Clarifying your eligibility for tax credits, my letter to a corporation with about 1000 stores.


I’m sure ---------- is asked for money or to buy something every day. How many times does one walk into your company and wants to give you money?

(Name), first off, thanks so much for replying; which is a testament to ---------- philosophy of stellar customer service and vision of ---------- and ------------- being the best. 

Secondly, I've done my homework or I wouldn't have taken my time to contact the corporation. 

I’ve been working with many corporations, including some nice chains like yours for some time now, helping them claim tax incentives and credits their business qualifies for; many that their team thought it wasn’t worth looking at or they simply didn’t know about them. No one should be surprised since though they are similar, there are different options for each of your store’s location depending on city, county, and state.

It took a pandemic to make businesses and corporate entities realize that all of these tax incentives exist and should be a part of their annual tax planning. Unfortunately, most of the company staff looked no further than the poorly managed PPP program, which, in the end, only distributed a few hundred billion dollars.  

Confusion abounds regarding this topic; honestly, the IRS doesn’t make it a simple process; even when you have a team of accountants and CPAs.  Over $2.3 trillion in federal benefits are available to businesses such as -------------, and this funding gets renewed and expanded annually.  As an accountant with -------------, do you recall the company receiving a check for six or ten million dollars last year? Many programs have been in place for decades and are permanent, so you can count on them; and they change often.

Because it’s so difficult for corporations to even to scratch the surface of what they are entitled to, we will hold a live event where you can ask professionals who have been in the industry for over 23 years any questions about tax incentives, credits, and your business.

"Contact name", believe me, I am grateful that you replied and I hope you can see that this could mean SERIOUS MONEY for the company. Is there anyone else that I should be speaking to? I did meet a gentleman who worked closely with ------------- some years ago at a business event in Madison, Wisconsin but I don’t recall his name.

You and I have already invested a little time in our communications. If there is any doubt that ------------- may have tax credits it’s not claiming, you, and perhaps a company CPA, and/or other staff should attend the event and find out.  Most industries have funding set aside for them, and you just need to know how to claim it. I think ------------- from recruiting would find the changes in WOTC quite revealing, and operations director ------------- may absolutely “rejoice” when he finds out that yes, ------------- can qualify for some credits that the company thought they’d never qualify for so they simply passed on getting more information about it.

I spend a ton of money with -------------because I’m on the road a lot and love your stores; and the people you hire. Certainly ------------- may be doing well financially in many ways, but I know that the company didn’t get to where it is today by ignoring possible opportunities. As with any business, I’m sure ------------- is asked for money or to buy something every day. How many times does one walk into your company and wants to give you money?

I’ve invested almost an hour here at my computer replying to your kind message and hope that both your time and mine in this won’t be wasted. (It took me longer because I was checking on possible tax incentives that I can see that you would most likely qualify). I’m inviting you to my live event where you can ask all your questions. I am confident that it will be worth your time to sit in.  

LIVE EVENT:  10.12.23 11 a.m ET (Add to your calendar using the link below)

PPP & ERC Are Just The Beginning Tax Credits and Incentives for Business

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