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Terry Scott is a Senior Agent with Stryde Solutions. Terry Scott's team works with clients on a national level to identify Specialized Tax Incentives and Expense Reductions.
Stryde Solutions has captured over $300M in benefits for clients. Stryde offers the opportunity to increase revenues from your current clientele as well as get in the door with new clients featuring revolutionary business services.

Fargo & Moorhead Professionals, Did you See this Ad?

We recently published a new Craigslist ad for sales professionals in the Fargo ND and Moorhead MN areas. To see it, please click on this link (or the picture) below:

Image result for fargo nd

Are you a sales or business professional involved in any of these industries?
Insurance (Life & Health), Financial Planning, Business Consulting, Real Estate, Law

Do you want more clients? Would you like a proven way to get “in the door” because you are “relevant” and have something they want and need? How would you like to be a client’s “go to” person every time they need your service? There is a complete and unique platform of services which are relevant for all business types that business owners are looking for and you can use this to “get in the door”; and make additional revenue (and set you apart as a professional). CLICK HERE.

Used to WOTC taking months and months? Let's do it in minutes!

When I'm having the conversation with prospects and clients about WOTC I hear all the horror stories about it taking so long; the paperwork is too cumbersome, yada yada and more yada. I understand, completely.

If this has been your experience; please don't give up. We really can get things rolling for you within minutes. Below is a link to go to my page where you can go and check out how much you can be getting up to $9600 per hire and with our proprietary software keeps your prospect "honest" when completing the hiring paperwork.

Place some numbers in the calculator here.

If you have questions, contact me using the contact info at the bottom left of this page.

Gutsy Craigslist Ad States Businesses Don't Get Allotted Tax Credits and More...

This is a copy of a Craigslist ad I ran in the Fargo/Moorhead area recently. (If your business is located anywhere in the USA, this also applies to you).

Can I get tax credits on my building(s) even though it is 15 years old? 

Getting a WOTC credit from hiring employees used to be so difficult and not worth my time, has that changed? 

My CPA takes care of all of this and does a great job, but could I still be missing out on tax and expense reduction programs? 

The answer to all three questions is a resounding YES! 

I was in Fargo/Moorhead recently educating CPAs and business owners on the availability of a myriad of tax incentives, expense reductions and even WOTC credits and I'm always amazed at the amount of misconceptions out there which are keeping business owners from monies they have a right to. Programs change all the time and it is hard for even the best CPA to keep up with all of them. 

As a senior advisor for GMG I work on a contingency basis and if our teams of professionals do not find you tax savings, you don't owe us anything! Also, we work directly with you and your CPA if desired. 

Please read a short article which I wrote for a national blog which covers more detail: 

"Business owners in Fargo and Moorhead are realizing unknown tax incentives and WOTC credits!" 

To have your specific questions concerning contact me by replying to this ad. You'll be placed on a list of firms which I'll see when I am in the area again or we could set a time to do a screen share. 

Read this article and choose an option at the end of the article to calculate estimated benefits. Go here:

PS. Don't have a business located in Fargo ND or Moorhead MN? That's fine. We work with clients all over the great USA. Simply reply to the ad and let's connect! 

PSS. Are you a CPA, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, or Business Consultant? You may qualify to bring our unique proprietary services to business owners. Please see the "Join Us" at the bottom of the article: 

Smart Graduates use WOTC Credits to Get Hired. Here's How!

GET AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over other job seekers! 

What if you were able to walk into your next job interview with a certificate showing an amount that an employer can receive if they hire you? 

This is not a bribe; it’s a government program which has been around since 1940 and now you can use it as the “edge” over others who are competing to get the job!

We also call it the “EDGE”: 
(Everyone Deserves to Get Employed). 

It’s a very simple process for you to do and it really does give you the edge over your competing graduates seeking the same or similar jobs!

 for you as the job applicant and most everyone is eligible. 

You just do a few steps with our quick online process and ...

print out the tax credit certificate with your name on it and take it to prospective employers.

Don't assume that you are not eligible; it doesn’t cost you anything to find out today how you can have the EDGE on your competition! And, it only takes minutes to find out! 

  • Have more confidence when you walk into your interview. 
  • Be "worth" more. 
  • Employers WILL TAKE NOTICE! 

CLICK HERE to find out how to GET AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over other job seekers! 
(Please be sure to state: "TerryScott Marketing" in the Referred by box; thanks). 

Business owners in Fargo and Moorhead are realizing unknown tax incentives and WOTC credits!

Every time I visit Fargo and Moorhead, I love it more. These cities have such a great combo of old and new buildings and businesses which make it the vibrant business community it is. 

Image result for fargo moorhead

Business owners in Fargo and Moorhead are realizing 
unknown tax incentives and WOTC credits! 

I recently spent a few days in Moorhead Minnesota meeting with a few owners of small to medium sized businesses, and commercial real estate professionals and financial advisers who work with them, about the benefits of finding tax breaks which they are owed and also WOTC credits where they earn up to $9600 on every employee they hire. After a successful two days, and a 4 hour plus drive, I’m back home sleeping in my own bed J.

Image result for MYTHThere are two common myths or misconceptions about both the tax incentives and WOTC credits available to every business in America that I will touch on here and later write and publish separate articles about.
First I’ll speak about the tax incentives. Many business owners think that their accountant (or financial adviser; which 80% of business owners do not have) knows about this and is taking care of it. 

Well, briefly I will tell you that first, this is not their “job”, or “expertise” as an accountant that is if they know about them and if so, they don’t feel that you and your business qualifies or that it would be worth your time or theirs. ANSWER: They may have access to “millions” of dollars; we have access to “billions” of dollars (not just local and state, but federal) and since this is what we do, we do it easy and efficiently as to not disrupt the general “flow” of business for the owner. How can a business owner know whether or not they are getting all their tax incentives? Just ask yourself, “Did I get a check back for a $100,000 last year?”* I think you’d remember that!

Image result for MYTHSecondly, with the WOTC credits, many people I speak with either have never heard of WOTC or have looked into it and it literally cost more to implement than it was to earn them. Not so anymore! With our system it is no longer what our company people call the “WOTC lottery”! I encourage anyone who has looked into this before to take a second look, with us!

Oh, and there is one other thing people love about us: if we don’t find you money, you don’t pay!

So that’s why I and our fellow agents are so busy this time of year. If you want to find out how much your business qualifies for in tax incentives and WOTC click on the links below. Then we’ll do a screen share and I’ll walk you through our simple process!

Also, if you are a business to business professional who is reputable and honest you may qualify to work with us; I have a link for you below as well. (I could use more agents on my team; all around the USA so I can sleep in my own bed more often!).

Click the links below and I look forward to assisting you in claiming what is owed you in tax incentives and expense reductions.

Make it a great day!
Ter Scott,

Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant
Senior Advisor GMG

Calculate your WOTC credits 
Calculate your Tax Benefits 

Business to Business Professional? Join us.

View LinkedIn, and Win!

Thanks to these fine folks for viewing my profile recently!

(List of names published on my LinkedIn page).

If your name is shown, please claim your FREE SHIPPING on order from MyImprintRepDOTcom
or a half hour Life & Legacy ™ or Bricks to Clicks Marketing ™ phone consultation by request here. Expires in 10 days. 

My life and business are all about helping you. Tell me who your best, ideal customer is and I’ll use my worldwide contacts to send people (and prospective) customers your way.

When I can help you or someone you know with Life & Legacy Coaching™ and Business Bricks to Clicks Consulting™; which includes tax savings, business expense reductions and unique positioning products , let me know! 
Make it a great day!
Ter Scott!  Get all Tax Credits/Incentives:  
Professionals Helping Professionals:    

Solution to: Businesses All Over America Have Been Affected by Tax Hikes

I understand you are busy and that’s why either I or a staff person drops off this letter without disrupting a business person's daily routine. (Also, I have to say that my time is also precious as I’m very busy assisting business owners like you, at this time of year helping them to claim all the tax incentives; locally, state and federal, that are due along with other business expense reductions). 

Being a business person myself I understand that time and money is important and that is why this letter will be the most important you read today; even this year.

So please, take just a few moments to read how you can claim your tax benefits and business expense reductions which your CPA and Financial Adviser won’t tell you about because they either do not know about this or they believe that, as it was in the past (which is no longer is the case) that it would not be worth theirs’s or your time.

First be comfortable in knowing that we do not change anything you are currently doing; you won’t change providers, vendors, or professionals you are now working with. And secondly, if we can’t help you, you don’t pay us. Imagine me standing in front of you with a check for $50,000 asking you if you want it. Of course, you’d most likely say “yes” and then I say, “Well, let’s find out what you qualify for” and then we put our professionals to work for you. 

And again, if we don’t find any monies for you, you don’t pay.

Because we are both busy I’m including a few links for you to quickly calculate monies owed you. Then we can setup a time to talk over the phone and even do a screen share if necessary.

Here are the links:

Wishing you a great day, a great year and super future!

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Terry (Ter) Scott Senior Adviser 

Are you a Legal, Financial, Insurance, Real Estate or Business Consultant? We are looking for qualified professionals. Visit here. Questions? ASK ME

Linkedin, How to Get People to Look at Your Profile.

Image result for linkedin
If you want people to look at your LinkedIn profile, 
here's what you need to do: 

Update your profile so it is "current", interesting to read, has a "call for action" for what you offer with links to important web pages, and this gives you a reason to
Ask them to look at it, and give you comments if they would like.

Here are ways to "ask":

Post something like, "Hello all, I've just updated my profile and would love to get your opinion on it".

Or, "Ter Scott (your name) just updated his profile using tips and tricks he learned from a LinkedIn Guru".

Or, post: "Thanks for all who have visited my updated profile".

Any thing like the above will get people there. The important thing is to have something professional and a call to action for those who visit.

TIP: I keep a copy of the message below in a Word doc so when I see that people "viewed my profile" I send them a personal message by copying and pasting the following message and inserting their name.

Hello, (insert name) 

Thanks for taking the time to look at my updated profile! 

My life and business are all about helping you. Tell me who your best, ideal customer is and I’ll use my worldwide contacts to send people (and prospective) customers your way. 

When I can help you or someone you know with Life & Legacy Coaching™ and Business Bricks to Clicks Consulting™; which includes tax savings, business expense reductions and unique positioning products , let me know! 

Make it a great day! 

Ter Scott!  Get all Tax Credits/Incentives: 
Professionals Helping Professionals: 

View my LinkedIn Profile

If you have any topics you'd like me to cover please let me know in the comments and questions below.

August 15th is Important Tax Date for Business Owners

August 15, 2017
Partnerships that obtained a 5-month tax extension must file their 2016 tax return by this date.
August 15 - Non-Payroll Withholding (Defined here)

If the monthly deposit rule applies, deposit the tax for payments in July.

News for my fellow Financial Advisers and Insurance Agents:

Stop wasting your time!  
Stop chasing markets that have so little opportunity! 
Stop being a face in the crowd.  

 Image result for stop sign

Just Stop!

At any given time there are upward of 1.2 million licensed professionals chasing the exact same clients.  Which one of these markets are you in, were you in, are you contemplating:

- Senior market
- Retirement market
- Veterans benefits
- College funding 
- Med Sup

Guess what, so is everybody else.  Do you know what’s worse yet ----  the very carriers that you are selling for every day are not selling directly to your clients online.  The stats are amazing, you show the prospect the carrier and the product and then they go online to check it out and buy it direct (really nice of you to do all that free advertising).

Let’s get you out of the rat race and working with the right clients.  The ones with the highest net worth, most cash flow and best yet  -  those clients that have NO REPRESENTATION and your competition CAN’T reach and let’s position you so they ONLY BUY FROM YOU.

Thousands of advisers have told their stories about how our program has changed their lives – you NEED to be part of this story.

Image result for Ter Scott Stryde
Help business owners do this, and you'll be welcomed with open arms and then you can present your other services. Offer something unique that few others are and benefit your clients with something they are looking for~!