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Ter Scott's Facebook pages will save you time, money and offer you balance in your business life.


I'm excited to publish this updated version of my Facebook pages to assist you in achieving your goals and getting what you need to keep your business going. I would suggest that you click all through them for a quick look as you might find something that interests you and can help you but even better still, you may find an idea that you can incorporate into what you do. 

First I share my pages where you can advertise what you do; for free! What's cool about this is when you post something about your business (being sure to place link to your page or site in the comments section) you are creating more "connections" to your site for the robots and spiders to find and increase your ranking in the search engines. You are welcome! 

Duluth MN, Superior WI Facebook Pages where you can promote your product and services free: (You do not have to live or have your business located in these locations to advertise for free; you only need to offer a service that can be accessed either by coming to your business, you going to them or online).







NORTHERN WISCONSIN If you own a business anywhere, basically north of Eau Claire WI you can promote your business 2 times weekly on this page. Ideally you’ll want to include one or two posts that are not “ads” to every one that is an ad so as to not be what I call “ad-heavy”.

Own a BNB or Airbnb in Wisconsin? Do you offer a product or service to those in the industry? Check out


The following pages I’ve created to help promote your business in other ways. I think it is worth your while to click on every link, visit and consider liking the page so you’ll be informed when something is published. It could save you and your business a ton of time and money.

As an insurance agent, part of what I offer with my cash flow strategies are insurance programs that really do save you money because one, I search them out, and secondly, to be able to enroll, you must choose a date and time on my calendar to get the details and have me answer your questions and register you. This saves time and money. See details at

I’m pleased to be the area director for Welcome Wagon in the Twin Ports area. Welcome Wagon promotes your business so inexpensively with its varied services. This is “me”; this is my “flagship” umbrella business that all I do falls. I am “America’s #1 Business Consultant” offering A-B-C services; Advocacy, Branding, and Cash Flow Strategies. Check out the site and when you see something, contact me and you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on your first order; USA locations only. You’ll see marketing and motivational tips, products and services by yours truly on this page. Visit frequently to catch my announcements about my events and save money with discounts, etc. highlights my book and similar products. Everyone needs to be an advocate for something and this is one of the two things I concentrate my advocacy. This page offers products that are all about keeping people of all ages and all situations “push-button-safe”. Is your Mom or Dad living alone: They can be “push-button-safe”. Is your child alone after school before you get home or daughter off to college? She can be “push-button-safe”. is really for “fun”. I’ve won many sweepstakes and my friends have won cars, trips, hotel stays, dinners, gift certificates and it goes on and on. These are legit contests and sweepstakes so you know that someone will win. I used to find and post a bunch weekly and still do sometimes but my other business pursuits keep me pretty busy. Fortunately, others share posts that you can go to and enter. I will be back from time to time with what I find. In the meantime, go ahead and enter what’s posted by others and you share what you find too. is another “fun” page. Here I share “art stuff”.
As a graphic designer, speaker, instructor, and author, I share tips and things and also published art items. Here you'll also be informed about my workshops and live retreats that are for both the professional and non-professional. is one of my favorites and I love helping construction businesses promote because they are the ones that build the community; literally! If you own a construction business, or anything related (or do the marketing) please visit and be sure to ask for FREE SHIPPING on your first order. BTW. Our business is really growing in this area and we are seeking phone salespeople in all areas of the USA. Inquire using the contact form on this page. is a source where you can sell your home fast, without all the elements necessary with the traditional way to sell your home. Many times you can sell faster and make more using this. is all about listing FSBOs for free. Open to sellers, residents, investors, and related businesses within 100 miles of Duluth MN/Superior WI. Sell, Share, Learn and Educate. offers services that reveal hidden tax incentives and cash flow strategies that almost 100% of CPA and tax professionals don’t know about and don’t want to “deal with” but we will and you should. It costs you money every quarter that you could be using to increase your cash flow and improve your overall business. is all about my success products and speaking engagements centered around the book, The Chicken that Soared. offers coaching for both the individual and the business person, salesperson and entrepreneur wanting to improve and achieve goals and balance in life. 

How and why completely "own" a media so your competitor can not.

A restaurant owner purchases a building used by a previous competitor and sells it with the stipulation that the building can never be a restaurant.  Or, let's it sit vacantly or use it for storage; anything so a competitor can not use it? Is this ruthless or “Smart marketing”?

I’d like to share a thought with my “followers”, “students” and clients, as you may think of yourself.

If you have an opportunity to “own” a media, you want to “own” it. In marketing, if you run radio ads, you want to have more ads than your competition. If you have billboards, you want the most billboards in the area. Remember Yellow Pages; the “print version”. When having an ad in the Yellow Pages you wanted the biggest ad and have it at the top of the page and the right side page. If you are reading this and you will adapt any of what I’ve just told you, you will add profit to your business. (When I partner with a business and offer this consultative advice I usually get a percentage of the growth in profit so you reading this, you are welcome).

So here’s my point. In media “own it”. So let’s say that I speak to you offering Welcome Wagon’s exclusivity. First, I would not reach out to you or would politely refuse your request if you reached out to me unless your business offers an excellent reputation, integrity, and service to your customer. We won’t settle for less. Now when your business passes that “test”, why should your business be the exclusive recommendation by Welcome Wagon in your area?

Recently I spoke to a prospective Welcome Wagon partner that felt that “direct mail” is “dead” to the younger, more hip crowd who are their customer and that they have the digital part taken care of.

First direct mail is not dead, to any generation; especially for smart marketers using it wisely. And with digital, you really can’t have it totally taken care of. Does anyone really know the total size of the Internet? I like what someone told me, “With the internet and social marketing (and I think with all marketing) you should use multiple ways on multiple days”.

But, I never try to change someone’s mind when it comes to almost anything with marketing. I am a consultant; not a salesperson and I know that as America’s #1 Business Consultant offering Advocacy, Branding, and Cash Flow Strategies that over time most business people work with my firm in one way or another. I educate.

Now let’s get back to my point about exclusivity. When someone offers you “exclusivity” with a marketing program, POUNCE ON IT! If the program doesn’t make sense, make it make sense; or at least exhaust every area in seeing how you can make it work. Why? Because you can OWN IT.

Did you know that large companies do this to capture and own a bigger part of the market share? Find out the cost of this marketing program to be exclusive before saying “no”. Sometimes it is worth it if only to keep your competitor from getting it. So the next time someone offers you exclusivity with their program, if the company and program are legit (and Welcome Wagon has been helping to market business since 1928), consider long and hard before you literally give the opportunity away to a competitor when you had the opportunity to say “yes” first. Take the program, it's “cheap” enough and you’ll lock in your exclusivity; and OWN IT. (Yes, I am yelling).

BTW, please know that I am not speaking for Welcome Wagon here in any official capacity. I’m speaking to business people who want to “wake up” to new ideas and old principles which will always work when they are adapted and “tweaked” a bit to work with updated advertising vehicles.

Would you like to get a no-fee, no-obligation,  30-minute business consult with Yours Truly? Use the contact form and you’ll get a reply with optional time slots from which you can choose.

Own a business located anywhere in the USA? Are you a salesperson or are you in direct sales with your own business? Welcome Wagon is such an inexpensive way to tell new movers about you and what you do offering many marketing options. Please contact me and let's do a short Zoom session so you can see for yourself. 

Would you like to work with your local business owners to offer them the same awesome Welcome Wagon marketing that I'm talking about? Would you like flexibility in your schedule? Work mostly from home via Zoom if you want? If so, use the information below and I look forward to chatting with you. 




Political Candidates need Branding More (

 When you are running for office you need more branding, 

branding more; 

so, that's why smart candidates come to! 

Click on Image to Enlarge

First, thanks for being here. We've been helping people like you to get elected for almost 50 years now. Thanks for stopping by! 

We encourage you to send us a "small" order at first, here's why. 

As you know, all political orders are prepaid; every company insists on that. What sets BrandingMore apart from anywhere else in the country besides our awesome (we humbly state) customer satisfaction we also offer 10% off each exact repeat order in the future! 

So try us with whatever you deem as small (just be sure to have enough for your event) and then place a second, third, and one hundred-and-third order, and if there are no changes to your imprint, you will get 10% off each and every order after your first. Cool, huh? 

So don't wait. Call us today or take a look at our online catalog first and then call us. If you don't see it, we probably still have it, so call us anyway. It's not that we like to talk but we love to help. 

Increase your employee's paycheck without costing your company a dime; what's the catch?



My name is Terry Scott with All Solutions Known, Superior WI. You and I have met, done business before, or have spoken in the past about advocacy, branding, or cash flow strategies, and I wanted to get this urgent announcement out to you, IMMEDIATELY.

If I could increase your employees’ paycheck without costing your company a dime, and decrease your companies tax liability for every full-time employee that participates in the plan, would that interest you?  

(If yes, please read on).

Just like we’ve done for clients such as Tesla, Amazon, McDonald's, Arby’s, Denny’s, Brinks and so many more, our proprietary program saves your business about $900 per employee, and your employees get an average of $125 added on each paycheck (that doesn’t come from the business). Employees also get some great benefits like zero co-pay on primary, urgent care and also zero copays on prescriptions. And the company gets some great tax savings.

Again, would this interest you?

If so, call me (at the number in the image above) and we can schedule a time to speak with a senior associate in the next few days.

(You don't have to call your CPA, you can work with ours, but we're glad to work with yours). 

Also, please note that no CPA is aware of this program; it is a proprietory. They will not know of it for about 2 to 3 years out. You may hear them say your business isn't big enough, we've got you covered, etc., etc. but that definitely is not the case. We consistently find hundreds of thousands of dollars and tax savings every week for your clients. You've got nothing to lose in picking up the phone, calling me (leaving a message if I'm with another client), and booking a no-obligation phone session. You have $900 per employee and much more to lose if you don't. 

We work with winners. Choose to win. Call me today. 

To your success,

Terry Scott

PS. We’ll most likely be working with your CPA to create the consensus and make sure that all is in compliance with section 125 so please feel free to have him or her reach out to me as well. 

Thanks for visiting: 

Did you read this far and aren't going to call? Please enter your comments below or ask your questions using the contact form on this page. We want to help you to get the money you deserve. We can show you how you are literally MISSING OUT and just how quickly and simply you can get what is available. 

We offer services that reveal hidden tax incentives and cash flow strategies that almost 100% of CPA and tax professionals don’t know about and don’t want to “deal with” but we will and you should. It costs you money every quarter that you could be using to increase your cash flow and improve your overall business. Don't delay. Call the number above.

Business Consultant offers WW marketing to small and medium sized business to attract large R.O.I.


I promote Welcome Wagon’s products as part of the “B” of the All Solution Known business. “A” is for Advocacy, “B” for Branding, and “C” for Cash Flow Strategies. 

Click on the arrow to start... 

This almost 100-year-old iconic company is the best for a small to medium-sized business (and even larger) company to reach the new mover/homeowner in the area. This demographic is the most influenced audience by the first business to greet them and offer their products and service; it truly is an amazing marketing concept with all the nuances in marketing that WW offers in both direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. I outline some of this and the openness through transparency that is offered. If you haven’t experienced Welcome Wagon, watch this, and regardless of where your business is located, contact me for a no-obligation discussion. 

Click here to download the newsletter that contains the article about creating your Vision Board and also that link to refer a business for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. 

If you would like multiple opportunities to earn a $50 Amazon card from Yours Truly, as I mentioned in the video, tell me in a comment or message me on the Facebook page "Twin Ports Welcome Wagon" your name, the name of the business you are referring and who the contact person is. When that company partners with Welcome Wagon, I'll send you a $50 Amazon card; easy-peasy. 

We are getting our clients an estimated $900 tax savings per employee and adding about $125 to employee's paycheck.

 Business Owner, CEO, we are getting you $900 tax savings per employee, getting your employees an average increase on their paychecks of $125 (this doesn’t come out of your pocket) and your employees get some great benefits like prescriptions, urgent and primary care, and the business gets some huge tax savings.

If you own several franchises such as any or similar to these shown or a CEO of a company with 100 or more employees, call my cell # (shown in the image on this page) and request a 30-minute info session with someone on my team. This is a proprietary product that is only available through me and my team. Later I will open this to businesses with less than 100 employees (if that’s you, please contact me for details on that). 

Choose from a private 30-minute informational session; these are limited.  Call me on my cell #. Please, only call if your company has 100 or more employees, and please be patient as we are taking about 100 calls per day. If you get our answering machine leave a message and if we do not get back to you within 24 hours, call back. I apologize in advance for any delays. Every request is answered by a "human" and not a machine!

For companies of 5 or more employees, please use the contact form on this page to...

  • Request a Zoom informational meeting with up to 30 others present, followed by a one-on-one session. These are held bi-weekly. 
  • Request information as to when we will be in your area for a lunch and learn or dinner educational event; followed by an optional one-on-one if you are interested. 

C = Cash Flow Strategies: Stop Money Leaks, Redeem Tax Incentives and Hidden Programs, Get Funding.


You are "here": "When banks say no, we find your cash flow". ©

C = Cash Flow Strategies Stop Money Leaks before they 

start and attract money automatically and continuously outside 

that from your income customers and clients.

How can this happen for you and your business?

Hello. My name is Terry Scott with All Solutions Known, sometimes called "The ABC Consultant" because I assist business owners and individuals with Advocacy, Branding, and Cash Flow Strategies. This is about Cash Flow Strategies. Please return to this page as I will be adding more financial products and services over time. 

This first product is for Real Estate Investors located anywhere in the USA. There are a few states that we do not make loans in, but contact me through the application form on and we'll do our best to help you; we have options. The application on the site does not obligate you in any way or affect your credit score; it's for our internal use only and helps you and us to have a starting point for conversation. 

Next, we offer a way to reduce or stop overages in your everyday business expenses (we do this for no upfront costs to you), see what tax credits you qualify for (also with no upfront charges), and how to get up to $2600 (this figure changes from time to time but it is always "substantial"); this has a very minimal (less than $20 currently) monthly fee. CPAs and Accountants don't help you with this, that's why we can find the money for over 90% of those who do a "free look" at our Stryde Solutions site

Click on the above image to calculate the "Any time of the year" Refund Estimate. (The image may be different as we mix it up from time to time. Simply "search for programs" or enter a few details to get started). 

BTW, Check out Free White Paper, 4 Ways to Grow your Business During the Supply Chain Shortage.  

Thirdly (but not lastly; be sure to return or keep in touch as we're always adding and changing things for our clients) is our Fundwise team that works diligently to get you funds for almost anything; as a business owner, entrepreneur, individual of any kind and located anywhere in the USA. You can see by the photos below, we fund for almost any reason. 

Click on Image to Enlarge

Return frequently to see updated information. And please check out the Advocacy and Branding products and services that will help you and your business exponentially when combined with the above Cash Flow Strategies. (Ask me how). 

A = Advocacy - Have an advocate and be an advocate.

B = Branding Have Millions of “Silent Ambassadors” 

selling for you 24/7

C = Cash Flow Strategies Stop Money Leaks before they 

start and attract money automatically and continuously outside 

that from your income customers and clients.

How can this happen for you and your business?

Ask. All Solutions  

Cutting prices or losing customers because of the supply shortages or shipping logistics? Here's how we stop that.

 The opportunity is now closed. If interested in hearing about upcoming events, please let us know in the comments or by using the contact page. 

Why do business owners and salespeople are just like you joining my Zoom session on Wednesday night for the measly fee of $100?

You’ll get insight as to what is working (and what is not) from 9 of your peers in how to handle the objection today “Can you lower the price”? Today with the supply shortages and shipping delays customers are understandably frustrated but as a professional, you do not have to cut prices, lose a sale or a customer. I’m offering two solutions that have worked for me.

Get more specific details here. 

As an attendee, you’ll share at least one experience, solution in your allotted time and comment on everyone else’s situation. We’re in this to help each other. Plus you’ll get free membership to my private Facebook group, (regularly $49 monthly), get the opportunity to network with the attendees, and even get a copy of the recorded session after attending to go over and over to glean the information. (You must attend the session to get the recording because we each need one another present obviously and; there are no refunds).

Jump right to the registration form. 

how much is your customer worth to you? Would you like to give up on them and have them go elsewhere or give them such a low price to keep them that you are hurting yourself and your business’s future? If you get just one idea from this 60 to 90-minute session and save one customer or not lower your price in a sale, it is worth attending. Register now. 

How to save a sale and a customer over the issue of rising costs…

I’m opening this Zoom Discussion to only 10 others; first come first serve. 

It’s $100 bucks and will last around 90 minutes. It will be recorded and I'll email everyone a copy later. Everyone submits their website links in the chat so we can all do business with each other later if we want.

Here's how it will happen. I’ll be the facilitator and timekeeper. Everyone speaks and everyone learns from each other. (Learning from each other in itself is worth the $100). 

Be prepared to tell the group what your most pressing situation is concerning “rising prices”, a bit about what you’ve run into, and your best close or “workaround”  these types of questions, to help a client in keeping the sale and then ask the group a question. Everyone has a set amount of time to present and you won't go over because I will mute your mic. This will be fast-paced, so be prepared to present, listen and learn. Everyone's time is valuable so let's respect that. 

If you manage a sales team, if you are a salesperson, you are a business owner or a supplier; anyone who is always coming up against “your prices are too high”, “Can I get it at the same price I got it for last year?”, or whatever, you need to be here.

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with others but can’t “spam”; you know, all of the usual stuff... but you can stay on the topic of business, success, and this Zoom meeting. Remember, you’ll be able to “network” on the Zoom call by placing your website link in the chat.

When 10 have signed up, the door closes. The Zoom meeting is set for Wednesday, February 16th, at 7 PM Central Time. I expect we'll have people from everywhere and at different income levels, backgrounds, business types, etc. The only qualifier is paying your $100 and showing up. No Refunds. 

Got questions? Join the private Facebook group and ask me there. You can also ask questions before and after our Zoom meeting in the Facebook group.

BTW, by joining the Zoom meeting you also agree that I have the right to the recording; voice, and image if I ever want to incorporate it in whole or part in another repurposed format. 

Click here to register. 

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to register, call me immediately using the number in the "Pen ad" below. 

Here's an example of how I personally deal with the issue and I'll talk about it on Wednesday. And yes, it's a live ad and you can take advantage of the special pricing. 

Click here to see if the Zoom class is filled.