Most advisors sell you what they want; not what you need or could truly benefit from.



There is no way to avoid this or minimize it. Advisers earn their living by solely selling you the things that are told to them. It is a firing offense to advise a customer to buy something from which the advisor cannot profit. Financial institutions have mastered the art of marketing to people about their solutions and investments so that people believe that what they have to offer is pretty much the only thing that qualifies as a legitimate investment, which is why their names can be found on the tallest buildings in every city. The typical advisor's capacity to make a commission is one of his top concerns at every encounter. For more than 100 years they have succeeded simply by controlling as much of your money as they can, returning it to you as little as possible, keeping it in their possession for as long as they can, and doing so according to their schedule.

Just take a glance at the skylines of Manhattan or Atlanta to see how well that has worked out for every bank, investment firm, financial advisory organization, insurance company, and other entity. It’s never the client first — PERIOD.

So today we’ve seen that you, the investor does not come first in the process of the traditional advisor types. Yes, I and my team are different. I am smart enough to surround myself with people better than myself who can help my customers better than I; especially as we work together for you as a team. But, we’ll talk more about that later. Next, we will discuss how the traditional advisor simply CANNOT offer you the best solutions. There are a few reasons why and I know you won’t want to miss it. Please subscribe to this blog to be sure to be notified when it’s published.

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Why you should tell your typical advisor to “Hit the road Jack” (Even if his name is Dave).


Now is an excellent opportunity to review how the conventional financial planning paradigm is fundamentally flawed, especially given the current environment when every other banner ad or advertisement on your Facebook page is from the financial planning sector.

As recently as early February 2023,
a large number of clients of traditional financial management organizations around the world were happy with their investment results, but now they are singing the blues and becoming very disappointed. When the entire market is rising, picking a winner on Wall Street is not tough, but now; hmm, not so much.

Here’s to hoping that most people (and especially you since you’ve taken the time to read this) are now willing to listen to, think about, and examine the drawbacks and fatal faults of conventional financial planning. Otherwise, a lot of people who invested their entire retirement and future expectations would once again have to face a painful wall. Thankfully, more and more financial experts are speaking up and being open about the deadly faults of the conventional approach to money management. Although some exaggeration is employed in the list that will follow, the logic is sound and 90% of the time hits the mark.

A word of caution: my criticism is directed at financial advisors who are not fiduciaries. They frequently lack a full license, are more salespeople than consultants, and are new to the industry. Be careful not to heed the counsel of a salesperson because they have the sale in mind. You should always insist that any financial planner be a fiduciary, which is why I advise utilizing them. Because they may cross-check one another, it is advantageous to have a team of individuals on your financial team rather than just one.

Here are some reasons why I think you should tell traditional financial advisors to beat it instead of me offering the traditional money management sector my hand in collaboration. Here is the list which I will expound upon in future posts.




·         They Are Trained To Keep Your Money At All Costs

I know that your eyes will surely be opened as I address these topics further, and you’ll never look at money, your money, in the same way again. I would encourage you to not miss what I have to say next and it’s easy to stay informed and learn the ways of the wise in how to KEEP MORE, MAKE MORE, LIVE MORE.  

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KEEP MORE We will use strategies to help you keep more of your wealth.

MAKE MORE Our strategies will help you make more with your money.

LIVE MORE We will use strategies that allow you to live more today and in the future.