Ter Scott recommends advocacy group that when they speak on behalf of small business, lawmakers listen.

 The quickest way to get information about joining your business neighbors and increasing your voice of small business at the state capital and in DC is to call me at the number in my photo below. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you. Terry 

At NFIB, we’re proud to fight for the survival of small businesses like yours every day. But membership is more than just a promise: your money goes into resources, advocacy and support for your small business.

As a member, you get access to our reports and guides to stay aware of the ever-changing landscape of workplace laws and new taxes and regulations. You have access to webinars and conference calls that put you in touch with experts. You can take advantage of exclusive discounts and savings to lower the cost of running your business.

Every new member makes our voices louder, so that when NFIB speaks on your behalf, lawmakers listen.

Click here to see the benefits but be sure to come back here to allow me to register your business. (When you click on "Join Now" or "Become a Member" on the website we do not get "credit" for having signed you up in your area. It's an "office" thing but just know that you'll get everything, and more when you contact me and we discuss the best and most affordable membership fee for your business). 

I look forward to serving you and registering your NFIB membership regardless where you are located in our great USA. Please call me using my number in the image below and if you get my answering service, please leave your name, company name, phone number, and best time to return your call. Thank you in advance. 

YOUR BUSINESS IS UNDER ATTACK… America's #1 Business Resource Consultant offers answers...

 Dear Business Owner,


I’m sure that is not “news” as most businesses have had their share of struggles with some even closing this past year. Like many, you may be understaffed and you personally are picking up the slack… so I’ll be brief … and helpful.

Very quickly, my name is Terry Scott and I’m “America’s #1 Business Resource Consultant. 

What this means to you is that I and my company, Ask LLC offers you business-saving products and services which I’ll just outline here and when you want to take advantage of them, let me know. 

(I encourage you to take just a moment and click each of these three links which follow, to acquaint yourself and take advantage of them now or in the future).

A-     Advocacy. I am the NFIB rep for Wisconsin’s Northernmost 9 counties.  NFIB is the voice of small businesses at the state capital and in Washington D.C. Right now small business is certainly in the “fight of our lives” and your membership helps you and helps your neighboring business owners. If you have questions about membership, I am authorized to offer you a very affordable membership with all the benefits and company savings on everyday expenses. Please call me.

B-      Branding. Having been in the branding and promotional industry for over 25 years, I know how to assist you in getting your name “out there”. We offer great savings on “anything with an imprint” from pens to calendars to decals to signage. Contact me or visit https://www.bankersadvertising.com/contact/ to see about a million things that you can put your name on.

C-      Cash Flow. My team will find where your company is leaking expenses by overpaying your monthly bills and/or find you government monies, funds, and programs that come and go, expire quickly, are not typically known by your CPA or financial advisors. We’ll do a checkup for you at no fee and we only get paid if we find you money. For instance, your company could earn up to $9600 per employee hired. Look here. https://gmg.me/251784

Per finding out how much money we can find for your business, visit here: https://propertytaxcredits.com/251784

That’s it. Thanks for your time.

I’m pleased to say that my company was able to help small businesses stay open, reopen and prosper. Now I’d love to help you. If you have other questions please call me. Please check these three services explained above. 

Ter Scott

Finally, know that you are not on any “list”. We have a relationship as we’ve met before, we belong to the same circle of friends, business contacts, etc. If you would like me not to contact you in the future, by all means, let me know. I want to put my time and effort into helping those who want to be helped.

PS. One last thing, since you’ve read this far…

·         Contact me to become an NFIB member and I’ll get you a special gift worth $150.

·         Purchase a branding product from me and I’ll give you free shipping on your first order just to try us.  

·         For the cash flow part of the picture, let me ask you two things; why would you get a loan when you probably have thousands of money due you that you are not taking advantage of and, did your CPA hand you a check for $100,000? (If not, let’s see if we can. Click on those links above). 

America's #1 Business Consultant Ter Scott, offers free Model for Employee Handbook.

Click the image above to download your FREE copy of the Model Employee Handbook. This has been put together by NFIB legal team and I am pleased to offer it to business owners. It is yours with no strings attached. I truly want to help you and your business to succeed. 

Would you like to support your neighboring business owners in fighting for the rights of small businesses? Contact me and we can discuss an affordable membership fee. I work with business owners across the USA. 

Would you like to save money with no headaches and no hassle when ordering your imprinted branding items (and get great service and awesome ideas on how to use them to get your message out in a big way with small costs)? Allow me to offer you FREE SHIPPING on your first order. Visit us at Bankers Advertising and be sure to mention Terry Scott as the "consultant" you are working with. 

Every business has money coming to them; without exception, it is only the amount that changes with the size, industry, and location of your business. We find monies for over 90% of our clients. These are monies you would not get on your own or through your CPA. We'll do a no-fee audit for you so it doesn't cost you a cent to find out and you may find thousands of dollars, even if you own a small business. Visit our Stryde Solutions site to get started or call me. 

CLICK HERE to learn how much money your business can get with every new hire. 

I look forward to assisting you in continued and better business success! 

Ter Scott America's #1 Business Resource Consultant

PS. There's a whole lot more ASK LLC offers you as a business owner, for your employees, and to individuals. To see more, check out this blog post. 

Download your free copy of the Model for Employee Handout. 

Detour to ASK LLC Savings and Services during Site Changes

 Thanks for stopping. We're building a brand new site to serve our clients even better. Since we are busy serving our clients (which comes first before anything else), this may take a while. In the meantime, please click on these links which will take you to the necessary pages. If you have questions, call Ter Scott using the number shown in the image. 

Thanks for your patience! 

(Additional products and services will be added occasionally. If an item in the list is not yet available or has limited access, it will not have a "live" link. Please use our contact form for more information). 

Business Services by America's #1 Resource Consultant


NFIB Membership, we offer affordable membership and guide you through all membership benefits to save your company money. Join the thousands of small business owners across the USA. DETAILS HERE. 


Bankers Advertising celebrates 125 serving companies and organizations with imprinted specialties and I.D. items. We have specials going on right now which will save you money with hassle-free ordering. Be sure to mention "Terry Scott 642" as your consultant to get special pricing and service. Also, visit www.BrandingMore.com for additional options. Don't forget, we can do all the searching for you if you want us to. Just let us know what you are looking for and we'll go to work! 


We find monies and tax breaks that your tax professional doesn't know about. This is no slight against any tax professional out there (we work with them!). Laws change almost daily and programs are announced and expire almost weekly. It costs you zero to find out how much money and savings we can find for you. 

Get up to $9600 per new hire. (Not bogus but seldom done by employers. Here's why and how we make it possible). 

New Tax Changes (that your CPA doesn't know about) may reduce, or increase the amount of money we can capture for your business this year. We’ll also complete a full audit on your expenses (optional) to find you monies that are leaking from your business which could be turned into cash flow. Contact us now before programs expire. Use our quick secured calculator for a fast estimate. 

The site page may state "Emergency Relief". Go ahead and click "Search for Programs". 

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