How can I find every tax break, incentive and refund for my business?


Business Owner, congratulations; you are here. This will be the most profitable thing that you'll do for your business today... 

We will show you in 60 seconds, 6 tax incentives and refunds that you qualify for.


We made national news! Minnesota and Wisconsin business owners only: We’re giving away $10 cash cards to use to either buy a can of coffee grounds or a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop for just taking 60 seconds out of your busy day to see 6 ways that we are giving you and your business money. We give you money and $10 of coffee money. Crazy, right?

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I also want to give you Todd Burkhalter’s (CEO of Drive Planning) book, The Gotcha’s of Mutual Funds absolutely free. I’ll tell you how to get yours below…

When you get your cash in hand you can use it for any reason that you want. Use it to remodel your work area, pay your employees a bonus, or for some, keep your doors open. For many, I help them to take a minimum of $20,000 and put it to work to earn 10 ROR in just 90 days. Let’s get your tax incentives and refunds first then let’s help you earn that 10% every 90 days.

Or, if you already have money to put to work, visit and book a call. You must start with at least $20,000 but of course many of our accredited investor clients are putting in sums of $100,000, $250,000 and $500,000 and more.  

Download Todd’s book here.

I hope you’ll click on the links above and get started in claiming your funds any time of the day; it’s always available online. Just know that the longer you wait, the less you may receive as these funds expire. However, the good news is that there are new funds coming out continually and once you use our system, you’ll automatically get all of those too.

Please use the contact form on this page if you have other questions.

Terry Scott

America’s #1 Business Resource Consultant

PS. If you are selling your business, will be selling your business or will or have come into a large sum of money creating a large taxable consequence, would you rather pay 1% of those taxes or the full 100%? You may qualify for a strategy known and used only by the affluent that we share with our clients. Visit and book a call. We can go over the details. 

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