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Your invitation to Join America's Voice of Small Business

 Are you a business owner with only one employee? Are you an independent sales rep, insurance agent, a contractor or similar? Or maybe you have a company with 500 employees? You can have a voice in all 50 state capitals (especially your state) and in Washington DC. Here is your invitation to join your business neighbors!

Regardless where your company is located in our great USA, I am ready and willing to assist you in your membership. Suggested membership is based on the number of employees and because many business owners truly appreciate the value NFIB brings to small business and really, business in general they choose a higher membership fee. But this is entirely your choice. We want it to be affordable so you'll continue your membership every year and help NFIB help you and your business neighbors and keep business strong for generatins to come. 

Here are just a few advantages of being a member: 


When a big issue affects small and independent businesses, NFIB is there. We have been for over 75 years, and we will continue to be. We represent our members’ interests—our one member, one vote balloting process guides our work.

NFIB has an ear to the ground on what’s happening in Washington, D.C., and the state capitals. That puts NFIB at the forefront of advocating on today’s most pressing small business issues, such as taxes, healthcare, and regulations.


When NFIB speaks, legislators listen. They know that we bring them the voice of small business. 

That voice, hundreds of thousands strong, comes directly from NFIB’s members and our research—combined, they make a powerful and influential case for our advocacy.

Because of NFIB’s credibility, we are asked to bring the small business perspective to Congress, state capitals, the courts, and the media. 


NFIB works with trusted providers to offer you quality products and services that can save your business time and money.

Please contact me today and join. 

Your business, the businesses around you and our country depends on it. 

PS. You can certainly go to and register but I'd like very much to register your business so you'll be sure all is completed and you'll get your FREE updated Work Place poster (which is required by law and usually costs up to $150). Call me using the number in my picture below. 

Can you present a scripted talk to a business owner and earn $100K per year? We're hiring.

In the above video I point out that I'm a membership rep for NFIB. First of all I believe every business owner needs to be a member of NFIB. The membership fee is totally up to you and is so affordable. We need your vote and you need NFIB. We fight for "small" business but we have a lot of business owners who own businesses who have grown partly becuase of the fine work NFIB has been able to do over the past 75 years. 

I'm not talking so much here about membership; but I could go on and on about that. 

Right now I'm personally looking for people that I will mentor to become the best membership reps in the company. 

I'm seeking those who are retired, teachers, accountants, retailers, business owners; heck, we'll even consider those who are in sales. I've been with NFIB almost 2 years. I've made a great income, earned bonuses, earned a trip, and now I'm also a trainer. I want to hear why you want to help small business and why you should be hired by the best organization in the country that has helped small business owners for over 75 years. Regardless where you are located in the USA, Call me.

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PPP Forgiveness the Q & A by our legal team.

If you appreciated this and other webinars conducted by 
NFIB's legal team you may be interested in 
supporting your neigboring businesses 
by becoming a member. Contact me for details. 

(You may JOIN at, however when you allow 
me to register your membership of course I receive credit 
and you'll receive my special brand of service; plus I'll be 
sure that everything is done correctly and you'll get 
all the membership benefits you deserve. 

Missed the past webinars? 

You may be interested in these two services which my own business, Ask LLC,  offers:

AskHaloforImprintsDOTCOM Thousands of Imprinted items for your branding solutions, including free information on safe reopening of businesses and schools and so much more. You'll get free shipping (to one destination) on your first order when you mention this ad. AskHaloforImprintsDOTCOM

Are you taking advantage of government loans
which do not need to be repaid? 
If not, why not? Here’s how.

Tax law provisions are available to help you recover financially 
from the impact of a disaster. 
By completing a quick survey, our software will search hundreds of Local, State, 
and Federal programs that fit your qualifications and help you claim your benefit.


Brief video explains why over 40,000 clients trust the AskHaloforImprintsDOTCOM team for imprinted branding solutions...

I'm am pleased to be part of a culture which believes in protecting its staff, employees and everyone on the Halo team. Here are a few words from the home office plus a short video which visually shows you how we are all set to help you with your business branding solutions. And if you aren't yet one of our satisfied 40,000 clients I want you to try us out at my site: and when you place your first order, I will personally pay your shipping. 

Ter Scott,  Branding Solutions Specialist

It appears the Coronavirus outbreaks are picking up speed in dozens of states across the United States and a new peak in cases may soon rival the ‘summer surge’ when we hit more than 60,000 infections on average a day for weeks in a row.

Just this past Friday, U.S. cases surged higher than they had since late July, hitting nearly 70,000 in one day. The seven-day daily average is now more than 56,000 cases a day. New cases have gone up by 30% from just two weeks ago.  Last week, 17 states — primarily in the Midwest and Great Plains — posted new daily records, according to the COVID Tracking Project.

Hospitalizations also increased in more than 40 states, with the number of people currently hospitalized reaching more than 36,000; which is more than half the highs recorded during the spring and summer surges. Unlike during the summer, when a handful of larger states drove up the numbers, the current growth is spread across many states.

All of this means we need to remain vigilant in our efforts to protect ourselves, our families, our fellow HALO associates and to help our prospects and clients do the same.

As this virus is making a comeback, we continue to look at unique and innovative ways to help you provide the much needed PPE to your clients and prospective clients. 

For example:

  • HALO has been able to secure additional 3-ply masks at a very low cost basis.  (this means we can pass the savings on to you the client!)
  • We have taken an inventory position on Nitrile gloves.  These gloves will be in our Sterling warehouse by 12/1/20 and available to you at very low pricing. 

There are many more tools available at to help you educate yourself as you are reopening; it is vital that you reopen with a plan, and we can help you with this plan.

I remain convinced we will get through this and emerge a better company.  Let’s all remain positive, be a strong partner for our clients, and help to keep everyone safe.



Jim D. Stutz Executive Vice President

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Make your PPE own kits. AskHaloforImprints(DOTCOM) is your go to source for branding solutions.


In-Stock PPE

HALO has large quantities of the most essential PPE items  in-stock and ready to ship.

Create Your Own PPE Kit

Connect and protect your most important audiences with a customized kit featuring the items you select.

We can kit and drop ship custom PPE kits directly to end user’s doors! Our 366,000 square foot fulfillment center features a dedicated kitting space for our team to assemble your kits and prepare them for shipment.

  • • Select your favorite products
  • • Customize your shipper
  • • Drop ship directly to your employees and customers

We got the items and we are the #1 choice for your Branding needs. 

Here is one of our 40,000 satisfied clients have to say: 



My experience with Halo was excellent! Debbie provided me with a host of promo options, she provided me with prompt quotes and they provided quality products at competitive pricing. We will continue to do business with Halo!!

Visit us with your questions and orders:

Ask LLC, stands for "All Solutions Known" for the small business owner

 This is how ASK LLC (All Solutions Known) helps business owners. 

Ter Scott is a Business Advisor and Resource Consultant which is why "Ask" stands for All Solutions Known. He also offers business and individual one on one coaching. Inquire. Testimony from a Division Manager of a National Organization: "Terry, you are an outstanding mentor. Thanks".  :)

We help business owners recapture expense overages with no up front fees, we get paid only when we find you money: 

We offer thousands of Imprinted Branding Products to promote your message:

We advocate for small businesses in all 50 state capitals and in Washington D.C. 

Learn about all: 


Ter Scott offers 3 Services your business needs this week. Visit, take action or bookmark.


Real quick, here are three things which will help your business. Ask me about one or all.

I’m Terry Scott.

Please don’t only read this first paragraph and dismiss the rest of this message. I have been in the business of helping business for over 25 years and what I have to share will definitely help yours.


You may know me as an NFIB rep and I want to say, thanks for being a member, past member or prospective member! This year, being an election year, it’s very important all small business owners support each other ban together with NFIB to protect your rights as a small business person. Currently NFIB is working hard to protect the 20% tax deduction for small business. If that goes away, it will essentially be a 20% tax increase. If you have questions about this or your membership, please reply or call me. I work with business owners all over the USA.


Like you, I own a business (outside my NFIB duties) in which I offer branding solutions (Imprinted and I.D. Products); online at There are thousands of items from pens to apparel available for your imprint. Ask for free shipping on your first order. Currently we have Holiday Selections at awesome pricing. I am privileged to work with very small companies to very large corporations and every client is treated the same; like “royalty”! (Also, as an "ethical bribe" to have me prove this to you, ask for FREE SHIPPING on your first order!)


My company, Ask LLC offers expense reduction services finding and recapturing lost monies from Credit Card Processing, Employer Payroll, Tax Incentives, Parcel Shipping, Property Owner Tax Incentives, Property Taxes, Waste & Recycling, Work Comp Insurance and so much more. Our in-depth search program digs deep to find local, regional, state and federal programs that you have no way of finding on your own. The good news is, we’ll do the work and we’ll do it for your free! Start searching here and in 5 minutes you could find thousands. How could that help your business right now? Visit here and I’ll see you on the other side and most likely, with a fat check!

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of NFIB, get free shipping on your first order for imprinted items with , and/or get your no fee expense audit (get cash right now for cash flow or holidays with click on the links or call me. I believe in giving more than expected and that is why I humbly acknowledge that I’ve been successful in helping business owners and companies all of these years.

Please allow me and my team to exceed your expectations in one or all of these areas. I also work with a select few who hire me for private one on one session as a business strategy and success coach. If interested, please inquire.

Make it a great day!

Terry Scott 


Are you acquiring assets?

 Here is a recent post I placed in LinkedIn: 

Happy Friday. Do yourself, your family and your friends a favor, take a few hours and educate yourself on being financially free. To be totally unselfish we are must raise our money consciousness. I've "existed" on far less but I've never really "lived"; especially not my God given potential by earning less. My mentor Jeff offers this shocking video; you are "doing it" wrong. #money #help #economy

Friend, I could never be more serious. If you have questions contact me; if you have comments, that might not be so helpful for you but I welcome them also.

Following is a very inexpensive program by my mentor, Jeff Lerner but you can learn "a ton" of stuff just by watching his video. Don't be concerned that you can get his program for less than the price of a nice dinner some Saturday, just watch the video and glean what you can from that first. 

And by the way, if (and you should) go forward and invest in yourself by getting involved with his education, I will get a small referral fee but know that I never offer something that I don't 100% believe in and haven't used myself. (I am a successful student of his stuff). 

Anyway, just click on the link; 5,4,3,2,1 CLICK

Thanks for recommending Ask LLC on Alignable

Read this and take advantage of our FREEBIES explained below. Then you'll know why so many others are our clients and recommended Ask LLC on Alignable and other social media! Thanks. 

My name is Ter Scott and I'm so glad you are here. 

Ask LLC has become known for offering "what the small business owner needs". 

To recommend us, following are the three services we offer followed by a couple of "freebies" so you can truly try us so you'll "know" us and finally an Alignable link to learn how to recommend Ask LLC.

And of course we want to know about you and your business so we can learn about and recommend you too. Be sure to mention your name and the name of your business in the comments so we and others can find you on Alignable! 

First, we are partnered with Halo Branding Solutions which is the largest company of its kind, offering thousands of imprinted items to brand your business message and other purposes such as recognition and even being safe at the workplace. Visit to find (what I believe to be) the largest selection of items waiting for your imprint, several free reports to assist you in your branding success. I will also give you free shipping on your first order! Can you tell I want to do everything I can to get a good recommendation? 

Next is probably the most important service that EVERY business needs. Over 90% of businesses (small and large) are wasting money on every important service they are using to conduct business. With our no fee Expense audit, you'll confidently know if you are losing money in one or all of these areas. If so, and you want to move forward we'll capture or recapture those monies and take just a small fee for our service. If you aren't losing money (which is highly unlikely) you won't pay us anything and you'll have the confidence knowing that all is well. Some clients do this no fee audit yearly. 

Start with a search on our secured site and 
(no obligation) calculator here

And finally, here is something every business owner needs; to have a voice at the state capital and in Washington D.C. A membership with NFIB affords every type and size of independently owned businesses in America to have an organization "fighting" for them while they run their businesses. 

I've been a membership rep for NFIB (Rep I.D. 3A687) and am now a mentor, trainer and recruiter for the organization because I believe so much in the cause by the 76 year old organization. Membership is based on the number of employees you have. Along with fighting and winning on the issues your business has access to some awesome savings that are usually reserved for the "big guys". 

NFIB offers free webinars; even to non members which have guided many small businesses through this COVID and PPP phase and other challenges. 

CLICK HERE to read an article I wrote which gives you more information and you can contact me to get started. I can help you regardless of where (in America) your business is located. 

Those are the three services Ask LLC offers you and your business. Please try one or all three and then recommend us on Alignable. Here's how

Thanks for reading this and have an awesome year! 

Ter Scott, 
Advisor and Business Resource Consultant. 

If you have further questions, request my cell phone number using the contact form on this page. 


High End Gifts and Awards you may not have seen before

Heritage Collection 

We are proud to exclusively partner with Heritage CAA as they publicly debut their product line for the first time since their inception 18 years ago. As an official supplier of the PGA Tour awards, Heritage craftsmanship is well recognized within the national golf community for their commitment to quality and custom capabilities. The Heritage Collection ranges from handcrafted wood items, leather goods and USA made glassware that will elevate your corporate gift offerings with a selection of skillfully made, high-end options.

Please check out the collection and contact us at 

Ter Scott offers more than a "Word of Congrats" to the Deserving.

 Congratulations; really! 

You are here because I've sent you a link with my "congrats" to you for achieving some milestone.Or, perhaps someone nominated you and sent you here as a reward for a job well done.  (Unless of course you've "stumbled" upon this because of my amazing SEO skills. All kidding aside, you should bI hope that you are glad that you are here because unlike so many others, I do not simply pat people on the back and say "Well done"; I also think you deserve something tangible so I'll give you my gift to celebrate you moving forward in your career, business or life. 

What I am sharing here has real value. I am sharing several options because your interests vary depending whether you are an employee or a business owner. You can choose one or all of them; it's up to you. They are are either free, or at no-fee (my coaching is not "free" but it is a "no-fee") and there is absolutely no obligation to continue working with me or my businesses in the future. 

So take a look at all the goodies I've listed for you and choose all your heart desires. If you have questions, please let me know by usuing the contact form on this page. 

And again, congrats! 

Ter Scott! Life & Legacy Coach, Business Advisor and Resource Consultant

First, here is a card that actually works to save you money each time you purchase prescriptions. Unlike the others this one is HPPA compliant and doesn't sell your information. It's free and anyone and everyone in your family can use it. I don't get prescriptions very often so I've used it to save my family members money. Print this one or click on the image to visit the site. 

Choose one of the following eBooks Free 
(use the contact form and tell me which book you want me to email you). 


If you are a business owner, my team will do an expense audit (we do it virtually) to see if and where you are losing money in your business. We'll do this at no up front fee to you and you'll only pay if we find you money (a small fee from what we find). You are not obligated to move forward with us but either way you'll know where your money is being wasted. Start by visiting here

Every business uses imprinted messaged items to brand themselves. Choose from the largest selection of imprinted goods imaginable and at great pricing. 

Mention this "congrats" article and get FREE SHIPPING on your first order! 

Send Businesses to our links and earn potentially thousands. Start part time.


Got a phone? Use it to earn thousands. It’s not easy but it pays exceptionally well. If you can make phone calls consistently, create a conversation and a relationship, over time you’ll start to see the money roll in consistently and easily.

What will you talk about?

We are the biggest in the Expense Reduction Business; send them to our link:

We are the biggest in Imprinted Promotional Items Business; send them to our link: 

Those are only two of our companies and offers. You’ll find companies, call them and send them to our link. When they make a purchase, we share part of our commission with you. As long as you’ve been in contact with them and they’ve placed an order within the past 12 months; even without your phone contact you’ll get paid!

Interested? Inquire using the contact form to get more info.

Let’s talk soon! Ter Scott!

Need Imprinted Pens?

We've got 'em. And you'll get FREE SHIPPING on your first order. 

See about a million imprinted pen ideas here. 


Hiring Professional "Story Tellers" to call on local businesses.

 Hello. I'm a trainer, and a membership rep for NFIB; and I absolutely love helping small business owners in having a voice at their state capital and in Washington D.C. 

If you can tell a story, and hate being pushy and can work without being micromanaged to simply call on your local business owners in your location, we may have a position for you. 

If you qualify, you could be looking at $100,000 your first year and increasing that each year. 

Does this sound like "you"? 

You can visit to get an idea of what our 77-year-old organization is all about but please don't go to the HR or "Career" page there. I want to help you and put your resume at the top of the pile. 

Return here and use the contact form on this page to let me know of your interest. Then let's talk on the phone. If your location is open and our visit on the phone goes well, I will get you the interview. If and after you are hired, I may be your mentor and work with you before your first week in the field. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Terry (Ter) Scott Trainer/Mentor/Membership Rep 3A687

“NFIB offers an excellent bonus program and a commission structure unheard of! I have a great career with an organization that truly cares for their employees and I can make more money here than anywhere else. I love my NFIB career and know this is where I am meant to be.”

- JEN KNUDTSON Membership Representative  

“Right now is the perfect climate both literally and metaphorically speaking. Seize the opportunity and make IT happen!”

- MINDY KUBRIN Membership Representative  

I came to NFIB when I was 18, just out of high school. I met my husband here. I feel like I’ve lived my life here. And I am so appreciative of all the stability and advantages I have had throughout these 25 years. I am especially grateful for the life I have been able to give my sons because of the opportunity NFIB affords me. The healthy teeth, gorgeous smiles and good educations that my sons have are advantages that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. I have never taken those privileges for granted.

The wonderful NFIB trips that I have taken provided experiences that I never would have had on my own. I won a number of Quarterly Achiever’s Clubs, which we had before President’s Club, and I’ve won eight President’s Clubs. Every one of them was out-of-the-box spectacular!

My retirement years will also be completely different than my parents’ because of my career at NFIB. I have always participated in the 401(k) program. My comfort, security and peace of mind will continue on after I retire, thanks to NFIB.

- DINA DEAUNOVICH Telephone Sales Representative

Rugged Holiday Gifts, Imprinted with your Business Message


Expires Jan. 15, 2021

Click on Image to Browse

CLICK HERE for questions and ordering information. 

We offer hundreds of ideas on thousands of items for branding and many business and organizational needs. Please see our website. Thank you in advance for your time. Request free shipping on your first order. Ter Scott! 

5 Customer Service Week Ideas for Remote Employees

Nearly every aspect of customer service has changed since the pandemic, including a giant shift from in-house to remote work from customer service teams. With Customer Service Week coming up, here are 5 ideas to help with virtual celebrations.

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Learn how organizations across the country are preparing to reopen safely and bring employees back into the workplace.