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Don't miss Monday, November 13th ZOOM MEETING, two times... 

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We made national news; read it here. 

Business Owners, you are due many tax breaks, incentives and credits. Our team will show you, in 30 minutes or less, how to claim yours. CLICK HERE to add to your calendar. Our next live client events will take place on Monday, November 13th.  We are holding one at 1pm ET and one at 7pm ET.  This event is for ALL BUSINESSES. (click on image below to enlarge). 

Business owners, get $1000 every time you
refer someone to us who is a self employed person or a W2 person with a side hustle and we help him/her to claim their Covid funds. These people are owed this money and if they don't act fast, the deadline will expire. Visit here to read more about the REWARD and how to submit your claim to us for processing.

Self Employed person or W2 person with a side hustle (visit here to see various side hustles), you are owed money. We are an authorized firm that can and will help you claim yours before the deadline but you must act fast. We have helped others claim checks of $20K, $33K, and even $66K. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get your check so if you act now, you should see your money before the holidays. (Be sure to click on the Refund/Reward poster above to see your industry listed. 

REWARD & REFUND ZOOM CALL. Attend this Zoom call to learn how you can earn a $1000 referral fee (or bring a guest to get your first $1000) and also learn how you can claim your own $20K, $30K, $66K (these are just a few examples of other checks we've awarded from the IRS to our clients). 

We are not currently doing a Zoom call at this time. When we do, your invite will be shown below. Please watch the video above. Use the contact form or call (using the number shown in the video) if you have questions or need additional detail. 

Click here to request clear instructions and materials to promote and market the program to earn your $1000 reward for every referral you send us (who qualify and complete the process). You'll be paid after the process is complete which is usually 4 to 6 weeks. 

Business Owner, Individual: As a Financial Consultant with Drive Planning I assist you in strategizing your monies so you can keep more, make more and live more; today. With our process, you no longer have to give control to someone else and hope for the best while your funds are eaten by inflation, fees and taxes. 

We bring the  money strategies of the affluent to everyone. Invest like the “big guys” using their rules but with fewer funds. Will your 401K be a “201K” by the time you can get to it? Ter’s goal as your financial consultant is to provide you the opportunity to enjoy every dollar that you save during your working years and spend every one prior to your passing. And further, at your passing, have all of those dollars replaced, and RE-DEPOSITED into your beneficiary’s account…TAX FREE.

"If I could show you a way to stay in complete control of your money until you took your last breath, but instead of giving that money to the government, a nursing home or a hospital, you could keep that money in your family for generations to comme, at the very least wouldn't you want to know about that?" 

If so, VISIT HERE and click on the button at the top right of the page to "Book a Call". 

For more information, visit:

Listen to Brad Burkhalter and David Bradford of Drive Planning explain one of our most popular financial products. (They do mention in this video that if you are a financial advisor and interested in joining our Drive Planning team, please contact me by using the contact form on this page). 

Current and Updated Credentials 

How do I run my practice with Drive Planning? It's a simple process (shown below) and we continually build our relationship over time and I'm available to you by cell phone; because the way we do business, we usually have good news to share about your portfolio. 

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