Covid funds are now available from the government and must be claimed before the expiration.


Think you are not owed money, think again... 

Accounting, Agents, Agriculture, Antiques and Collectibles,

Arts and Crafts, Asset Management, Automotive, Beverage,

Brokers, Business Services, Child Care, Cleaning Services,

Construction and Home Improvement, Design, Distributor,

E-commerce, Education and Training, Entertainment,

Fashion, Food Services, Gardening and Landscaping,

Health and Beauty, Information Technology, Legal Services,

Maintenance and Repair, Management Services,

Manufacturing, Marketing Services, Media, Medical

Practitioners, Music, Nightlife, Personal Services,

Pet Services, Photography, Professional Services,

Publishing, Recruiting and Staffing, Rental and Leasing,

Research Services, Retail Shipping and Delivery,

Sports and Recreation, Sustainability, Toys and Hobbies,

Transportation, Travel and Tourism, Value-Added Reseller,

Warehousing and Storage, and Wholesale.

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Independent Contractors who are self-employed need to know that they are owed money through The Family Medical Leave Act. Covid funds are now available from the government and must be claimed before the expiration. Many small business owners either don’t know about them, don’t think they qualify, or don’t know how to collect those large checks! Many are confused thinking that these funds are ERC or PPP. Terry Scott, of All Solutions Known has made it his mission to tell as many 1099ers that he can about these refunds so they don’t miss out.  He and his team make everything clear to understand and process the well-deserved and badly needed checks, quick and easily.

You have three options to have us process your claims quickly and easily. 

1. (Most common; locally and nationwide). Call and leave a message for "Terry" (or you can text) using the number in the image below; or use the contact form on this page. 

2. Join us at one of our local RSVP Pizza Information Roundups. TBA in the following areas for the last week of this month, November. (Ask about future dates). 

Superior, Wisconsin

Duluth, Minnesota

Ashland, Wisconsin

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