Ter Scott, America's #1 Resource Consultant encourages Self-Employed to act on FMLA funds now

Terry Scott, of All Solutions Known, has made it his mission to tell all self-employed 1099ers about these refunds so they don’t miss out. A single mom of three got around $44,000 and a single man without dependents got a check for approximately $66,000.


 Visit www.FMLA2023.com now and be sure to place "referred by Terry Scott" so I can follow up with you personally. 

Independent Contractors who are self-employed need to know that they are owed money through The Family Medical Leave Act. Covid funds are now available from the government and must be claimed before the expiration. Many small business owners either don’t know about them, don’t think they qualify, or don’t know how to collect those large checks! Many are confused thinking that these funds are ERC or PPP. Terry Scott, of All Solutions Known has made it his mission to tell as many 1099ers that he can about these refunds so they don’t miss out.  He and his team make everything clear to understand and process the well-deserved and badly needed checks, quick and easily.

“No one knows how much you’ll receive until after we do our processing”, says Scott. “A single mom of three got around $44,000 for just one of the two years and a single man without dependents got $66,000. Since we are still working with both 2020 and 2021, our clients usually see almost twice those amounts -it depends on a lot of variables. What’s important is to start the process”. 

As a committed leader in tax incentives and financial consulting to business owners who have larger staff who were awarded ERC and PPP monies, All Solutions Known is pleased that the IRS is now offering something that is exclusive to the “little guy”. And, there are a lot of little guys, and gals, who have their own side hustles that were slowed or brought to a grinding stop during 2020 and 2021. Here is a main category list of who are called “1099ers” that Scott and his team work with; and there is no way to know all the others in their respective of sub categories.

Accounting, Agents, Agriculture, Antiques and Collectibles, Arts and Crafts, Asset Management, Automotive, Beverage, Brokers, Business Services, Child Care, Cleaning Services, Construction and Home Improvement, Design, Distributor, E-commerce, Education and Training, Entertainment, Fashion, Food Services, Gardening and Landscaping, Health and Beauty, Information Technology, Legal Services, Maintenance and Repair, Management Services, Manufacturing, Marketing Services, Media, Medical Practitioners, Music, Nightlife, Personal Services, Pet Services, Photography, Professional Services, Publishing, Recruiting and Staffing, Rental and Leasing, Research Services, Retail Shipping and Delivery, Sports and Recreation, Sustainability, Toys and Hobbies, Transportation, Travel and Tourism, Value-Added Reseller, Warehousing and Storage, and Wholesale.

  Visit www.FMLA2023.com now and be sure to place "referred by Terry Scott" so I can follow up with you personally. 

“I was surprised to find that people like farmers, lawyers and even doctors were on the list” said Scott. “I’m here to inform everyone that THEY-ARE-OWED-MONEY and help them get it as fast as possible!”

 Scott asks a few simple questions, such as “Did you miss any days of work from 2020 – 2021 because of Covid – related illness?”, “Did your kids miss school?”, “Did you have to quarantine because of Covid?”, “Did you have to take care of a family members, friend, extended relative or loved one with Covid?”.

 If the client is self-employed, completes a 1099 for taxes each year and can say yes to at least one of those questions, chances are very good that they qualify. Scott has the client complete a one page form, accompanied with a previous year tax return. In about 24 to 36 hours they receive an amended return and after verification their check from the IRS is on its way. Scott and his team collect a very small amount as a fee and only when and if the client qualifies and chooses to move forward and says, “Show me the money!”

  Visit www.FMLA2023.com now and be sure to place "referred by Terry Scott" so I can follow up with you personally. 

All Solutions Known is located in Superior, Wisconsin and serves business owners mostly in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, but has many clients nationwide so be sure to ask about any particulars that may vary in your state when contacting Terry Scott and the team.


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