Free Cup of Coffee to Every Business Owner in Minnesota and Wisconsin from All Solutions Known

 In celebration of these coffee celebrations in the month of January, All Solutions Known is giving away a $10 coffee card to anyone who spends at least 60 seconds to find 6 ways to capture hidden tax incentives and government refunds they are owed. 

  • 4th week is National Irish Coffee Week
  • 18th National Gourmet Coffee Day
  • 25th is National Irish Coffee Day

"I realize that business owners are busy people and they may not think they have even one minute to spare, even when it comes to missing out on thousands, tens of thousands and in the case of larger businesses, hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is our way of saying that we've found money for over 90% of our clients that would have expired without using our fast claim process and that we want that for them too", says Scott, owner of ASK LLC. 

Here's how it works. 


First, you must be a business owner with at least one employee (up to 500 employees), and 

your business must be in either Minnesota or Wisconsin (we work with clients all across America and we may do this all across the USA next year, but our accountant said that we should honor business owners only in Minnesota and Wisconsin to start with). 

Next, visit our online secure calculator and enter a few things like how many employees do you have and how many do you hire yearly. Then push a button to find out an estimate as to what you are owed. 

Now, you can move forward and claim your funds, contact me at the site for assistance and/or ask for your $10 coffee card. 

Simply contact my office using the email at the bottom left of the page: 

Terry Scott , Senior Advisor 218xxxxx34 |

(You'll need to email us your address to be able to send your coffee card). 

And complete this sentence from the bottom right of the screen: 

Your Growth Is ____  ____________ © GMG Specialized Tax Incentives

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