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This is everything you need to know about benefiting from a Cost Seg Analysis of your property. If interested, we invite you to visit our online (FREE TO USE) Calculator to self-enroll and if you have further questions, feel free to contact Ter Scott, National Advisor. 

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Ter Scott is a Stryde/GMG Advisor who works with clients
on a national level via screen share and is available to see business owners
within a 200-mile radius of Duluth, Minnesota. 

Cost Segregation Study Overview
Engineering based cost segregation studies permit commercial real estate owners to reclassify real property for depreciation purposes and reclassify it as more rapidly depreciating personal property. This reclassification results in significant cash flow benefits in both present and future years through considerably shorter depreciable tax life and accelerated depreciation methods.

History of the Program
Cost Segregation has evolved from similar processes used in the 1970s and 1980s to complete investment tax credit studies. Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – When this credit was repealed in 1986, most assumed cost segregation studies provided no further benefit under the new tax law. However, in 1997 a landmark tax court case, Hospital Corporation of America succeed in defending the application of engineering-based cost segregation as a viable method to differentiate real and personal property under the existing law.
In 2004 the IRS released the Audit & Technique Guideline, making clear the expected process of performing a successful Cost Segregation Study. This opened the doors for many small and midsize companies to begin taking advantage of what was previously only pursued by larger companies.

Who Qualifies for Cost Segregation?
Any commercial property owner who has done the following since 1987:

  • Purchased a commercial building or facility
  • Constructed a new commercial building
  • Renovated, remodeled, restored or expanded an existing facility
  • Paid for facility leasehold improvement

What are the Benefits of a Cost Segregation Study?

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, “Cost Segregation Studies are a lucrative tax strategy that should be considered in almost every real estate purchase.”
An average Cost Segregation Study offers approximately $150,000 in additional depreciation per $1 million dollars in purchase or construction cost over the normal 39-year straight-line method.

“Cost Segregation Studies are a lucrative tax strategy that should be considered in almost every real estate purchase.” -U.S. Treasury

“…Cost Segregation Studies should be performed by qualified individuals or firms such as those employing personnel competent in design, construction, auditing, and estimating procedures relating to building construction.” -U.S. Internal Revenue Service

GMG utilizes a team of highly qualified professionals adheres to the IRS recognized Detailed Engineering Approach to perform all Cost Segregation Studies. This methodology maximizes benefits and assures that IRS guidelines are followed.

Getting Started

An initial consultation along with a feasibility report is conducted to determine the cash flow and net present value (NPV) benefits. The consultation allows our professionals to evaluate your current tax status and your future business plans along with your CPA to determine if a study would be of benefit.
The initial consultation is a simple and quick process. To schedule your consultation,
please contact Ter Scott or visit our FREE Online Cost Seg Calculator.

Click on image below to enlarge to read contact information. 

Poor Treatment by Business Owner to Business Advisor costs company Thousands.

A business professional's adventure...

Much of what I do is done via the phone, email and screen share. But at times I will see corporate clients at their location. Yesterday when I was in an area I stopped in to drop off some materials about our service and met with what I felt was a "hostile" and at least minimally a "foolish" response.

Since I believe in second chances (and realize that not all business people know about the "Law of 250") I invested more time in composing a letter and a stamp to mail this business owner a second opportunity.

First, I will share here, my "Gift" which is my review of his action on an online business review site. (It's a gift if he finds it and modifies his behavior with vendors and advisors who visit his store in the future). I then will share my letter that I sent him the next day. I share this episode with you so you, dear reader, as a business "visitor" or "host" will treat one another with the respect that each of you deserves.

Here's my review (this is actually edited a bit to make appropriate for my Facebook page(s): 

I was in (Town name) MN today seeing other clients. I help business owners save money on their tax incentives and property taxes. We normally work with clients much bigger than this like Caterpillar and Toyota but I saw this hardware business and thought I'd stop in. When the gal at the counter told me that I should say hello to (Business owner's name), who was standing nearby, I said hello and I explained briefly what we do and he said he was going to just toss my paperwork and to basically leave. I would say he acted pretty rudely and has no idea that he probably threw away hundreds of thousands of dollars. I predict that if he treats every business advisor in this way that he probably won't be in business within 10 years. It never ceases to amaze me how many business owners do not know about the law of 250.

 Here's my follow-up letter that I sent the next day: 

Hello (Business Owner Name),

We had the “pleasure” of meeting each other yesterday at your place of business when I was in the area seeing other clients. It appeared that I must have caught you at a bad time.

My company typically works with companies much larger than yours but I was impressed with your building and stopped knowing that you most likely have monies which are owed you in property taxes. In the future, you may hear that our Stryde Solutions services may be available to you via (name of corporate "chain") on a corporate level in the future, but for now, we are seeing business owners one on one.

Since my visit caught you off guard when I wanted to drop off materials for your perusal and you (in a manner) declined, I wanted to offer you another opportunity since the paper you wanted to immediately throw away without reading cost me only pennies to produce but represents perhaps $100,000 or more to you in working capital. We find monies for our clients Caterpillar, Toyota, Big Boy Restaurants, and others every day and I know that we can do so for you as well. You stated that “you had this all covered” but if you did, I wouldn’t have been standing there in your store. Obviously, with the large transactions we do, I don’t waste my time on lost causes. Plus, I think you’d remember if your accountant or CPA handed you a check for $100,000 last tax season.  

So I’m sending you this communication, with the information sheet about how this will be your most important tax season ever; which I invite you to give to your accountant and he or she can contact me if you’d like.

Plus, I’m also including a “gift”, The Business Person’s Prayer, which has helped me as a business person of over 25 years.

Regardless of how you choose to act on this information, I wish you continued prosperity in the years to come.

Terry (Ter) Scott

QUESTION TO YOU, MY READER: By sending this letter to this person, am I "casting pearls before swine"?

By the way, the services I was speaking to my clients about (and ultimately trying to share with this store owner) is both the WOTC and Cost Seg Programs, which many business owners do think they "have taken care of" but sadly, after this year's taxes they will be sadly found mistaken. Of course, then it is too late, and yes, many tax professionals will be taken to task and lose these clients. 

You don't have to be among them. We've created a quick site for you to check things out yourself (or by all means, share with your tax professionals) for both WOTC and Cost Seg

Simply click on the appropriate images below. It only takes minutes to find out for yourself. 

Before hiring your next employee, check this out: (Click on Image).

Hire Right!

Share this with your tax professional, or don't wait and check it out yourself: (Click on image). 

Oh, and finally, I wanted to share this if you are still reading. 

Styrde is a national company and we're currently seeking professionals to join us; 
especially financial advisors such as accountants and CPAs. 

If you feel you may qualify, check here to see if your area is still available. 

2018 Commercial Property Owners: Calculate your Benefits here.

Do you, as a business owner, also own commercial buildings?

As a commercial property owner, you need to be aware that tax code changes have left us with a very small window of time over the next few weeks to get your property benefit.   

A cost segregation filed with your 2017 taxes is worth 40% more than one filed next year.  The value of your depreciation as a whole just took a huge hit with this tax change, and this is the last year you're allowed to do a "catch up" and reclaim all that money.

Most buildings we’re done during years where tax rates were at their highest and depreciated things under the assumption that you'd get those deductions "over time".   Now, due to the tax changes you still get some of your money, but it's at 21% instead of 35% (therefore, your overall deduction is worth 40% less next year than it is this year).

You still have time to get your benefit however, we need to act fast.  In order to meet this timeline demand, we’ve created an online solution for you to check and initiate your pending benefit. 


What type of businesses and commercial property owners can benefit from doing a Cost Seg Analysis?

The only true way to know is to just plug in your numbers in our online calculator. There is no obligation to find out what your estimated return is and if we can help or not.

Small resort:

Image result for resort small

Large resort:

Image result for resort large

I've also been asked if this includes resort owners. The answer is "yes". Of course, it all depends on the number of buildings are on the property and a few other variables but we've found that less than 90% of business owners have ever checked on this and anyone can check with our online software for free!

Hotel Owners Get An Additional 40% Deduction With Cost Segregation This Year CALCULATE YOUR BENEFIT HERE.

It's Tuesday; Do you Know Where your Goals Are? Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach

Today I have a bit of a survey for all. It's "wide open" and there are no right or wrong answers. Hopefully, we'll have some ideas from everyone that will help everyone. 

I'll also present this on my LinkedIn and Facebook page and later copy and paste those comments here. 

What do you on a daily basis in 
(or, "on" as Michael Gerber would say) 
your business?

Please leave up to 5 things in the comments below. You are also welcome to leave a link to your website. 

Make it a great day! 

Ter Scott! 
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You've heard things said like,
"There's no such thing as a stupid question" and "The only stupid question is the one not asked". Well, there's a key word in both of those sentences and it was forbidden for my kids to use it while growing up.

You may also have heard that "knowledge is power", yes, but I will tell you that just knowledge is impotent without action. So I'm taking action here by offering you my expertise in the three areas of my business and invite you to take action by first asking me any question (about MONEY, MARKETING, MOTIVATION) on any Friday and then when I offer my thoughts, hopefully, you'll act on it.

This is a great way to get answers from me without paying a coaching or mentor fee. Every Friday come to this very page and leave your question in the comments below. I monitor everything before it's published so you don't have to worry about confidentiality if you ask me to not share specifics.

You see your answer in future articles.

As always, make it a great day!

Ter Scott!

PS. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it!

I will also share many free and no – fee solutions, resources, and reputable paid sources to learn more about MONEY, MARKETING and/or MOTIVATION. 

Remember that your question or comment is not published immediately as all are moderated before publishing so if you would like your request to remain private, just let me know. 

Free Report, 9 out of 10 Commercial Property Investors are Overpaying on Income Taxes (You?)

“We realized considerable savings that would’ve otherwise gone to the IRS.  We now understand why GMG is the leader in Cost Allocation Studies.” Sandra, Owner, Holiday Inn Location 

Here is your FREE REPORT: 

9 out of 10 Commercial Property Investors 

are Overpaying on Income Taxes

Year after year, the Federal Government has continued to incentivize those who invest in Commercial Property. The IRS has established guidelines that, if ignored, cause commercial real estate investors to pay more in taxes than they should.
What guidelines are being ignored by Commercial Property Investors?
Those revolving around Accelerated Depreciation; known in the taxation world as Property Cost Segregation.
Ramifications of Improper Depreciation Allocation
Most commercial property investors do not truly understand the substantial benefits of accelerated depreciation. This is evidenced by our analysis of thousands of depreciation schedules over the years. We have found less than 10% of investors are properly depreciating their properties. The most common misconception is, “I am going to get this money anyway”. Is this a true or false statement?
Let’s investigate…
  1. Capital Gains vs Ordinary Income Rates
    Although the mechanics of these calculations are not always as simplistic as we will be making it for this example, the short response is – increased depreciation leads to paying taxes at the capital gains rate as opposed to the ordinary income rate. Since capital gains rates are likely much lower than the Investor’s income tax rate, they would benefit from accelerated depreciation.
  2. Time Value of Money
    Simply put, your dollar is worth more today than it will be in the future. A tax dollar saved today, therefore, is worth more than a tax dollar saved in the future. Why lock up tax savings in your property for 27-39 years when you can receive it today?
  3. Catch-Up Depreciation
    If you have not completed a Cost Segregation study on your property that you have held for a period of time, did you know that you can capture your entire missed benefit immediately? The IRS allows you to complete a 481 adjustment thus enabling you to catch up all the missed accelerated depreciation into the current tax year. This provision alone could save you hundreds of thousands immediately!
  4. The Power of Cash in hand
    You are a real estate “investor”. This means you understand the investing power of having funds in your hand today. Cash today [in the form of tax savings] enables you to invest in additional properties. The benefits of this are exponential and allow continued growth of your investment portfolio.
“Our accountant told us about this opportunity after we did our remodel but indicated that the cost could possibly outweigh the benefits. After having our plan done by GMG and utilizing it in our tax preparation our accountant tells us that it was a very good investment that will recoup itself many times over in the years to come.” Linda Barkey, Owner, Medical Facility
Correct allocation of real estate depreciation is essential for Commercial Property Investors to effectively manage their tax situation. Are you one of the 90% who is missing out on opportunities that 10% of your competitors are capturing?
GMG has saved clients over $500M since 2004.  Over 100 years of combined experience allows us to stay at the forefront of the specialized tax incentive industry.
For a free analysis of your Depreciation Schedules, please contact us (scroll to the bottom of the page which opens to find contact information). 

Reclaim tax dollars for your business; we do it for free!*

If you are a business owner, did you know that the government pays you to hire people? Did you know that you pay way too much in property taxes and that one simple program (this is the last year to do a "catch-up") can save you thousands of dollars? This business audit only takes about 10 minutes of your time and most likely will be the most profitable use of your time today. Why wait?

Got 2 seconds? Reclaim your tax dollars here

Cost Segregation Benefits Up to $200,000 Per Property

Enter Your Property Tax For A More Concise Calculation

We understand the complexity of these programs and offer a free consultation to assist you in deciding if a study is right for your business. Contact us today for a no hassle, no commitment, no charge review.

Got Employees? Claim your tax credits here.

Hire Right!

* We'll do a cost audit and collect a percentage of the dollars reclaimed. 

An initial consultation along with a feasibility report is conducted to determine the cash flow and net present value (NPV) benefits. The consultation allows our professionals to evaluate your current tax status and your future business plans along with your CPA to determine if a study would be of benefit.

The initial consultation is a simple and quick process. To schedule your consultation,
please contact us.

CPAs, Accountants, and Financial Advisors: Why are you missing out on Cost Seg Dollars?

CPAs, Accountants, and Financial Advisors:

Don't miss this call!  We are deep into tax season and the influx with Cost Segregation deals has been phenomenal.

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When you join our team, I’ll then send you a link to this webinar. (If you’ve missed this webinar; no worries, we are growing and building continually and we continue to have more).
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Cut Business Costs!

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If you can't cut your business expenses 
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(By the way, we'll do a no-cost business expense audit 
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