All Solutions Known Says Self Employed Business Owners are Owed Money, Then Works to get it...


Wow, READ THIS: we made national news! All Solutions Known puts checks in the amounts of $20,000 to $40,000 and more in the hands of independent business owners who were hit by Covid. Ask about the $1000 referral fee Ask LLC gives for each and every self-employed business person referred and completes the process. All Solutions Known Says Self Employed Business Owners are Owed Money, Then Works to get it…

If you are here, you've been referred by someone as a self-employed business person and/or a 1099er, inquiring to see if you qualify for the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) monies. If you've heard of ERC and PPP, please know that this money is not that money. Most people who submit paperwork qualify and for sums of $20K, $30K and we've even seen checks put in people's hands of over $66K; and that is just for one of the two years (2020/2021) that we process for our clients. 

In full disclosure and total transparency, the person who sent you here will receive a "Finders Fee" or "Marketing Fee" of $1000 when you complete the process and collect your check. They can use this for additional income (they can receive as many checks as they send successful candidates our way; getting $1000 each time), or give it to charity, so please be sure to state the person and their email in your paperwork. Also, when you refer someone, you can get the $1000 reward too. 

The process is very streamlined so this should only take you a few minutes to complete. If you have questions, we invite you to use the contact form on this page or you may text/call my cell number in the image below but please know that you will probably not get an answer right away as we process many applications daily to help as many people as we can before the deadline expires to get the 2020 monies that are waiting. 

Think you are not owed money, CLICK HERE: think again... 

STEPS TO CLAIM YOUR REFUND OF $22K, $33K, $66K... (Don't try to figure it out; let us do it. It seems there is no rhyme or reason as to what amount you'll get but our software finds your accurate claim). 

Step one, Click to read our latest Press Release. (It's optional but will give you a quick overview of what this is all about). 

Step two, Click to open and print this application form (Intake form). Complete it fully, give us more information than your think we need. 

Step three, Send this completed form along with your most recent copy of your tax form and a copy of your driver's license, to us using your choice of options below. 

Be sure to include the form, most recent tax return and copy of your driver's license. 

What does this cost you to have us do this? 

Once our process has determined what your refund will be, we will notify you with the amount. Our total fee to do all of the work to get your refund is 25%. We will ask for 10% to proceed and the balance of 15% at the time you get your refund. We also offer expedited services and you have the option to have the money placed into your bank instead of being mailed a check. We can discuss this then before you proceed. If for some reason you don't want to move forward to collect your refund; you owe us nothing; we work for you on our dime. 

What if I don't have the 10% to pay upfront? 

We cannot make this available for everyone, but will, on a case to case basis help you if this is your situation. 

Why can't I do this on my own or have my CPA or accountant do this? 

Quite frankly, you should be asking why they haven't done so up to this point as this program has been available for several years now. The answer we've found is that they really don't have the capability or desire to do this as they get paid to do your books and not save you money. Even those who do try to do so, this is a very complicated process to be sure everything is done correctly and there are so many tax laws changing continually that even the best cannot keep up with them. This is what we do and we do it well. We will get you a check too. If in the off chance that you don't qualify for some reason, you are not out anything except a little time in getting your paperwork in. 

What if I haven't filed taxes? 

That's a very good question. Believe it or not, we've gotten refunds for those who haven't filed for years! Odd, but true. Simply submit your most recent copy of your tax form and/or state that you haven't filed taxes. 

Will this trigger a tax audit? 

This is an IRS program. There is no reason that this would occur as these are monies the IRS has made available to self-employed and/or 1099ers and when the time expires, these funds will simply go into government's "black hole" and won't help you or anyone. (My words). 

What if I have more questions? 

Feel free to use the contact form, text or call but know that you will get a voice mail (This is Terry Scott, please leave your message...) and either myself or someone our our team will get back to you. 


Please be sure to submit your initial paperwork to us at All Solutions Known LLC (and not Affordable Business Tax Solutions, LLC) so we are able to track things and can be sure that any referral/marketing rewards can be distributed in a timely fashion. 

We look forward to helping you get your funds fast. 

Terry Scott, All Solutions Known. 

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