs is the answer and I will soon offer such a service.


I’ve been privileged to have taught design fundamentals, marketing and related courses at the college level, created and supplied imprinted items for small and large firms, and have created logos for some big companies, cities and school districts. (If you are one of those, I may be persuaded to create an exclusive design; starting at $20K). Having done all of this and more I assure you that I can assist you with finding and providing the best imprinted items at affordable prices. Start at www.BrandingMore.com or ask for me, Terry Scott when visiting my team at www.BankersAdvertising.com.

Cash Flow

Everyone wants to get to the money first, but business and life doesn’t work that way. We must first give (using advocacy) and let them know who we are and how to find us (through proper branding) and finally you can say “my cash happens”.

If you are a real estate investor and need money for a fix and flip, or a large commercial deal, see us first. We’ve made it very easy to get started. It’s so easy and we understand the best way to help you is that we don’t take phone calls on the initial step. Regardless of your needs, you’ll need to complete some paperwork, so the best way is to use our contact form or application forms at our site, www.AfterAndBeforeFunding.com. Contacting us this way does not obligate you in any way and it helps us to help you.

When you have needs or questions about funding anything else, please visit www.ABCFundwise.com.

When banks are a “no”, “Know Cash Flow”. We will help.

There you have it. I’m not running for office but I am very serious about giving the power back to “We the People” and will do so with my new role. Please know that I am also serious about continuing to offer and give the same excellent service that my clients have come to know and also to any one new to my ABC Consultant work through All Solutions Known.

Make it a great day!

Terry (Ter) Scott